Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 1st July 1998

Kingston Lodge Wetlands Development

The Panel Hearings into the proposed 700 house residential development and wetlands on the Hains property, Kingston Lodge, has commenced at Moorabbin Council Chambers. MBCL, KCEC, Friends of Braeside Park, Edithvale Wetlands and other community groups will appear on August 11/12. The hearings are open to the public. Six of the seven Kingston councillors have voted in favour of the development.

The Park

Bradshaw Park is being subjected to a radical removal of tea-trees. According to SERCO the aim is to convert the park into a grassy woodland. Tea-trees a certain number of metres from the coast are considered to be weeds!! The removal of healthy mature trees from this park, the foreshore and the creek reserve is causing considerable angst.Are there not more important tasks to be undertaken?
Braeside Park staff organised an excellent tour of Karkarook Park and work in progress there followed by a barbecue at Braeside Park. There is some suggestion of negotiations underway between Melbourne Water and Vic Roads over the ownership of the Mornington Freeway Reservation.
Karkarook Park is taking shape although mining continues in the largest hole which will eventually become a lake suitable for some boating. The park is essentially a flood control basin to treat stormwater especially Heatherton drain flow before it enters Mordialloc Creek.

Acidic Soil Dumping Melways 93 Al

Last November 1997 acid sulphate soil was dumped on industrial land south of Governor Road abutting Dunlops Drain. The soil came from City Link tunnels and Webb Dock and is prescribed contaminated soil. It has not been removed but covered with clean fill, however the EPA advises that in the long term there will be leaching into the groundwater. These oxidation products are highly toxic to aquatic organisms and if exposed to the air can also corrode steel and concrete engineering products.

Green Wedge

Greater Dandenong council has adopted a new boundary for the Keysborough Green Wedge subject to State Government approval. Council adopted a policy statement in conjunction with the cities of Frankston, Kingston and Casey. This boundary change will allow for Watsons Planning Consultants to build 1400 houses on the wedge north of Hutton Road.

Mordialloc Local Area Traffic Study

Kingston Council has embarked on a local area traffic study to try to deal with large volumes of traffic using Governor Road, White Street, Park and Albert Streets. HCV.s using Beach Road and Governor Road to access the industrial areas are also continuing to create problems. The study is consulting residents and Mordialloc traders about parking in the shopping precinct and environs. D.Foran pointed out the difficulty of attempting to alleviate problems whilst not including Beach Road in the study. For example any attempt by Vic Roads and Council to “improve” an east/west link from Nepean Highway to Governor Road will encourage HCV’s to continue to use Beach Road as a de facto freight route and may simply move traffic volumes from one residential street to another. Kingston Foreshore Strategy Studies, Open Space studies and Bicycle strategies for the Round the all likely to have an impact on traffic studies for the area.
Resident interests are likely to be ignored because of traders demands to be allowed to park outside their premises thus denying customers parking space. Residential areas in close proximity to shops are under threat.

Woodlands Industrial Estate, Braeside

Consultants Offor Sharp have been conducting consultations with community representatives, Melbourne Water and the EPA concerning the establishment of three wetlands/flood control basins in the Woodlands Industrial Estate. This scheme is in part to rectify damage caused by the developers in the initial construction stage of the industrial park when a 12 metre hole was excavated to provide fill for the site. One hole is in close proximity to the excellent stand of River Red Gums north of Governor Road. Melbourne Waters plans appear to be well designed to develop a series of wetlands and to control stormwater as pressure for increased development in surrounding areas continues.

Stop Press! Stop Press!

Werribee Residents Against Toxic Dump Inc have contacted MBCL seeking information about pollution problems with the 45 filled, current and prospective tips in our area. There will be a peaceful demonstration at Southland Saturday August 1.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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