Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 1st October 1997

Attenborough Park Trees

M.Hayler donated a sum of money to Kingston Council to be used for the purchase of 3 Monterey Cypress trees to be planted in Attenborough Park. The Cypresses were planted by the first settlers 150 years ago and can be regarded as having historical significance just as the Canary Island palms in Main Street, Mordialloc have significance as a WW1 memorial avenue. Whilst MBCL is a committed supporter of planting native species in the city, we feel that trees of historical significance also have a place. J. Cuthbertson volunteered to speak to Council Staff about this proposal and/or the return of the donation.


The Hains Draft plan for wetlands is causing concern because the size of the proposed residential development (600-700 houses). This leaves no room for an adequate buffer zone for the wetlands along the Mordialloc Main Drain. The “lake” in the centre of the development is also a questionable feature. There needs to be an overall view of the flood plain with the aim of restoring the hydrology with riparian vegetation.
Clean Up Australia is interested in this wetland project and may offer assistance at the appropriate time. A Wetland Committee is to be formed with representatives from Latrobe University.

Dandenong Catchment Implementation Committee (CIC)

The CIC Committee met 15-10-97 at the Melbourne Water depot, Coleman’s Road, Dandenong. A comprehensive report was given on MW’s Drainage scheme for Dandenong Catchment, including the cost of providing drainage for each development (approx $20,000 per development) with dual occupancy requiring additional charges to cater for increased run-off. 100 metres wide wetland system is being constructed at Brown’s Reserve, Mordialloc.

Beach Road Traffic

The traffic section of the Kingston MSS claims that Beach Road is an important freight route and has classified Beach Road as RDZ1 which places it in the same category as Freeways, State highways and Primary Roads. The Minister for Planning & Local Govt. has refused to allow Beach Road to be classified as a scenic boulevard but an RDZ1 classification includes “tourist roads”! It is planned to downgrade Footscray Road to two lanes and call it a “boulevard”! Trucks carrying explosives and LPG are not permitted to use Beach Road according to Occupation, Health & Safety staff, but fuel tankers can use this road. B-doubles will be able to use City Link according to their spokesperson but trucks carrying LPG and fuel will not be permitted to use tunnels including the Domain and Casino tunnels and will therefore look for alternative route

Bicycle Path Beach Road

City of Kingston is considering extending the bike path from Charman Road, Mentone to Mordialloc Creek, hopefully along the verge of Beach Road as has been done in the City of Bayside. However there seems to be some thought being given to constructing the path on the cliff tops according to the map. This would mean destruction of vegetation and some rare indigenous species, to build the 2.5 metre bike path. MBCL, PPCC and Bicycle User Groups have made submissions supporting the construction of the path on the verge of Beach Road as per the City of Bayside path.

Woodlands Industrial Estate

The 600 year old stand of red gums in the Woodlands Industrial Estate may still be at risk because of the holes dug for landfill are now filled with drainage water. The land was formerly owned by Melbourne Water. The City of Kingston has no responsibility for the Industrial Estate. It is managed by Assett Solutions.

Hands off our Parks Conference

MBCL was represented at this interesting conference St Kilda Town Hall. A Parklands Principles document was presented for consideration. Its intention is to prevent further alienation and commercialisation of our parks.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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