Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 4th April 1995

Mordialloc Tennis Club Relocation…

There is a proposal by Mordialloc Council to re-locate the tennis club to the MacDonald Street Ben Kavanagh Reserve. Residents in MacDonald Street oppose this move since it will increase traffic in the area &occupy space currently used by children for passive recreation. Mordialloc Primary School and St Brigid’s Catholic School also oppose the move since students use the space for sporting activities. The cost of bussing students to other venues would be prohibitive. Council proposes to use the land vacated by the tennis club for car parking but would remove parking between the foreshore and the Scullin Reserve to compensate for loss of parkland. MBCL would oppose any increased parking on the foreshore and have had correspondence from Dr Bennett confirming that there would be no increase in parking. The League will await the findings of a committee to be set up by the Commissioners to discuss this matter with residents and the tennis club.

Bradshaw Park

A planting day at Bradshaw Park was planned for April 8th with the 6th Mordialloc Scouts. April the 15th will be a working day for the Friends of Bradshaw Bank. Two new members have joined the Friends group. It was suggested that a letter should be written to the Commissioners of the City of Kingston informing them of the existence of this important park and seek their continued support of the Friends group and Bradshaw park.

Woodlands Industrial Estate / Braeside Park

The second stage development in the Woodlands Industrial Estate is about to commence. Friends of Braeside Park are selling plants to the industrial estate to establish native vegetation in this area.
The Braeside Park Advisory Committee has been disbanded and will be replaced by a new committee covering. all parks in the Chain of Parks concept. The Sandbelt Parklands Advisory Committee will have 13 members. Congratulations to MBCL member, Ron Pearson, who becomes one of the members of this important new committee.

The Agnew Report

It is with regret that we learn that Glen will be withdrawing from research work in our area unless he receives a grant which will enable him to continue to monitor the reef. Glen’s contribution has been vitally important in arousing the public, and particularly politician’s, awareness of the pollution problem in Mordialloc Creek and drains feeding into the creek which in turn add to the pollution of the Bay.

Kingston Conservation & Environment Coalition

Coalition members will form working groups with each group concentrating on their area of special interest. MBCL will be involved with the foreshore from Beaumaris cliffs to Mordialloc Creek. The first meeting of the coastal groups will meet at 1 Montgomery Street, 3rd May at 8pm. to formulate an environmental policy for the coastline within the City of Kingston. MBCL members with an interest in this area are invited to attend.

Mordialloc Creek

The Greening Australia Task Force contacted MBCL offering to provide young people to work on conservation projects in the area and so acquire work skills. It was suggested that they approach David Digby Parks and Gardens Supervisor. The Heatherton Drain stand of malaleucas has been cleared of invasive weeds at last!.

Community Day

Thanks to MBCL members who assisted with the League stall on Community Day especially Mara and Chris. It was great to have Bradshaw Park stall with Steven and Ron next door to publicise their great work as Friends of the Park.

Mordialloc Council Nursery

The nursery has been closed by the Commissioners.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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