Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 6th October 1999

Residential Strategy Workshops

J.Eggleston and F Rimington attended the Workshop, October 13th, at Moorabbin Council Offices. Neighbourhood Agreements and Covenants places the burden of protecting residential amenity on residents. The process is time consuming and difficult to achieve in streets with 30 plus houses.

The Parks

Braeside Park rangers have been reduced to three. There were formerly eight rangers. Rangers now work seven days a week and in summer, from 7am to 8.30pm. An article recording these facts in the Friends of Braeside Park newsletter was picked up by the local paper and resulted in the Friends being asked to attend a meeting with the upper echelons of Parks management to ‘please explain’. The Parks persons angst may be premature given that the ALP policy on OUR NATURAL ASSETS states that Labor will “Properly resource and expand the role of park rangers”. and “Defining the role of park rangers as including environmental management and the provision of education and interpretive services.”

Excel’s Visit

Tony Collins, Team Leader Natural Resources for Excel has 14 natural resource areas to anage. He explained his plans for giving advice and assistance to Friends Groups in Kingston. He will attend MBCL meetings on a bi-monthly basis to answer questions and meet on site when necessary. MBCL’s role may be mainly monitoring the Creek and foreshore natural vegetation areas. Will query status of Attenborough Park /responsibility for South bank of the creek?

Significant Tree Register

A distraught resident from Warrigal Road, Mentone rang in desperation as the developer was cutting down a tree on the next block despite the fact that under the Planning Permit the tree was to remain. A meeting with the Environment Officer, Planning Officer and KCEC reps at our bi-monthly meeting at Mentone, indicated that residents complaints over tree destruction are becoming so strident that councillors are asking ‘for something to be done!’ The EO says that wheels are in motion to begin to draft a By-law to tighten this aspect of residential planning.

The Grange

The Grange had an open Day 9th October. Vodaphone have provided a feral proof fence for the park.

Port Phillip Conservation Council

When the Defence Dept. closes Point Wilson, Coode Island may relocate to the site. Bayside have a Sandringham Foreshore Residents Association formed by a resident who wants to protect his views of the Bay from Beach Road! Causing problems for Bayside Council!

Woodlands Industrial Estate

Plans are proceeding to fill Lake I with biosolids from Carrum Treatment Plant. The site of Lake I was until 1980, the Braeside Sewerage Treatment Plant. The land contains many toxic chemicals such as Dioxin/Furans and 2,3,7,8 TCDD. The voluminous report by the consultants, Golders Associates, claims that “2,3,7,8, TCDD has been noted to be toxic to aquatic species including fish and frogs.” AND “The soils in the north region (sewerage site) are not suitable for use as substrate in the wetlands lake system, but are suitable for recreational use and thus may remain on other areas of the site.”

C1,C2, C5(Keysborough Green Wedge Development)

Many thanks to our President, Johanna van Klaveren for the excellent submissions prepared for this development in the Green Wedge.

Epsom Panel Hearing Report

Development approved!!

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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