Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 3rd August 2005

Channel Deepening Information Night

Channel Deepening Information Night to enable Port of Melbourne Authority to tell the public about the trial dredging project. Everyone interested should make an attempt to attend and question the proponents. An excellent article in the August 30 edition of the Independent explains the hazardous nature of the main shipping channel at the Heads for all vessels.
Because of the importance of this meeting it would be great to be able to finish the MBCL meeting by 4pm to allow anyone interested to attend the information night at Chelsea Town Hall from 5pm 7pm. This will be a difficult time for workers who may wish to attend. Was this why this odd time was chosen??. Pam and Mary sent submissions to the Supplementary EES.

Environment Victoria

Environment Victoria invited MBCL to join as a group member of EV. Our Treasurer approved, and also advised that payment is due to Consumer Affairs Victoria.

Mordialloc Creek Rehabilitation

Friends of Mordialloc Creek, Mordialloc College students and Yarrabah students were invited to the launch of Mordialloc Creek Rehabilitation on August 25.The Creek was looking great with sun shining and creek side plantings fluttering in the breeze. It was a pleasure to meet Michael Hobbs from Melbourne Water, one of the invited guests at the launching. Michael is the recipient of the MBCL newsletter each month. Other invited guests included the CEO, John Nevins, Tiny Rijs and the Mayor. Chris Chesterfield, General Manager MW also attended.

Woodlands Wetlands and Drills Land

Woodlands Wetlands and Drills Land was recently inspected by Brian and Nina. We will look forward to observations and impressions of the progress of two very different wetlands.

Mordialloc Creek and Environs

Further to the perplexing information about a brick manufacturing business commencing in Industrial I land at 9 Wyman Place, Braeside, a copy of City of Kingston’s Industrial Stormwater Project clarified the situation in addition to discussing the matter with two relevant Council officers. It seems that while Council it does has the power and authority to require conditions for building works in the zone not require a permit for use if parking provisions and buildings are adequate. The planning scheme definitions used by Kingston apply to all Metropolitan Councils and are defined by the State Government. The difficulty arising in this case is if the building is sold and used differently, then council is not involved in any permit action and cannot set permit conditions. To enable Councils to require industrial businesses to improve stormwater management. recognition of the environmental issue must be made at a State level to enable councils to make a change! City of Kingston is attempting to address this anomaly in State planning regulations. Bill discussed the possibility of obtaining grants to involve schools and industry in an effort to alert the Government to the need to improve water quality in Mordialloc Creek.

Foreshore Vegetation Management Policy

Nina has sent a detailed letter to Port Phillip Conservation Council in response to their request for information about proposed changes to COK’s foreshore management of veg. Bill will also contact PPCC on behalf of MBCL/KCEC. Annual General Meeting of PPCC 17-10-05. at which Doug Miller from DSE will be speaking.

Bicycle Path

Bicycle Path on the Mentone cliff tops is still under consideration presumably. DSE’s response to COK’s foreshore veg. management may well impact on the proposed route of the, bike path. Interestingly a current report into medium to high density living in a German city considers 4.75 metres an adequate width for a suburban street to allow two cars to pass a few metres wider than COK’s bike path on the cliff tops at Mentone!! Dr Michael Buxton asked for a copy of the route of the bike path since as Mordialloc Councillors, Michael and Peter Scullin ensured that Council prepared a policy of foreshore management and revegetation, the success of which can be enjoyed today.

Peter Scullin Reserve

The car park reorg. is almost completed. Regrettably 15-20 metres of vegetation on the southern section of the Peter Scullin Reserve has been removed. This will reduce wind protection during foreshore activities. Engineers are adding a inch pipe at the southern end of the skateboard facility in Attenborough Park without consulting the committee members. Claims that the facility was not challenging enough for beginners!! When will it be challenging enough? When the whole park is covered in concrete? A cubby was found amongst the ti-tree in Bradshaw Park and was dismantled by the Rangers. Is this an result of disappearing suburban gardens and trees? Nowhere for kids to play imaginative games in the outdoors. Certainly the kids living around Chicquita Park have lost their urban forest with trees to climb thanks to a lack of political will to preserve this gem. The exclusion of the Ward councillor from negotiations at a crucial stage meant that this manoeuvre effectively prevented, Cr West,the Ward councillor,from successfully representing her constituents. There was no indication that the Council appreciates the value of open space for the well being and health of the community at a time when open space is lost to development. Braeside Park AGM was held on Sunday August 8th at 2pm. Watch for Green Links to appear in a future edition of Kingston Your City.

Friends of Kingston

Friends of Kingston was launched Wednesday 31st August at the Alan Mclean Hall with guest speakers Dr Michael Buxton and Richard Laverack from Friends of Frankston. Michael gave a fascinating insights into the difficulty that the Government has in implementing M2030. given the competing interests and values that the community would like to see preserved. While not resiling from his belief in M2030 he does advocate greater density should be mandatory in the Urban Growth Corridors. The current rate of 10 dwellings per hectare could be increased to 15 dwellings per hectare to extend land available in the fringes for 20-30 years. Michael is Associate Professor of Planning at RMIT University. Friends of Frankston have invited David Suzuki to return to deliver in Frankston once again. Watch for the date and venue to be announced.

Foreshore Reference Group Meeting

1st September reported on management of stormwater drains flowing onto the beach south of the creek. Of interest was the result of Council’s meeting with DSE concerning two contraversial draft proposals for management of vegetation on the foreshore. Council as Committee of Management, will in future be guided by DSE acting in accordance to relevant State Government Planning, Environment and Native Vegetation protection Acts. A DSE representative will attend all future Foreshore Reference meetings.

New Orleans, a potent warning to draining and development on wetlands, swamps and marshes!

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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