Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 6th April 2011

Mordialloc Creek Dredging

A report given by a boat owner committee member at the Mordialloc Village committee gave the impression that dredging may continue beyond the Chute Street boat ramp, however a subsequent meeting at the Mordialloc Motor Yacht Squadron headquarters, attended by two KCC officers, clarified this matter. Dredging will commence behind Lambert Island in July and continue in stages as money becomes available and will not extend beyond the boat ramp at Chute Street. There is a problem in dealing with toxic dredge spoil which will have to be de-watered before disposal to landfill.

South East Green Wedge

South East Green Wedge meeting held at the Dingley International Hotel 7th April was well attended by MBCL and KCEC members.with strong support for retention of green wedge agricultural land for horticulture, market gardens and plant nurseries. Support for the completion of the Chain of Parks to compensate for loss of open space due to high density development surrounding the green wedge. Neighbouring councils lacking adequate sports fields would welcome the development of these facilities to be used co-operatively by other councils. A wildlife corridor with a link to Braeside Park is considered important as is the retention of water filled sand quarries as water retention basins with non-polluted water utilized for recreational activities and/or for irrigation.The quarries have become sanctuaries for wildlife and should be preserved for this purpose. Forests planted for carbon sequestration and as arboretums would add to the appearance of the green wedge.


Bronwen tested Mordialloc Creek water quality at 8am 8th April at the Bowen Road site and found that phosphate levels were still high and that salt readings were also high.

Bay Trail

A meeting with Beaumaris Conservation Society, MBCL and Hon Murray Thompson and Lorraine Wreford was held at Cromer Road, Beaumaris, 12th April to discuss VicRoads and DSE’s approval for a back –of- kerb bike track between Cromer Road and Charman Road. Bayside Council’s reasons for support for the back- of- kerb option are .     1. It is consistent with the majority of the Bay trail in Bayside

  1. It was more secure for families and cyclists
  2. It can be built from low maintenance materials i.e concrete rather than gravel
  3. Lighting is provided by existing Beach Road lights adding to safety.

It is understood that the Minister for Transport, Terry Mulder has advised Kingston Council that he has no problem with the narrowing of Beach Road traffic lanes for a back-of-kerb bike track where there is significant vegetation . The bike track therefore would be consistent with the trail in Bayside in terms of lighting ,safety and maintenance.

The Collins Report

Remnant Wallaby Grass has been found in Yammerbook as a result of a survey by Jeff Yugovich. Consultants have produced two concept sketches for extension of the reserve once soil testing and flora/fauna surveys are completed. Awaiting Melbourne Water approval.

Landscape works have commenced at Chicquita Park following branch removal and weed spraying. Community involvement with planting is planned to begin in May/June.

NRA staffing positions have been filled. New positions in the Parks department include, Hort Supervisor, Admin Officer, Admin Assistant, and AR Crew Leader.

Epson Wetland

A good turnout for a working bee 2nd of April removed large clumps of Flea Bane, 300 grasses and shrubs planted. Jeff Yugovich advises that Epsom Plains Grassland is rarer than Basalt Grassland under threat West of Melbourne.

Mordialloc Creek Master Plan

Draft Plan will be going out for consultation seeking community feedback . (See KYC) Proposals include “enhancing existing parkland, playgrounds and promenades” A large regional playground has been mooted for the arboretum in the George Woods Reserve and two large shelter sheds in the Peter Scullin Reserve.

Active Youth Spaces Strategy

City of Kingston is developing an Active Youth Spaces Strategy focusing on skate, scoot and bmx parks as well as outdoor spaces that help young people enjoy an active lifestyle. This is an admirable aim but thought needs to given to the location of these facilities especially as many sites have environmental significance.

Changes on the Coastline of Port Phillip Bay

A new book by Eric Bird. Ring Phillip Wierzbowski , Coast Action/Coastcare Facilitator for information about availability.

Telephne 9296 4525.

Union of Australian Women

Union of Australian Women meeting of the Southern Branch

Saturday 14th May 2011, 2pm, at Mordialloc Neighbourhood House. Guest Speaker – Pamela Curr, Refugee Advocate. Topic “The Present State of Asylum Seekers and Refugees”

Flooding Issues

Following the recent torrential downpour which threatened the evacuation of Waterways housing estate questions arise about planning policy. Who will be responsible if there is no restriction on building on flood prone land especially if the only restriction is to recommend that the site is filled to raise the buildings thereby creating drainage problems for neighbouring properties.? Some insurance companies are advising foreshore property owners that there will no cover for flood damage. The State Government is offering to buy back flood damaged farms in Northern Victoria to enhance biodiversity and protect floodplain drainage networks.The Floodplain Restoration Project aims to create extra flood storage and reduce the impact of floods on local towns.

Banksia Woodland, Bonbeach

Bonbeach Banksias under threat yet again by residents who mistakenly believe that money can buy a view.

Kingston Conservation and Environment Coalition

KCEC meeting 7.30pm 11th May Neighbourhood House Mordialloc.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 13th June 2010


Sadly we report the death of Ron Pearson, a long standing member of MBCL and a number of other environment groups including Braeside Park where he was a regular member of the plant propogation group. His vast knowledge of Australian plants was of great assistance to MBCL in encouraging council to introduce indigenous plants in revegetation projects along the foreshore.

Paul Michael Walsh, partner to Johanna van Klaveren, died suddenly 18th June. Paul was a great reader and brilliant with IT in all its manifestations.He will be sadly missed and not only by his work colleagues.

Return of Intrepid Travelers

Three MBCL members were away in May roistering in Scotland and Europe. Your secretary was impressed with the excellent rail transport in Europe where it is possible to board a train in East Berlin and travel at 200 kms per hour to Schipol air port in Holland -and Victoria isn’t any closer to having a rail line to Tullamarine. Bicycle paths are well used in car free streets with three year olds confidently riding two wheelers alongside their parents. No tower blocks in the heart of the old cities – heritage buildings are jealously preserved.

Climate Change Forum

April 18th was successful with three interesting speakers. Phillip Wierzbowski, from Coast Care Coast Action spoke about pressures on the coast at a time of climate change, Ray Lewis, Care Rickett’s Point spoke, also Lee Halkias , Kingston’s Foreshore Coordinator outlined the NRA teams work and the help which volunteers can give.

Mordialloc Creek Draft Master Plan

The draft master plan for Mordialloc Creek has been released and contains many spelling errors as well as regurgitating discredited plans from previous studies e.g. replacing Canary Island Palms in the Hazel Pierce Reserve after council removed palms a decade ago! Boat owners and users would rather see money spent on maintenance of collapsing walls and mooring posts. Creek also requires dredging urgently. Unnecessary removal of a playground in George Woods Reserve and replacing it with a larger one in the Arboretum is concerning and unnecessary.

Bay Trail

The Mayor Steve Staikos has spoken to the Minister for Roads, Tim Pallas, who will consider three options for the bike track- one along the existing promenade, the cliff top option and MBCL preferred option, back of kerb.Beaumaris Conservation Society has forwarded their preferred option to Minister Pallas also. This involved narrowing lanes in Beach Road between Cromer Road and Charman Road.

VCAT Hearing

VCAT HEARING re 9 Bear Street 4th June. Johanna, Nina and Joanne, outlined the flaws in this poorly, designed unit development at the corner of Bear and Albert Street, Mordialloc. Traffic congestion will occur since the sole entry/ exit point for vehicles is onto busy Albert Street.

Proposed development of the timber yards with 96 units plus shops in Albert Street /Park Street will add to traffic congestion. Concern that Heritage documents are now not kept at the library making it difficult when they could be used in the preparation of VCAT Hearings.Suggest MBCL contact Heritage experts (June Horner?) for advice.

Kingston Conservation & Environment Coalition

Future aims of KCEC were discussed. KCEC could be a “talking post’ keeping members in the loop if immediate action was required and inform members about planting days. KCEC could   organizine speakers when relevant and check with Bayside Council about their proposal to establish and eco-centre.

Dingley Overpass

Dingley Arterial to go ahead through part of the Coomora Reserve. Cr West moved in council that traffic be moved onto Heatherton Road to save market gardens. The extension of Mornington Freeway is being constructed through the Flora and Fauna Reserve.

Working Bee at Epsom Estate

Nina believes that constant changes in council NRA staff means that a working relationship has not been built up on the Epsom Estate to interest residents in protecting the 4 hectares of Herb-rich Grassy Wetland saved from the original 11 hectares prior to destruction by developers.

Bradshaw Park Bushland

Since the new, low, open fence was installed early February 2010 litter is blowing into the reserve and walkers with/without dogs clamber over and under the fence and trample the vegetation. Many walkers don’t bother to use access points as was predicted. Working bee on 15th June.

Yammerbook Nature Reserve

Planting bee near the northern lake edge 10 April 2010. The interpretive sign which Nina researched and contributed to seems to be on hold.

St Nicholas Church Mordialloc

St Nicholas Church Mordialloc is undergoing changes with a new entry on Barkly Street frontage, and extension at rear for a new hall. Historic architecture such as window arches may be demolished. Some internal features have gone. This is where a firm heritage policy would be helpful.

Mordialloc Creek Low Water Low Water Flow

Boat hire business is unable to launch boats unless it is high tide. This is due partly to a build up of silt and lack of dredging. Staff at the ETP claim that the weir at Pillar’s Crossing is open and allows 200 megalitres per day to flow into the creek. Question is this enough? How much flows down Patterson River to keep the National Water Centre afloat? How much is absorbed ,or is evaporated in Waterways Wetlands? Lack of rain means little water flows in through Heatherton and Settlement drains. Rather than beautification of the creeks the boat owners/users want money spent on dredging and improving water quality in the creek.

Kingston Green Wedge Memorandum of Understanding is Available for Comment

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 1st April 2009


Still time to prepare a submission to Australia’s Biodiversity Conservation Strategy 2010-2020. The draft strategy will guide how governments, the community, industry and scientists manage and protect Australia’s plants, animals and ecosystems over the next ten years in the face of threats to the environment from climate change, habitat loss and invasive species. Subs due 29 May.

Submission : Inquiry into train services.   State Government Legislative services has appointed a Select Committee of 7 members to inquire into factors leading into causes of failure of metropolitan and V/Line serves. Subs due 1 June 2009.

New orbital bus route Mordialloc to Altona takes four hours!! Take food and drink.

Meetings Attended

Judy attended a General Meeting of the Northern Bendigo Landcare Group and plans to attend more meetings when she is in Bendigo. Judy also attended the April meeting of the PPCC (Port Phillip Conservation Council.

Nina attended an inaugural meeting of the Living Links project at April 2 at Springvale Civic Centre. Nina also attended the naming of the Mordialloc Creek bridge 21st of April. Bridge work is now completed with bike, pedestrian paths and safety barriers on both sides of the bridge.

Mary, Janelle (KRAMMED) and Brian attended a specially convened meeting to hear Kingston’s Strategic planner explain the State Govt’s policy of New Residential Zones for Victoria.These zones if approved will permit 9 metres (three storey’s or more )development in suburban streets.

Dune Restoration Day

North Aspendale Foreshore Saturday May 30th. City of Kingstson in conjunction with Green Corps will be planting native grasses and shrubs to protect the coastal dune system, offer habitat to native birds and animals, helps reduce greenhouse effect..

Free BBQ. Further info 9 776 0403.

Victoria’s Water Reality and a Growing Population

AGM Sustainable Population Australia Saturday May 16th at 2pm North Melbourne Library .Guest Speaker Dr Ernest Healy – research fellow in the Centre for Population and Urban Research. Melways 2A J10.

Epsom Wetlands

Glen queried whether the parrot feather aquatic weed was the same as the one engineered by Germans to be used in fish tanks. This weed pest is devastating for creeks and catchments.

Artificial Reefs at Frankston, Seaford and Aspendale.

Discussion with Del Guidice, Fisheries Victoria, re material to be used for the reefs. Special environmentally friendly concrete with a life span of over 300 years will be installed 600 metres off-shore. The concrete will be dome shaped with holes to provide living quarters for marine house hunters. I was assured that if the reef proved unsatisfactory it could be removed and would not be left to deteriorate and pollute the environment like the tyre reef installed off Chelsea. There will be a 1km commercial exclusion zone around the three new reefs to enable accurate monitoring of recreational use of the reefs.


Mordialloc Creek It has now been agreed that Waterwatch water quality testing can occur bi-monthly. Calibration fluid has been supplied for the testing equipment.

Climate Change Network

Finally MBCL’s letter re the establishment of a Council supported climate change community group has been answered by Council’s Manager of the Environment (four months later). He sees no need for a community climate change group claiming that Council is implementing Kingston’s Biodiversity Strategy. However discussion with the Foreshore Coordinator was more positive and suggested that a climate change group with some community involvement may still eventuate.

Dredging Mordialloc Creek

Dredging Mordialloc Creek between Nepean Highway and Wells Road bridge was discussed at a Yammerbook meeting, 25-3-09. Tony and Mark advised that Melbourne Water has stated that there is no need to dredge this section of the creek because current sediment levels and bank alignment pose no threat to flooding or water flow. Mark Dreyfus suggested that funding could be obtained to develop a regional waterways/habitat links plan for Mordialloc Creek Catchment. Funding could come from Living Links/Caring for Country.

Yammerbook Nature Reserve

Negotiations are continuing between Yammerbook Committee and Council re funding for Stage 2 of the Master Plan to create a habitat island and lake extension. It is hoped work will begin when a Mordialloc Creek Catchment and habitat links program has been devised by council The NRA team has received funding for maintenance of the south bank creek vegetation.

Australian Research Centre for Urban Ecology

ARCUE has sent a copy of their newsletter Urban Spotlight. ‘’ARCUE is recognized across Australia and overseas as a centre of excellence studying the effects of urbanization and associated developments on the natural environment.It is essential that this knowledge and understanding be dissenminated to the community to achieve sustainable human settlements.”

ARCUE is expanding their work by providing a suite of consultancy services to a range of clients.The client list includes DSE and the Port Phillip and Westernport Catchment Management Authority.Subscription to ARCUE’s Urban Spotlight is free .Telephone. 8344 0146.

Bowen’s Road

Road works have met with some hostility from residents who didn’t realize what was in store for them when they purchased houses aligned to the proposed road connecting Aspendale Gardens to Waterways, and through Waterways to Governor Road and Braeside Park.

Queries also about the impact this road may have on the Growling Grass frog and birdlife in the wetlands.However Mr Haines is not risking having to pay contractors by delaying work!

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 4th March 2009


There is still time to make a submission to New Residential Zones for Victoria due April 9. Council will hold an information session April 2 designed to explain the NRZs. A limit of 40 persons so need to book. To be held Chelt Council Offices. 6pm – 7.30pm.

VEAC is also calling for submissions for an investigation of remnant vegetation on Crown land and public authority land (greater than 20,000 ha for public authority land ) Sub due 4th May.

Australia’s Biodiversity Conservation Strategy 2010-2020. Dept of Environment, Water and Heritage is seeking comment if you are interested in shaping the future of Australia’s biodiversity management. Sub due 29 may 2009.

Forthcoming Events

Living Links Community Workshop April 2 . 6pm -8pm at Springvale Community centre 397- 405 Springvale Road. To develop a master plan of living parks, wetlands, pathways and open spaces .

Macrobiotic Workshop At Briars park April 4th 9.30am -12.30pm . A Melbourne Water initiative

Council’s Failure to Communicate

Despite being assured that council acknowledged receipt of correspondence within ten days it took three phone calls and a four month wait to get a response to four letters sent in Nov, Dec, Jan and February to the CEO, Mayor and Planning Manager. Finally in March a letter arrived responding to two of the issues.


Brian and Nina, in consultation with Melanie, have decided to carry out water quality tests in Mordialloc Creek bi-monthly upstream from Wells Road bridge. This site may have to be moved due to construction of wetlands on industrial land on the north side of the creek.

Meeting with Local Member

Meeting to ascertain whether there was still support for the back of kerb option for the Kingston section of the Round the Bay bike track. Adrian attended to give a report on Bayside Council’s decision to reject the cliff top option for their section of the path and continue to lobby VicRoads for a back of kerb track. Other issues discussed included Urban Growth Boundaries. It seems that Kingston Council was given three opportunities by the Minister to present a plan to retain green wedge boundaries but never made a submission. AGRA is concerned that council may be considering changes to the southern section of Kingston’s green wedge. MBCL supports AGRA’s request for early consultation on this matter.

Concrete Crusher

Kingston Council withdrew from Supreme Court action to stop Alex Fraser’s concrete crusher setting up on Kingston Road opposite a large school.Alex Fraser has withdrawn their application for the Tootal Road site. Apparently DSE is not impressed with Kingston Council’s plans for the northern Non-Urban Framework Plan. Working groups have been set up to sort out this problematic planning issue.Chain of Parks should be considered.

Parking on the Hazel Pierce Reserve

This was the subject of one of the four letters sent to council and not responded to! The issue was raised with a council officer also but was informed that he didn’t want posts around the reserve to stop cars parking on the grass claiming that ‘it didn’t happen very often’. It was pointed out that posts/fencing have been placed right along Beach Road and in front of the Epsom Road shelter to stop cars parking there. To no avail. Nina has requested that bollards be replaced around ATTENBOROUGH PARK now that bridge work has been completed. This is to prevent Doyles patrons parking on re-seeded areas and under trees.

Yammerbook Nature Reserve

Stage 2 of the Master Plan to create an island habitat and dog pond is on hold because COK is developing a regional plan for habitat and recreation links as well as environmental improvements. The concept may include Waterways, the Secondary Drain (Centre Swamp Drain), Mordialloc Creek, Yammerbook, Epsom Grassland.

Committee annoyed because Stage 2 funding was obtained for 2008/9 financial year but the regional concept was not conveyed to the committee.Is the Living Links Workshop April 2 the beginning of the regional concept plan??


Melbourne Water will remain responsible for water flow through Waterways wetlands but want the Waterways Steering Committee to take responsibility for vegetation maintenance. The Committee is negotiating with COK re cost of maintenance.

Eastern Treatment Plant

Possibility of Class C recycled water used for sports grounds, parks, gardens and environmental flows. Water would contain nutrients and low salinity levels. Water may be suitable for Yammerbook saline wetlands but how would this water affect Mordialloc Creek? Surrounding councils may be involved.

Epsom Wetlands

NRA rangers removing parrot feathers weed from the wetlands possibly as a result of someone emptying an aquarium into the water! Exotic trees have been removed from the grasslands by NRA .Result of a phantom planter.?

Bradshaw Park

Despite drought and hot weather the park is in fair condition. Friends had a propagation session in February at council Bonbeach nursery.

Frankston Marina

Frankston Marina seems set to go ahead despite very real doubts about the viability of the project and environmental damage caused by inevitable beach erosion . Parks Victoria is responsible for promoting safe boat harbours around the Bay. However this is causing small boat owners considerable angst because of cost of mooring fees likely to accrue. A proposal for a large marina at Queenscliff is another case of where only wealthy yacht owners will be able to afford to use the facilities.A ‘safe shelter from inclement weather conditions’ is a fallacious argument. As G.Goode Eaq says, “ They shouldn’t be out on the Bay in bad weather!”

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 7th November 2007

Forthcoming Events

Saturday 8 December Brunch for Peace. Peter Scullin Reserve from 12 midday onwards. BYO drinks. Watercolour cards and KAN calendars for sale. Organized by Union of Australian Women.

Friends of Bradshaw Park 15 December 10am Christmas break up party. at the park.

Sunday 16 December Blue Wedges Polperro Dolphin Swim Fund raiser Leaving from Sorrento Pier at 1.30pm Bookings essential 5 988 8437. Only 20 places available

Channel Deepening

Blue Wedges Coalition lawyers have filed an application in the Federal Court to prevent the Federal Environment Minister from approving the proposed Channel Deepening project. Court action is costly. If you would like to assist Blue Wedges donations could be sent to Blue Wedges PO Box 162 Dromana 3936.

Waterwatch Project

Judy has completed the Waterwatch training program and will join Nina and Brian in checking water quality in or near major drains flowing into Mordialloc Creek upstream from Wells Road bridge.The equipment has been ordered through Melanie from Waterwatch. The crew will be testing for Turbidity, Suspended Solids, Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, Nitrogen.

Mordialloc Creek Bridge

VicRoads advises that the pedestrian and cycle path on the east side of the bridge will be fenced to separate the path from the traffic lanes. Presumably the shared path on the west side will also be fenced.

Green Wedge

Meeting 29 November at Dingley Community Centre was well attended by residents who voted to retain the section of Kingston’s Green Wedge above Kingston road as open space rather than have this area rezoned by council for resource recovery, (concrete crushers) facories and housing. Cr Alabaster advised that there were insufficient sports grounds in the city. 13 cricket clubs were unable to obtain grounds to compete this year. There is clearly a need to retain all available open space to compensate for loss of private and public open space due to increased housing density in Kingston.There were presentations by Mara and Mary to respective village committees during November concerning rezoning of the green wedge.

Bay Trail

The local member organized a meeting with Gavin Jenning’s Min for Environment’s personal adviser, DSE’s Wayne Malone, and Russel Costelloe to present our case for the bike track to be located on the verge of Beach Road, not on the dune or cliff tops. We await the outcome of that meeting. We were advised however, that Vic Roads is seeking to increase to four lanes Beach Road in Bayside to cater for truck traffic!! Why? Has this something to do with channel deepening with increased traffic from the docks – or extra traffic from Hastings when that port is redeveloped. What happened to the idea of Beach Road as a Scenic Boulevarde?

Mordialloc Creek Levee Bank Bike Trail

Letters have been sent to Ken Carney and Jonathon Guttman re the possibility of formalizing a bike path from the underpass at Wells Road bridge along the creek levee bank to Springvale road to connect with a bike path along Springvale Road. Council is planning a bike track over the creek through Waterways to Braeside Park. It makes sense to create an off – road trail along the levee bank so that Waterways cyclists and others can ride off- road to Mordialloc beach, shops and schools.

Candidate Forum 15th November

Despite numerous phone calls it proved too difficult to collect all four candidates together at one time and one place but we were privileged to hear two candidates from the Greens and Democrats who would be excellent members of Parliament in future. With a change of Government perhaps climate change and related issues will be given the attention these matters require.

Mentone Unit Developments

Le Gym has been reduced from six storeys to five levels but is still an over development of the site already heavily trafficked with rail and road traffic on Balcombe Road. The old council depot will also be converted to a four storey residential development. This development will further compound traffic problems in the area.. Mentone lacks a structure plan to prevent inappropriate developments such as those mentioned above occurring.

Walkabout at Epsom

October 20 Friends of Bradshaw Park joined a tour of Epsom Estate, Mordialloc Creek and Yammerbook (Drills Land). The tour was conducted by Allison O’Keefe. The 4 hectares of grassland was saved from destruction when the Epsom training track was converted to a residential housing estate. Sun orchids, onion orchids and other species have survived in this fenced area surrounded by houses. Yabbies are still in residence in holes in the dry conditions awaiting rain. The tour continued across the footbridge over Mordialloc creek noting recent revegetated sites before proceeding to Yammerbook. Gannets have taken up residence in a tree on the waters edge of the creek.

Other Business

Joan questioned the cost of dredging the shipping channels in Port Phillip Bay. Although POMC quotes approx. $785 million a more realistic estimate according to others could be $1 billon.

Johanna has taken photos of extremely tall palm trees planted on Waterways. The developer sold this development on the basis that plantings would be indigenous.

A night walk was conducted at The Grange.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 4th February 2004

Forthcoming Events

Clean Ocean Foundation is staging a bike ride to highlight the need for improved treatment for 142 ocean outfalls around the country. The riders will reach Mordialloc 6th March. MBCL has been asked to greet and speak to riders. Anyone interested to meet and greet riders? The riders are the third generation of activists.
Power to the People forum at Darebin Arts Centre March 30th. Has the electricity industry restructuring benefited consumers? PH. 9 347 2233
Conversation with Carmen Lawrence Queen Victoria’s Women’s Centre Friday 12th March Contact UAW Ph. 9 654 7409 if interested.
Inquiry into Sustainable Cities 2025 March 16th. Free public hearing 10.30am-4.30pm Roundtable 5.00pm-6.30pm at Parliament House, Spring Street.
March 16th. SAVE THE BAY! Alternatives to Channel Deepening Melbourne Lower Town Hall 7.30 Key Note Speaker Dr Graham Harris CSIRO. Rod Quantock MC.
Blue Wedge Meeting Chelsea Library March 2nd 3pm. Come and meet the dynamic crowd working to save our Bay!
Port Phillip & Westernport Catchment Management Authority is seeking details of one our groups “Success Stories”. Deadline March 31st. Any takers?

Sale of Small Parks in Clarinda

Both MBCL and KCEC members presented submissions to Council urging the retention of the parks because they are easily accessible for the elderly, children and disabled residents who are nervous about crossing busy major roads. The parks were developer contributions in lieu of funds when residential development was underway in Clarinda. The Minister for Local Government was approached by Council for approval to sell the parks. The money from the sale is to be used to fund a multicultural centre in Clarinda shopping strip. Council had agreed to an assessment of Kingston’s open space needs. We argued that the parks shouldn’t have been sold until the assessment was concluded. Criticism also of the consultation process whereby both MBCL and KCEC were invited to speak to their submissions when the decision to sell was already agreed upon.

Edithvale Common

January 2002 Melbourne Water declared the common surplus to requirements, The land is subject to flooding and if used as a football oval with social functions held under lights, or in the club house at night, will create disturbance to the nearby RAMSAR listed Edithvale Wetlands. Submissions supporting the FOESW objections have been dispatched.

541 Main Street, Mordialloc

Stirling work by Nina & Brian in organising letter boxing, leaflet handout in Main Street and lobbying politicians. Thanks to those who assisted in this time consuming activity. Over 600 signatures have been collected, compiled and sent to the Minister’s electorate office. Individuals who have been letter boxed are also sending the leaflets to Delahunty’s office. Next, watch out for the daring placard wavers alerting the public that their neighbourhood could be next to find five storeys or higher in their coastal village. The VCAT Hearing commences 22 March. Please find time to attend the Hearing and lend support to the submitters.

Peter Scullin Reserve

KCEC combined with MBCL to support Brian’s car parking re-org of the creek car park. It was designed to remove the need to convert a large section of the Hazel Pierce Park to bitumen. Officers at the meeting agreed to consider the altern- ative design and report. Peter Scullin, former Mordialloc Councillor after whom the park was named, expressed a desire to be kept informed of the outcome.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 5th February 2003

Congratulations to our President, Brian, as the recipient of Kingston Senior Citizen on Australia Day. And a speedy recovery after a spell in hospital!

Thanks to all those footsore members who have pounded footpaths letter boxing for our “team” who are standing for Council. Let’s hope they all win- the alternatives are too, too horrible.

Correspondence Received

Nina/Brian’s letter to Landscape Officer, Kingston Council re the Proposal to use Norfolk Island Pines and Moreton Bay Figs as feature trees in Attenborough Park. This is not acceptable when Council’s policy, according to their management policy, is to use indigenous species. Also received, Mara’s letter to Lee Eklund re the proposal to locate a kiosk in Attenborough Park and to exhibit this plan at the forthcoming Wine and Food Festival for “public comment”. This could be seen as taking decision making out of the hands of local residents and left to people who have little idea of the issues at stake… such as comm- ercial use of public parkland.
Nina and Brian have also sent a letter to Council commenting on lack of community consul- tation. The letter was quoted in full in the. Independent. Well done! Also received Joan and David’s submission on problems at Patterson River and environs, amongst others car parking on the banks of the river.

Mordialloc Structure Plan

Lengthy discussion on best means of alerting the public of the need to actively oppose the proposed four storey development option for Mordialloc. Can we rely on a local politician statement, “no four storey’s while I’m a member.”? A further public meeting was suggested. Brian/Nina volunteered to investigate Manningham Council’s survey method. The result of the council election could have a major bearing on the four storey debate.

Melbourne 2030

The Mordialloc Structure Plan has become part of increased density proposals contained in the Melbourne 2030 document. This makes it clear that increased density will occur for large parts of Kingston. Kingston’s Residential Strategy and KCC’s submission to Melbourne 2030 indicate approval for increased development at officer and CEO level. Glen Eira’s Strategy is superior to KCC’s in that there is encouragement to retain larger lot sizes thus allowing for a genuine diversity of housing which is sadly lacking in Kingston.

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