Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 2nd December 2009

Happy New Year To All

Trust that a wonderful break has been enjoyed and all are refreshed ready for an eventful year ahead with an election pending.A review of the Planning & Environment Act will have serious repercussions for local government and the community’s protection of residential and environment amenity so be prepared for action!

On a brighter note , congratulations to Brian on his marriage to Pat . MBCL members were honored to be invited guests to a charming wedding and reception.

A speedy recovery to Pat Millsom who is having a spell in hospital.


Correspondence has been received from Tom Whitfield on Carbon Trading , Sustainabilty and Fuel Reduction. Letter to Robert Doyle from W.Grahame. Minutes of Friends of Bradshaw Park and Friends of Kingston Heath Reserve..

Forthcoming Event

Friends of Mordialloc Catchment and Friends of Kingston Heath will combine for Plant Propagation at Bonbeach Depot Nursery Saturday 6th February 10.00am – Mobile 0438 354 491


Prime Minister Rudd’s acceptance of a population for Australia of 35 million is finally being subjected to scrutiny in the media. The Federal Labor Member Wills, Kelvin Thomson, has a 14 point plan to stabilize Australia’s population at 74 million with the refugee intake at 20,000 per annum an increase from the present approx 13,700. He suggested that letters be sent to three politicians from each of the three parties and include his 14 point plan. As he says it will make it virtually impossible to reduce greenhouse emissions if the population increases.

The ageing population argument used by Rudd to justify increasing the migrant intake can also be dismissed as migrants will also age.


Waterwatch is continuing this year with another member, Bronwen, volunteering for training. Brian undertook an investigation of the Yammerbook lakes site where lack of plant growth had been noted on the water and soil areas close to the water’s edge.Testing for water pH and acid sulphate soil.revealed quite alkaline results and acidity in bare sandy soil 3-4 metres from the water. Results have been passed on to Tony Collins. An excellent piece of scientific investigation! Tony reported that council is looking at plans to extend Yammerbook wetlands.

Wal congratulated Tony on the extension of the wetlands at Epsom residential estate.

Foreshore Encroachments

Foreshore encroachments at North Aspendale are a continuing problem as residents extend their gardens and infrastructure onto the dune system. Trail bikes are becoming a problem on shared paths particularly along the creek banks and Long Beach Trail. Council is considering installing gates where possible on shared tracks. Meanwhile ring the police if offenders are seen.

Namatjira Park wetlands are being reorganized.

Coast Care Coast Action

A decision will need to be made if the forum proposed for March is to go ahead as it will need to be advertised well in advance. It would be helpful if the State Government’s report on the impact of climate change on Port Phillip Bay and associated development was released. However recent scientific studies of melting ice shelves in the Arctic and Antarctic suggest that sea level rise is inevitable.

Woodlands Wetlands

Nina and Brian report that the three lakes are in need of attention because of weed growth, introduction of carp into the lakes and bow and arrow hunting of rabbits to name some of the nefarious activities occurring in and around the wetlands. Letters have been sent to Melbourne Water CEO alerting him to this matter.

Mordialloc Creek and Environs Master Plans

are underway and for once it seems that council is prepared to accept suggestions from the community before plans are presented fait accompli! A Munir Vahanvati ,Urban Designer at Kingston Council is the person to whom ideas could be addressed. Unfortunately the old chestnut, like a bridge over the creek to the island from Hazel Pierce Reserve, is likely to be on the agenda once again. Apart from restricting passage of water craft, access to the island would result in continued vandalism of moored boats. Also important to stress the impact of climate change and sea level rise in case there are plans to increase infrastructure around the creek environs.

Bay Trail

Cr West organized a meeting with Bayside and Kingston Mayors, Bayside Conservation Society and MBCL reps to discuss a workable coordinated plan for the completion of Bayside’s section of the track and connection with the Kingston stretch at Charman Road. Despite all present being drenched in a cloud burst positive ideas emerged.

Kingston Conservation and Environment Coalition

Issues to be discussed will include Statement of purpose, constitution, fees, Friends Groups involvement,

Initially will meet after MBCL meeting but depending on the issue and/or interest of other groups may meet at another venue. Will KCEC make the running with the Coast Care Coast Action forum for example?

Business as Usual?

while making a minimum reduction of 5% in greenhouse emissions. Authors who have addressed this issue are David Spratt , Climate Code Red : the case for emergency action. He states that ‘politics as usual’ and ‘business as usual’ is incompatible with how much we can ‘safely’ emit.

Tony Kevin is author of Crunch time in which he claims that ‘our political elites refuse to make rational policy connections between the economy and the natural environment …. Instead disruptive global warming has now been rolled into a policy siding as the national policy train roars on in desperate pursuit of revived economic prosperity.” And our Planning Minister, Justin Madden, would like to remove the ‘environment’ from the Planning and Environment Act in the current review!!! Please find time to make a submission due February 12th.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 3rd August 2005

Channel Deepening Information Night

Channel Deepening Information Night to enable Port of Melbourne Authority to tell the public about the trial dredging project. Everyone interested should make an attempt to attend and question the proponents. An excellent article in the August 30 edition of the Independent explains the hazardous nature of the main shipping channel at the Heads for all vessels.
Because of the importance of this meeting it would be great to be able to finish the MBCL meeting by 4pm to allow anyone interested to attend the information night at Chelsea Town Hall from 5pm 7pm. This will be a difficult time for workers who may wish to attend. Was this why this odd time was chosen??. Pam and Mary sent submissions to the Supplementary EES.

Environment Victoria

Environment Victoria invited MBCL to join as a group member of EV. Our Treasurer approved, and also advised that payment is due to Consumer Affairs Victoria.

Mordialloc Creek Rehabilitation

Friends of Mordialloc Creek, Mordialloc College students and Yarrabah students were invited to the launch of Mordialloc Creek Rehabilitation on August 25.The Creek was looking great with sun shining and creek side plantings fluttering in the breeze. It was a pleasure to meet Michael Hobbs from Melbourne Water, one of the invited guests at the launching. Michael is the recipient of the MBCL newsletter each month. Other invited guests included the CEO, John Nevins, Tiny Rijs and the Mayor. Chris Chesterfield, General Manager MW also attended.

Woodlands Wetlands and Drills Land

Woodlands Wetlands and Drills Land was recently inspected by Brian and Nina. We will look forward to observations and impressions of the progress of two very different wetlands.

Mordialloc Creek and Environs

Further to the perplexing information about a brick manufacturing business commencing in Industrial I land at 9 Wyman Place, Braeside, a copy of City of Kingston’s Industrial Stormwater Project clarified the situation in addition to discussing the matter with two relevant Council officers. It seems that while Council it does has the power and authority to require conditions for building works in the zone not require a permit for use if parking provisions and buildings are adequate. The planning scheme definitions used by Kingston apply to all Metropolitan Councils and are defined by the State Government. The difficulty arising in this case is if the building is sold and used differently, then council is not involved in any permit action and cannot set permit conditions. To enable Councils to require industrial businesses to improve stormwater management. recognition of the environmental issue must be made at a State level to enable councils to make a change! City of Kingston is attempting to address this anomaly in State planning regulations. Bill discussed the possibility of obtaining grants to involve schools and industry in an effort to alert the Government to the need to improve water quality in Mordialloc Creek.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 4th February 2004

Forthcoming Events

Clean Ocean Foundation is staging a bike ride to highlight the need for improved treatment for 142 ocean outfalls around the country. The riders will reach Mordialloc 6th March. MBCL has been asked to greet and speak to riders. Anyone interested to meet and greet riders? The riders are the third generation of activists.
Power to the People forum at Darebin Arts Centre March 30th. Has the electricity industry restructuring benefited consumers? PH. 9 347 2233
Conversation with Carmen Lawrence Queen Victoria’s Women’s Centre Friday 12th March Contact UAW Ph. 9 654 7409 if interested.
Inquiry into Sustainable Cities 2025 March 16th. Free public hearing 10.30am-4.30pm Roundtable 5.00pm-6.30pm at Parliament House, Spring Street.
March 16th. SAVE THE BAY! Alternatives to Channel Deepening Melbourne Lower Town Hall 7.30 Key Note Speaker Dr Graham Harris CSIRO. Rod Quantock MC.
Blue Wedge Meeting Chelsea Library March 2nd 3pm. Come and meet the dynamic crowd working to save our Bay!
Port Phillip & Westernport Catchment Management Authority is seeking details of one our groups “Success Stories”. Deadline March 31st. Any takers?

Sale of Small Parks in Clarinda

Both MBCL and KCEC members presented submissions to Council urging the retention of the parks because they are easily accessible for the elderly, children and disabled residents who are nervous about crossing busy major roads. The parks were developer contributions in lieu of funds when residential development was underway in Clarinda. The Minister for Local Government was approached by Council for approval to sell the parks. The money from the sale is to be used to fund a multicultural centre in Clarinda shopping strip. Council had agreed to an assessment of Kingston’s open space needs. We argued that the parks shouldn’t have been sold until the assessment was concluded. Criticism also of the consultation process whereby both MBCL and KCEC were invited to speak to their submissions when the decision to sell was already agreed upon.

Edithvale Common

January 2002 Melbourne Water declared the common surplus to requirements, The land is subject to flooding and if used as a football oval with social functions held under lights, or in the club house at night, will create disturbance to the nearby RAMSAR listed Edithvale Wetlands. Submissions supporting the FOESW objections have been dispatched.

541 Main Street, Mordialloc

Stirling work by Nina & Brian in organising letter boxing, leaflet handout in Main Street and lobbying politicians. Thanks to those who assisted in this time consuming activity. Over 600 signatures have been collected, compiled and sent to the Minister’s electorate office. Individuals who have been letter boxed are also sending the leaflets to Delahunty’s office. Next, watch out for the daring placard wavers alerting the public that their neighbourhood could be next to find five storeys or higher in their coastal village. The VCAT Hearing commences 22 March. Please find time to attend the Hearing and lend support to the submitters.

Peter Scullin Reserve

KCEC combined with MBCL to support Brian’s car parking re-org of the creek car park. It was designed to remove the need to convert a large section of the Hazel Pierce Park to bitumen. Officers at the meeting agreed to consider the altern- ative design and report. Peter Scullin, former Mordialloc Councillor after whom the park was named, expressed a desire to be kept informed of the outcome.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 2nd July 2003

High Rise Development in Mordialloc

There is still time to lodge an objection to the proposed five storey futuristic development on the old police station site in Mordialloc. If approved this will set a precedent to high rise elsewhere in Mordialloc and in other activity centres. An application for re-zoning sites in Albert and Bear Street including the woodyard, have been lodged and will go before a Panel before the Draft Mordialloc Structure Plan has been completed. Nina reports a lack of response from Council to letters seeking information about the status of the Structure Plan. Kingston’s Ombudsman has been contacted about the lack of response to a June 9th letter.

Kingston Environment Network

Preliminary meetings have been held with KCEC re the establishment of an Environment Network which it is hoped will eliminate lack of consultation and communication with environment groups and residents. Please contact us if you wish to be included.

Kingston Foreshore Reference Group

The Community Education sub-committee of the Reference Group is addressing issues such as dune stabilisation to prevent erosion as a result of recent and future storm events, alerting residents to the impact on the foreshore through channel deepening. Coastal Crown Land Management have been contacted about real estate agents advertising foreshore properties as having “private beach access”. This is in direct contradiction to what the Natural Resource Area team are trying to achieve – stabilising the dune system to protect infrastructure. Brian E. advises that Kingston’s Community Education officer spoke foreshore management at Mordialloc U3A. Belinda has also offered to come and speak to MBCL. At the second meeting of the Blue Wedge Coalition it was decided to concentrate on the impact of channel deepening on Port Phillip Bay and coastal regions. Next Meeting 28th August 7.30pm Neighbourhood House.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 5th September 2001

Kingston Planning Scheme Amendment C8

Janelle (KRAMMED) and your secretary attended the Panel Hearing to listen to the City of Kingston’s submission on September 24 & 25th. KRAMMED and MBCL will present submissions at Mentone Council Offices 10th October commencing at 10 am. The Hearings are open to the public. At Sept 5th MBCL meeting Joan summarised the very complex issue of ‘Density’ in ResCode. The DOI have removed ‘density’ from ResCode guidelines claiming it too crude a measurement. The result is that developers can maximise profits by siting as many units as possible on the block. Terms used now are ‘diversity’ instead of ‘density’ but the out- come is the same with areas around stations targeted for ‘Increased diversity’ (density).

Ward Boundaries Changes

There was lengthy discussion concerning the three Options for possible changes to Kingston’s Ward boundaries. Discussion included whether there was a need for more councillors for the large amalgamated City of Kingston. Stephen volunteered to write/present a submission re this issue. Submissions due 15th September.

Woodlands Industrial Estate / Biosoilids

KCEC’s Special Witness has written offering to discuss further the dumping of sewage sludge in the borrow pit in the industrial estate at Woodlands. The community has been invited to attend a site inspection at Woodlands Wednesday 3rd at 4pm. (following MBCL meeting!) The Minister for Conservation has not responded to correspondence re this issue.

Community Education about Environmental Issues

Anne Martin (CRAG) enlisted the support of KCEC to establish an environmental community education program. The inaugural meeting was well attended with representatives from KCEC, CRAG, The Grange, PPCC, Cr van Klaveren and Council officers Wolfgang Klein and Jonathon Guttman. The media to be used to provide information re environmental events and info. MBCL was also represented by some members wearing two hats!

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 1st August 2001

Presentation of Volunteer Awards

Cr Van Klaveren presented Volunteer Awards to ten MBCL members and thanked them for their participation over three decades in some cases! Special mention should be made of Mara who was one of the original MBCL members and also Frank, our long suffering treasurer and Ron, a stalwart worker for the environment in many local areas.

Guest Speaker – Janelle

Janelle, KRAMMED President, presented a comprehensive review of ResCode and how it will impact particularly on Mordialloc, designated by council as an area of ‘increased diversity’ in fact increased ‘density’ would be a more apt description. We are grateful to KRAMMED members and Janelle in particular for the incredible amount of work she devotes to protecting our neighbourhoods. from rapacious developments.

The Parks

Drill’s Land concept plan was formerly accepted and will be presented to Melbourne Water at the meeting August 14. À list of plants suitable for the site has been prepared by CRAG. Forty possum and bird boxes donated by individuals have been installed in Bradshaw Park. The Grange has had a planting day with Year 7 students from Westall College. Year 9 students planted grasses and also interact with American students on internet. Braeside Park has also been planting grasses. The Age reported that a rare lily was found in the Braeside wetlands by ‘sharp-eyed Damien Cook. The lily had not been recorded since 1903. It is a woolly water lily, Phylydrum lanuginosum. Alistair Kellock was guest speaker at AGM August 19, “Can we afford the green wedge??

Port Phillip Conservation Council

Stephen presented the PPCC newsletter and copy of PPCC President’s letter to the Kingston CEO re the need to protect foreshore vegetation for the enjoyment of all Victorians and not just the new arrivals living along Beach Road. The deepening of the shipping channels in the Bay continues to cause concern because of the possible increase in the tide levels. PPCC AGM 15 October. Murray Thompson MP will be guest speaker. Observers may attend.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 6th June 2001

The Parks

Anne Corcoran, Federal Member for Isaacs, believes that Chiquita Park remains at risk with no indication that the threatened sale of the land by the Defence Department will be stopped by the Howard Government. Construction of the Federation Trail is well on the way in Braeside Park with the assistance of a $36,000 grant. Community involvement is essential so the artists are working with a range of schools and community groups to make tiles for the km trail. Ron attended the Friends of the Cranbourne Royal Botanic Gardens at which Dr John Wamsley was guest speaker. Bradshaw Park had a good grass planting session with grasses supplied by Excell nursery. The Friends group have written an article about the importance
of retaining foreshore vegetation for the next newsletter. Drills Land may be re-named Squatter’s Run. Melbourne Water will construct a fence along the Wells Road side of the Park. A shared bicycle/pedestrian bridge is being built over the creek 30 metres downstream from Wells Road. $50,000 may be provided by Council for landscaping Drills Land. Friends also planted grasses at The Grange. Aviary wire has been placed along the bottom of the surrounding fence to prevent rabbits and rats entering the Park. A tent found in the Park was probably liberated from a near by school. Odours from the tip next door are unpleasant.

Port Phillip Conservation Council

PPCC members helped to swell the numbers when Bayside Council organised a demonstration to protest at the Brack’s Government’s failure to consider Rickett’s Point as one of the nominated Marine National Parks in Port Phillip Bay. Stephen asked PPCC to consider reducing subs to $40 for groups with membership of over 100 and $35 for groups with membership under 100. This would greatly assist MBCL financially and we thank Stephen for suggesting this proposal. PPCC is well endowed at present and in fact, has to pay tax!.

Foreshore Vegetation

DNRE was contacted and asked to supply a list of Acts or By-laws which could be used by Council to protect foreshore vegetation from vandalism. Bayside Council has a Vegetation Protection Overlay (VPO). The Crown Lands Act can be used and DNRE advises that it is treating the Victorian Coastal Strategy as policy guidelines. The Kingston Environment Officer is working on the issue of the best means to inform people of the value of foreshore vegetation with the assistance of a work placement person..

Mordialloc Structure Plan

The Plan was launched quietly at the Mordialloc Sailing Club. Disposable cameras were provided to enable those present to photograph both the positive and negative aspects of the study area. It is also important for residents to respond to the survey sheets provided by the consultants, GHD, because Mordialloc is next on the list for ravishment by developers. The community is being given the chance to indicate what they want to happen in their community – so let’s tell them!

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 7th February 2001

Village Committees

Congratulations to Joan on her election to the Mentone/Parkdale Village Committee. Penny, Brian and Mary remain as members of their respective committees and are able to keep the environment to the fore at meetings. Penny has been able to give first hand reports on the water quality problems with Mentone and other bayside beaches this summer. The EPA was testing the water at Mentone each day during January and had to give a low risk report for most of the month. At present warnings against eating mussels taken from Port Phillip Bay have appeared in the press.

Photopoint Monitoring

Tony Collins, Excell Natural Bush Area Team Leader, Water was present at the Feb. meeting and presented us with an attractive hard copy report of the photopoint monitoring so far. The report is on the web page. The third round of monitoring has just been completed with Stephen filling Penny’s place this time.

Excell Report

The problem of blackberries on the Mentone cliff tops was discussed. They will be dealt with in the second half of the NRA contract. when it is hoped to enlist the aid of green corp troops to assist with maintenance and revegetation. A major problem is the vandalism of foreshore vegetation caused by residents on Beach Road seeking to’improve’ their views It was moved that MBCL write to Kingston Council asking that an education program be commenced via the local papers informing residents that vegetation plays an important part in stabilising dunes and cliff tops. Also that signs warning of heavy fines for the destruction of vegetation be placed at sections of the foreshore where there is evidence of destruction,. Two further motions addressed the problem of lack of communication between Kingston Council Customer Service and Excell, and the responsibilities of Friends Groups.

Attenborough Park

Planned to meet with the Team Leader of Parks to discuss the plans for Attenborough Park which is at present being used for overflow parking from Doyles Hotel.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 6th December 2000

Australia Day

A successful day despite steamy conditions. Sincere thanks to members who helped in setting up, collecting signatures for the petition and staffing the MBCL stall. A letter of appreciation has been sent to the Melbourne Water Community Liaison staff thanking them for the donation of material distributed from the MBCL stall.

Drill’s Land

Nina Earl, Brain Earl, Barry Ross and Robert Pyne attended a meeting where a sub-committee of AGRA was formed with Ken Carney as president to discuss plans for this land. Nina has volunteered to undertake historical research of the land. Water in the ‘lake’ is saline and will require testing to ensure that the surrounds are suitable for indigenous species. A compromise may be necessary to accommodate off-leash dog people and environ- mental concerns. The land covers approx. 20 acres = 8.5 hectares.

Volunteer Pre-Christmas barbecue

MBCL members were amongst those who attended a pre-Christmas barbecue at at Excell’s Bonbeach Depot. Photopoint monitoring images are now on CD on the Excell computer. A third round of monitoring the Creek and Foreshore
Natural Bush areas is due to commence this month. Letters have been received from both the EPA and Melbourne Water informing us that both parties are considering replacing the warning sign on Melbourne Water’s stormwater drain at Mentone.


Penny has joined the Beachwatch team and is able to provide valuable information about water quality and protection of foreshore vegetation. The team was instrumental in alerting the authorities to a sewage leak at Mentone Beach last month. The beach was closed for 4 days.


MBCL and KCEC were invited to a presentation to Kingston Councillors by Golders and Melbourne Water in mid-January concerning the use of ETP biosolids as fill for the large water- filled borrow pit on Woodlands Industrial Estate. The Councillors have not approved the proposal which will now go to VCAT.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 1st November 2000


Corrections to the minutes humbly acknowledged and accepted. Debate re the submission to Department of Immigration re Australia’s Future Population should be sent under MBCL heading? Voting resulted in 6 members in favour with 4 against. It was felt that because of land degradation, soil salinity and water shortage an increase in population would need to be very carefully considered by whichever Government was in power.

Photopoint Monitoring

Water The second round of monitoring was carried out by Penny, Brian, Nina and Frank. Many thanks to these volunteers. The film is being processed by Excell staff. Unfortunately there is anger that some residents living along Beach Road have decided to call themselves Friends of San Antonio Court. They don’t work with Council’s Natural Bush Area Staff and are solely concerned with illegally removing vegetation on the foreshore to improve their view.

Melbourne Water Drain, Mentone

After discussion with Melbourne Water about the removal of the sign warning people not to swim near the outlet of the drain, letters have been sent to Dr Brian Robinson and the Managing Director of Melbourne Water querying the removal of the sign. Signs remain on Kingston council drain pipes crossing the beach between Mordialloc and Mentone. Four weeks on there has been no reply to these letters.

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