Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 3rd December 2003

A very successful New Year to environment group volunteers who achieved some impressive results in 2003. Pressure continues, however, as Mordialloc battles to preserve its low rise fishing village character as predators circle seeking approval for five or more storey buildings in the shopping centre and environs. On a more positive note, a revitalised KCEC could add weight to conservation and resident action groups who are seeking, for example, to maintain parks and open space for the benefit of the whole community.

March 16 Melbourne Lower Town Hall 7.30pm “Alternative to Channel Deepening in Port Phillip Bay” Come along and listen to expert opinion on the danger of deepening versus alternative environmental options.

Peter Scullin Reserve Traffic Management Plans

Consultants plans for reorganisation of car parking on the creek bank involved a realignment of the entrance to the car park and would result in removal of vegetation and loss of grassed area in the Hazel Pierce Park. This appeared to be a costly exercise for very little gain. Meetings with officers and the consultant were held to discuss Brian & Nina’s alternative parking plan with seats & grassed area along the creek bank. A subsequent meeting was requested before Council approved their plan, and once again alternative options were discussed. It is hoped that the outcome will mean the retention of the vegetation and grassed area of Hazel Pierce Park.

Skateboard Facility

Once again we are grateful for Brian & Nina’s effort in presenting alternatives to the inappropriate siting of the skateboard facility. The preferred option is the former skateboard site on the Jack Grut Reserve which is safely and easily accessible via off-road bicycle paths from Aspendale Gardens, Royal Palms Estate and Epsom Housing Estate. The foreshore option was ruled out by the Victorian Coastal Strategy policy of excluding non-water related activities on foreshore reserves. A VCAT Hearing set a precedent when a similar request was refused at Rye.

Kingston Conservation & Environment Coalition

Bill has undertaken, with assistance of KCEC members, to broaden the role of the coalition. The first project to be tackled is Council’s olicy of selling off small parks and playgrounds to fund the building of e.g a multicultural centre or expand playing fields. With the rapid increase in unit development in Kingston. there is a need to retain small parks to provide relief for unit dwellers who lack private open space for a garden.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 5th November 2003

Forthcoming Events

Kingston’s Natural Resource Area teams famous Christmas Party for Friends Groups is on again Sunday 7th December at Bonbeach Depot. UAW Peace Rally:- Brunch for Peace at the Beach Saturday 13 December 11am. There will be a small MBCL environmental presence. Come and meet some fabulous women activists! The date of the Panel Hearing Amendment C32 into Kingston’s flood management strategy has been changed to 15th and 16th December. KRAMMED and MBCL are presenting submissions.

Sympathy has been extended to Glen whose mother died this week.

Kingston Environment Network Group

Advertisements were placed in local papers advising Friends groups or individuals that they could apply to become members of the Network. A Community Cabinet Meeting is scheduled for December the 8th at Moorabbin. MBCL members have applied to speak to Ministers on channel deepening, loss of open space and M2030 pressure on local communities through proposals for high rise, high density development around transport hubs. e.g. The 5 storey development proposed for 541 Main Street is now going to VCAT. If approved it will set a precedent for further inappropriate high rise developments in Mordialloc and other activity centres in Kingston.

Peter Scullin Reserve

Plans for traffic management will remove a section of the Hazel Pierce Park for a bus turning/resting space on the creek bank. This is unacceptable because there are alternative sites for that purpose. Brian E. presented an alternative plan to council planners which, it is hoped, will be favourably received by the responsible authority!

Mentone Gardens Group

Committee member, Penny, corrected last month’s newsletter report about 1 funding for beautification work in the Mentone railway gardens. It seems that the funds ! promised for the work, to be provided by the State Government and Council, has not yet been forthcoming.

Guest Speaker – Michael Norris

Guest Speaker, Michael Norris, presented details of the proposed residential development for the CSIRO site in Highett on the boundary of Kingston and Bayside. The Structure Plan in its present form threatens the destruction of seven mature Yellow Box trees, about 20 River Red Gums probably 300 years old as well as orchids, grasses and soil stored seed. Damien Cook states that, “This native vegetation represents the last remaining example in the sand belt region of a once extensive vegetation community.” The Structure plan is also recommended eight storeys or higher for the corner of Bay Road and Nepean Hwy.

Retreat House Cheltenham

Retreat House Cheltenham and botanical garden-like surrounds are also under threat from further residential development. The buildings are worthy of Heritage listing. Development of this site will mean a further loss of parkland for the Cheltenham residents. Cr West to investigate further.

Mordialloc Skateboard Park

Mordialloc Skateboard Park the siting of which is causing considerable confusion due to lack of consultation with local residents adjacent to the proposed site. Environmental concerns were not addressed initially and there appeared to be resistance to a more representative committee presenting alternative views and sites. The site of the former skateboard ramp on the Jack Grut Reserve is most appropriate being accessible to Epsom, Aspendale and Royal Palms Estate but farther enough away from residents not to cause a nuisance. Thanks to Nina and Brian who have thoroughly researched other skateboard sites and interviewed skaters., and to Brian especially who has been a lone voice on the committee presenting a balanced point of view. Attenbourough and the foreshore are NOT suitable sites for this facility – not being a water related (or coastal dependent activity).

Victorian Coastal Awards for Excellence

It was decided at the November meeting to nominate the Natural Resource Area team for this award for their outstanding work with community groups, Friends and local schools, and especially regeneration work on the fore- shore and Mordialloc creek. Thanks to Brian P,Nina and Bill for assistance in compiling the nomination. Fingers crossed!

The Parks

Cr West attended the Open Day at The Grange and was impressed with the chocolate lillies?. Attenborough Park is undergoing drainage works with some damage to bollards used to prevent car parking. Submitters to the Chicquita Park Panel Hearing are anxiously awaiting the ruling. It is expected that the proponent will appeal to VCAT if the decision does not approve the development. The Key Features Report into channel deepening is available at the library – all four thick files! It is possible to
trawl through to find studies that highlight some aspects such as dredge spoil contamination or possible saline intrusion into ground water which may cause salinity problems in the Edithvale Seaford Wetlands if there is a rise in sea level.

GUO Chinese Landscape Painter of the 11th Century.
Watercourses are the arteries of a mountain, Grass and trees its hair, Mist and haze its complexion, Stones are the bones of heaven and earth, Water is the blood of heaven and earth.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 1st October 2003

Forthcoming Events

Kingston’s Natural Resource Area famous Christmas Party for Friends Groups Sunday December 7th. at Bonbeach Depot. Kingston Planning Scheme Amendment C32 Panel Hearing November 19th. This amendment affects land throughout Kingston that has been identified by Melbourne Water as being liable to flooding during a severe storm of 1 in 100 year intensity. Please check plans for the alteration of access to Pier Road and removal of vegetation on the Peter Scullin Reserve. Objections to be lodged before 21st November. Guest Speaker Michael Norris is campaigning to save the “last remnant on earth of a sandbelt landscape with majestic Yellow Box trees- some about 200 years old”. Red Gums also on the former CSIRO site at Highett. Bayside and Kingston Councils are producing the “Highett Structure Plan” for the site. The draft totally ignores the remnant vegetation. Contact Michael on Ph. 9598 3092 if you would like to help.

Photopoint Monitoring

Photopoint Monitoring was undertaken again by MBCL members for Natural Resource Area records. Two posts are missing- one in the Mordialloc Creek Reserve and one at Herbert Street on the foreshore.

Natural Resource Area

Supervisor, Tony Collins reported on the exciting direct seeding trial currently underway along the Carrum/Bonbeach foreshore – the only one of its kind in Australia. Belinda Ainley, Foreshore Coordinator, organised a bus tour to see this work and the sand erosion problems which the NRA team have to contend with. Tony explained how the direct seeding trials worked with Friends groups, school groups, residents, etc participation. Sand fences are used to initially stabilise dunes but these have been destroyed in the recent gales. Kingston Heath: Students from Holmesglen TAFE have designed a bridge to the little island. Cr West supports this scheme! NRA are working with Melbourne Water to create a green corridor along the Creek. Removal of Coprosma and Box thorn from the south bank of the creek. Fran is in contact with Year 9 students from Mordialloc College. Hopes to discourage cubby house building using native veg along the creek banks. Jana advises that the Zoo wants Coprosma to feed to the animals. The Zoo will collect contributions!

Beach Renourishment

Bill moved and David E seconded a motion “that a cooperative approach between all bayside councils be adopted to the question of beach renourishment, as a means of dealing with storm surge damage.”

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 3rd September 2003

Forthcoming Events

Friends of Mordialloc Creek. Working Bee October 4th from 10am to plant 200 shrubs.
October 4th Liberty Victoria and Free Speech Victoria” Be Alarmed ” Freedoms Under Threat
. A symposium at University of Melbourne Law School 10am to 5pm. MCs include Terry Lane and Rod Quantock. ph. 9 670 6422 for Info.
Open Day for Friends of the Grange October 11th. Guided tours to inspect botanical specimens in this unique pocket of bushland.
Port Phillip Conservation Council AGM 23rd October 8pm, 47 Bayview Crescent, Black Rock. Hon. Dr David Kemp, Minister for Environment & Heritage, Guest Speaker.

KRAMMED’s recent AGM had as a guest speaker, David Littlewood, secretary of the Town & Country Planning Association describing how the City of Port Phillip is managing the pressure for development from Melbourne 2030. Councillors prepared to consult with, and listen to, the community relieves a little of the anger experienced in other cities as trees, gardens and open space are replaced with concrete.

Peter Scullin Reserve Draft Master Plan

MBCL had requested a meeting with Council officers to discuss proposals for the Reserve. The outcome of the meeting with Managers, Strategic Planner and Parks and Urban Design staff was positive with a suggestion from Stephen querying the need for a turning circle demonstrating that consultation with environment groups can have a beneficial outcome!

Mordialloc High Rise Building in Main Street

A petition organised by Nina, with signatories objecting to buildings of more than two storeys in the Study area, was presented to Council. The National Trust has written to Council stating that certain buildings in Main Street are worthy of Heritage listing. Nina and Brian attended the National Trust Heritage rally, “Protect our Heritage” in August. Barry Jones and other notables spoke about the importance of protecting Melbourne’s unique Victorian architecture threatened by development. “Overwhelming concern that Melbourne 2030 is removing our heritage by encouraging development”. Speakers encouraged groups to lobby State and local governments to protect our heritage.

Kingston Environment Network Group

Some concern that the proposed ENG may become a Council controlled body based on the Village committee model rather than the Shire of Yarra Ranges example which stresses the independence of all the environment groups. Kingston’s Network Group as formulated, leaves KCEC’s role, an umbrella body for environment groups, in an ambiguous situation.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 2nd July 2003

High Rise Development in Mordialloc

There is still time to lodge an objection to the proposed five storey futuristic development on the old police station site in Mordialloc. If approved this will set a precedent to high rise elsewhere in Mordialloc and in other activity centres. An application for re-zoning sites in Albert and Bear Street including the woodyard, have been lodged and will go before a Panel before the Draft Mordialloc Structure Plan has been completed. Nina reports a lack of response from Council to letters seeking information about the status of the Structure Plan. Kingston’s Ombudsman has been contacted about the lack of response to a June 9th letter.

Kingston Environment Network

Preliminary meetings have been held with KCEC re the establishment of an Environment Network which it is hoped will eliminate lack of consultation and communication with environment groups and residents. Please contact us if you wish to be included.

Kingston Foreshore Reference Group

The Community Education sub-committee of the Reference Group is addressing issues such as dune stabilisation to prevent erosion as a result of recent and future storm events, alerting residents to the impact on the foreshore through channel deepening. Coastal Crown Land Management have been contacted about real estate agents advertising foreshore properties as having “private beach access”. This is in direct contradiction to what the Natural Resource Area team are trying to achieve – stabilising the dune system to protect infrastructure. Brian E. advises that Kingston’s Community Education officer spoke foreshore management at Mordialloc U3A. Belinda has also offered to come and speak to MBCL. At the second meeting of the Blue Wedge Coalition it was decided to concentrate on the impact of channel deepening on Port Phillip Bay and coastal regions. Next Meeting 28th August 7.30pm Neighbourhood House.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 4th June 2003


It was encouraging to receive a letter from Member for Mordialloc, Ms Janice Munt congratulating us on the receipt of a Melbourne Water Grant for MBCL members voluntary environmental work. Well done, folk!

Thank you to Mara and Frank for their very much appreciated subs to the Draft Master Plans.

Welcome Back to Dr Bill Hampel who has decided to settle in Mentone and is already hard at work on various committees. Welcome Back to our roving President, Brian, looking fit after three weeks in Europe.

Sincere sympathy to Penny who has suffered a family bereavement

Kingston’s Significant (Disappearing) Tree Policy

Concern continues at the rate that trees on development sites are diagnosed as being ‘sick’ and destroyed. Council is actually making a profit, up from $1000 last year to $3000 this year, in proceeds from people applying to have a tree removed and paying Council the required fees for removal! The Street Tree Planting program aims to plant a street tree in those streets with least trees. It is understood that residents choose the type of tree. Is there any guidance as to the desirability to plant an indigenous tree which will be drought resistant in the coming years of less rainfall as predicted by the CSIRO?

Mordialloc Structure Plan

Nina queried the present status of the Structure plan since there has been no consultation since Brian / Nina organised a public meeting late 2002. Nina e-mailed Cr Petchey and the Strategic planner after reading an article in the Herald -Sun referring to a plan for high- rise development in Mordialloc. We await a response with interest. Bill volunteered to check submissions for Attenborough Park and the Scullin Reserve at Council. Cr West advised that there had been a favourable decision (for us) re the removal of the third bike path. on the foreshore, the removal of the kiosk in Attenborough Park and also the elimination of the Moreton Bay Figs. Our concern now is that with Scullin Reserve being too small to accommodate the excessive crowds attending the annual two-day Wine & Food event, there are plans by the organisers to remove the vegetation on the reserve to make room for the crowd!

Major Activity Centres

There are six major activity centres in Kingston designated for Increased Density development. Mordialloc and Chelsea will be vitally affected by possibly four storey developments The Department of Sustainability & Environment is organising a Multi-storey Residential Design Guidelines Workshop for stakeholders with an interest in the development of guidelines for buildings of 4 or more storeys. 24th July. 5.30pm on Level 29 Nauru House. Phone 9655 6482 if you are interested in going to this workshop.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 7th May 2003

Arrivals and Departures

During May we had a welcome visit from MBCL former President, Dr Len Warren and his wife Val who is part of a group involved in fighting high rise development on the Swan River, Perth.

In addition to Verity Hayler who flew off to Ecuador, two more MBCL jet-setters will be missing from one or two meetings. Penny is now in Canada and Brian is in Vienna visiting his family.

Any aspiring broadcasters available to present environmental matters on Southern Radio?

We really should utilise this medium to inform listeners about Melbourne 2030 and the likely impact on their residential amenity, channel deepening, the importance of dune stabilisation, etc.

Members Activities

Production of this newsletter funded through Melbourne Water’s Community Grants Scheme
Watch Out for the Blue Wedges Coalition Meeting Coming Soon!
It has been a busy month for MBCL members with Penny participating in a Coastal Native Planting Day on the foreshore at Mentone. This was organised by NRA’s Tony Collins. Thirty people turned up on the 4th May to plant and enjoy a sausage sizzle. Penny and Shirley have alerted Tony to the bank erosion below the Parkdale LSC. The erosion is exacerbated by children sliding down the bank while the mothers are sipping lattes in the cafe. Shirley and Penny are members of the Friends of Mentone Railway Station. The group hopes to prevent the gardens and significant trees being removed to make way for a bus interchange which could be sited on the eastern side of the station. Thanks to Joan, Nina, Brian, Frank and Stephen for their submissions to the Draft Master Plans for the Scullin Reserve and Attenborough Park

Draft Master Plan for the Peter Scullin Reserve and Attenborough Park

A meeting with responsible officers and councillors was requested to present additional views and seek clarification about the Reserve and Park before councillors voted on the Masterplan. There appears to be an odd reluctance to consult on this and other environmental issues, certainly at senior management level where decisions are made. Planning News, the Planning Institutes Magazine has an article this month about the importance of providing safe walking paths to encourage people to walk more. They recommend that the project should begin by consulting local residents before plans are drawn up. Similarly it could be asked why the councils own staff, who work on the foreshore and parks, were not consulted about the zarre suggestion that Moreton Bay Figs be planted in Attenborough Park when the report, Landscape Guidelines for the Mordialloc Creek Precinct, state that indigenous trees help to create wildlife corridors. Moreton Bay Figs require massive amounts of water, roots create damage, nothing will grow under them and flying foxes love the fruit.

Port Phillip & Westernport Calp

CALP have published a Regional Weed Action Plan. This is a useful document if anyone wants a copy let us know. Stephen intended to contact CALP with further suggestions for weeds which may have been overlooked. The latest CMA mail out from Doug contains a Spring Planting form for anyone interested in helping.

Port Phillip Conservation Council

At the General Meeting of PPCC Beach Box policy was passed with acceptance of the 2000 boxes around the Bay provided that the boxes are well maintained. Protection of Brighton vegetation is now an issue with tree vandals poisoning street trees to provide potential buyers with a view. Meanwhile 100 year Monterey Cypress on the Chelsea Reserve are to be destroyed because they are too close to a development built right under the canopy of the trees! The trees were there first, councillors! Roof decks are again under consideration at Bayside Council because f the inappropriate behaviour of the occupants on the roof decks. Question of the Artist’s ail signage on the foreshore which needs to be less intrusive in this sensitive area. Sand is being pumped under the collapsing balcony of Carrum Motor Yacht Club helping to stop further storm damage. Sand fences help prevent erosion at some sites south of the Creek.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 2nd April 2003

Guest Speaker – Marcus Gordinho

Members welcomed the opportunity to listen to Marcus Gordinho outline Environment Victoria’s plans to contact their 100 affiliate members to seek support in dealing with pressing environmental issues. These include dwindling water resources, climate change, old growth forest protection, waste management, native vegetation protection, channel deepening in Port Phillip Bay and the need to increase membership. Marcus warned that there is a need to restrict the number of issues undertaken so that EVs limited resources are not stretched. EV has good access to politicians and the media.


Good wishes and best of luck to Verity Hayler who leaves for Ecuador May 10th to volunteer with the World Wildlife Organisation. Brave girl!

Amendment C8/ Mordialloc Structure Plan / Melbourne 2030

The three State and local Government policies overlap and are inter-related making it difficult for residents to counteract development pressure on their residential amenity. Local government planners argue that they are under pressure to adhere to the State government’s push for higher density development in our middle ring suburbs. KRAMMED’s President. argued forcefully for improvements to Kingston Residential Strategy Amendment C8 before it was presented to Council for approval April 15. Despite assurances given to KRAMMED, applications for permission to build six three storey town houses in Carrum in an Incremental Change Area makes a mockery of the claim that increased density would occur only in areas designated for this. The Panel Hearing into Carrum’s Structure Plan approved a two storey height limit for Carrum.

Peter Scullin Reserve / Attenborough Park

These parks are part of the Mordialloc Structure Plan and are under threat from commercialisation with a kiosk proposed for Attenborough Park and the possibility of the proposed “performance space” on the Scullin Reserve transmogrifying into a sound shell at a later date leading to more frequent assaults on the ear drums for residents from over-amplified “musak” such as that suffered annually from the Wine & Food event. A third bicyle path is sited beside the exsiting three metre wide shared promenade pedestrian/bike path. The proposed third bike path would cut through the foreshore vegetation stabilising the foredune much of hich was established in 1975 to prevent erosion thus destroying years of time, money and fort by Council’s dedicated Natural Resource Area staff. Moreton Bay Fig trees are proposed for Attenborough Park thus ignoring the Landscape Guidelines for the Creek and Foreshore Precincts.Kingston & Beaumaris Bicycle Users are opposed to the third bike path.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 5th March 2003

The Agnew Report

Glen has found that the state of the launching ramps at Half Moon Bay, Mordialloc, and Patterson River a problem being too shallow to safely launch his boat containing expensive equipment which he uses for research work for reef monitoring in Port Phillip Bay. Glen has been receiving contradictory reports from Melbourne Water and the EPA regarding frequency of dredging and disposal of dredge spoil. Royal Brighton Yacht Club’s plan to double in size could prove an environmental disaster according to PPCC members. Berths would increase from 190 to 382 and the 30metre breakwater extension cause the erosion of nearby beaches. DNRE, Parks Victoria and the EPA had no objection!!
Glen has been travelling again, this time to Loxton SA, and making comparisons with their coastal development and that occurring in Victoria.

Tree Vandalism

Production of this newsletter funded through Melbourne Water’s Community Grants Scheme
Signs have been placed on the poisoned Monterey Cypress on Mordialloc Foreshore and on poles opposite and alongside the ostentatious duplex being built across the road from the tree. $10,000 reward is offered for information. The vandalism got good coverage in The Age, the local papers and the Mariner.

Channel Deepening

Six MBCL members attended a VCA briefing at Frankston TAFE 11th March. It was considered a waste of time since the Brack’s Government seems determined to ignore all alternatives other than deepening the shipping channels in the Bay despite environmental concerns. 15 specialist EES studies with 12 consulting firms consisting of 120 people and costing $1.9 million will take at least 12 months before the Panel presents its findings to the Minister for Planning for approval. Local Bayside residents are deeply concerned at possible sea level rise increasing the erosion of beaches on the eastern side of the Bay.

Kingston Foreshore Advisory Committee

The first meeting of this committee 6th March, was well attended by MBCL members who were relieved to hear residents accept the need to stabilise the dune system with indigenous vegetation to prevent beach erosion, and ultimately loss of their homes if remedial action vas not taken .This policy has been the long term aim of Kingston’s Natural Reserve Area team. Let’s hope that there is now worthwhile co-operation between all parties.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 5th February 2003

Congratulations to our President, Brian, as the recipient of Kingston Senior Citizen on Australia Day. And a speedy recovery after a spell in hospital!

Thanks to all those footsore members who have pounded footpaths letter boxing for our “team” who are standing for Council. Let’s hope they all win- the alternatives are too, too horrible.

Correspondence Received

Nina/Brian’s letter to Landscape Officer, Kingston Council re the Proposal to use Norfolk Island Pines and Moreton Bay Figs as feature trees in Attenborough Park. This is not acceptable when Council’s policy, according to their management policy, is to use indigenous species. Also received, Mara’s letter to Lee Eklund re the proposal to locate a kiosk in Attenborough Park and to exhibit this plan at the forthcoming Wine and Food Festival for “public comment”. This could be seen as taking decision making out of the hands of local residents and left to people who have little idea of the issues at stake… such as comm- ercial use of public parkland.
Nina and Brian have also sent a letter to Council commenting on lack of community consul- tation. The letter was quoted in full in the. Independent. Well done! Also received Joan and David’s submission on problems at Patterson River and environs, amongst others car parking on the banks of the river.

Mordialloc Structure Plan

Lengthy discussion on best means of alerting the public of the need to actively oppose the proposed four storey development option for Mordialloc. Can we rely on a local politician statement, “no four storey’s while I’m a member.”? A further public meeting was suggested. Brian/Nina volunteered to investigate Manningham Council’s survey method. The result of the council election could have a major bearing on the four storey debate.

Melbourne 2030

The Mordialloc Structure Plan has become part of increased density proposals contained in the Melbourne 2030 document. This makes it clear that increased density will occur for large parts of Kingston. Kingston’s Residential Strategy and KCC’s submission to Melbourne 2030 indicate approval for increased development at officer and CEO level. Glen Eira’s Strategy is superior to KCC’s in that there is encouragement to retain larger lot sizes thus allowing for a genuine diversity of housing which is sadly lacking in Kingston.

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