Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 2nd May 1995

Bradshaw Park

Despite some vandalism Bradshaw Park is looking good. The Commissioner has replied favourably to a letter written by S.Calvert-Smith pointing out the importance of this park as an example of remnant and indigenous species in the Mordialloc area.

Braeside Park

The first meeting of the new committee of the Sandbelt Parklands Advisory Committee was held May 23. An announcement by Minister for Conservation, Mark Birrell regarding sand mining and eventually a lake in the Karkarook Park on Warrigal Road is expected to be made June 27, 1995.
J.Welch, R.Pearson, J.Cuthbertson, B. Hemple toured the tip area in the Sandbelt Parklands Region.

Mordialloc Creek

Re-vegetation of the north bank of the creek is proceeding with massive plantings at several locations including the confluence of Mordialloc creek and Heatherton Drain. Four viewing platforms have been installed by LEAP people on the creek bank. Melbourne Water advises that there are plans to use flood retarding basins to reduce sediment entering the creek and to manage stormwater more effectively. One site could be at the flood retarding basin in Warrigal Road near the proposed Karkarook Park.

Woodlands Industrial Estate

Developers and Melbourne Water have devised a scheme to use three lakes to treat drainage from the industrial estate before it enters Mordialloc Creek. Some sediment may be removed before flowing into the drains and creek. It is uncertain at this stage if Gartsides, Dunlops and Dingley drains will be diverted into the lake system to ensure that pollutants such as leachates will also be removed before reaching the creek and Bay.

Kingston Conservation & Environment Coalition

Ten members of the 21 groups which form the KCEC have formed a Secretariat to co-ordinate the working parties who prepare submissions on their areas of expertise i.e. flora, fauna, water and air. The submissions will be a brief overall description of natural environment, eco-systems, waterways in the City of Kingston and will, when completed, comprise a revision and collation of all existing available material.

There is concern in the KCEC about the methods being used by the Commissioners to form the so-called “village advisory committees.” Hand picked committees formed by a Commissioner appointed chairperson could well preclude environmentalists having any in-put to important conservation issues such as the Mentone stormwater drain, expansion of Windows on the Bay onto open space, namely the grassed area in front of the restaurant and “upgrading” a car park on Mentone foreshore.

A deputation from the KCEC will meet with Commissioner Bennett to present the Agenda 21 submission which it is hoped will be included in the City of Kingston corporate policy.

Mordialloc Tennis Club

Discussions have taken place with tennis club members re the re-location of the club to a McDonald street location. Council’s scheme is to remove the tennis club to make way for car parking on the site. However, it is claimed that the road into the Scullin Reserve from Pier Road will revert to park land thus uniting the foreshore and Scullin parkland.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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