Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 7th February 2001

Village Committees

Congratulations to Joan on her election to the Mentone/Parkdale Village Committee. Penny, Brian and Mary remain as members of their respective committees and are able to keep the environment to the fore at meetings. Penny has been able to give first hand reports on the water quality problems with Mentone and other bayside beaches this summer. The EPA was testing the water at Mentone each day during January and had to give a low risk report for most of the month. At present warnings against eating mussels taken from Port Phillip Bay have appeared in the press.

Photopoint Monitoring

Tony Collins, Excell Natural Bush Area Team Leader, Water was present at the Feb. meeting and presented us with an attractive hard copy report of the photopoint monitoring so far. The report is on the web page. The third round of monitoring has just been completed with Stephen filling Penny’s place this time.

Excell Report

The problem of blackberries on the Mentone cliff tops was discussed. They will be dealt with in the second half of the NRA contract. when it is hoped to enlist the aid of green corp troops to assist with maintenance and revegetation. A major problem is the vandalism of foreshore vegetation caused by residents on Beach Road seeking to’improve’ their views It was moved that MBCL write to Kingston Council asking that an education program be commenced via the local papers informing residents that vegetation plays an important part in stabilising dunes and cliff tops. Also that signs warning of heavy fines for the destruction of vegetation be placed at sections of the foreshore where there is evidence of destruction,. Two further motions addressed the problem of lack of communication between Kingston Council Customer Service and Excell, and the responsibilities of Friends Groups.

Attenborough Park

Planned to meet with the Team Leader of Parks to discuss the plans for Attenborough Park which is at present being used for overflow parking from Doyles Hotel.

Woodlands Industrial Estate

The question of using biosolids for fill in Lake 1 of Woodlands will go to VCAT. Kingston Council has not approved the use of biosolids for fill preferring that clean fill be used.

The Parks

The Grange has received funds to produce an educational kit consisting of a book and CD Rom. Bradshaw Park is harvesting seeds. A meeting is being held by scout groups to prevent the clubs eviction from Chiquita Park if it is sold in June by the Federal Govt. The William Fry Reserve is being used for Westfield staff parking at the direction of Westfield owners. CRAG is monitoring the proposed development on the north bank of Patterson River as part of the golf clubs rationalisation due to possible financial difficulties.

Green Wedge

A petition urging the retention of the green wedge will be presented to the local member for Carrum. A summary of the Metropolitan Strategy has been received by some members. This may indicate the Bracks plans for the non-urban areas.

Other Business

Bonbeach TAFE may be sold but it is hoped that the magnificent trees and open space may be retained. CRAG’s indigenous nursery occupies part of the site and are hoping to be allowed to stay put.

Railway Station Vandalism

There have been incidents where cars have been trashed at railway station car parks. Permanent guards appear necessary to encourage people to leave their cars and use public transport. (Guards to guard cars – not order people to use the trains!)

Australia Day 2002

Penny advises that plans for OZ Day 2002 are to commence in March!!!. There are rather contraversial plans to move the event away from Mordialloc foreshore, however it has been pointed out that Chelsea has an annual Youth Week Festival and Clayton has a Multi-cultural Festival so there seems to be a valid argument for allowing Mordialloc to host OZ Day!

Environment Day

Should Kingston begin planning for this event in June??

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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