Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservaton League – Minutes – 3rd June 2015

Green Wedge

There appears to have been some light at the end of the tunnel with the report from Barry Ross, Secretary, defenders of the Green Wedge after a deputation to see the Planning Minister, Richard Wynne.  Sustainability Victoria has now acknowledged that the Kingston/Dingley Waste Hub should be located in an industrial area.  However the Minister is still considering the Alex Fraser lease application for a further 15 years for the concrete crushing business to remain on Heatherton Road.

Bay Trail

Will certainly cause headaches for builders further down the track.  Nice new concrete curbing at the Antibes car park will have to be removed when the Bay Trail reaches that point it seems!

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 5th August 2009

Forthcoming Events

Annual outing of Friends of Bradshaw Park October Saturday 17th to The Pines Flora & Fauna Reserve . Bring your own lunch Contact number 9583 8682

Annual General Meeting of Environment Victoria September 24 6.00-8.00pm Ground Floor ,60 Leicester Street, Carlton.Friends of the Grange Open Day 12th September. Tee planting & sausage sizzle.Annual Open Day at Yammerbook Nature Reserve 5th September 10am – 1.00pm. Port Phillip Conservation Council AGM November 16th Captain Frank Hart will speak on the proposed Frankston marina : Iconic development, delusion or disaster.?

Meetings Attended

A number of MBCL members attended the Victoria Governments Community Cabinet held at Mordialloc Secondary College Monday 24th August. Seated at Planning Minister Madden’s table Brian and Barry were able to discuss green wedge issues. Judy expressed concern that Beaumaris Motor Yacht Club have asked the Planning Minister not to require an EES for this disastrous development.Mary asked the Premier whether he considered that five years of monitoring the bund in the Bay by PoMC was satisfactory or whether there should be continuous monitoring to ensure that the bund didn’t disintegrate over time releasing toxic contaminants into the food chain.

Rotary Club Invitation

MBCL was invited to speak at the Mordialloc Rotary Club Meeting 12th August.Judy outlined current activities and Mary spoke about the League’s origins and campaigns fought including a marina in Beaumaris Bay 1969, grading Mentone clay cliffs, Esso pipeline across the Bay 1974 and realignment & revegetation of Mordialloc Creek 1975.

Mordialloc Creek

Erosion of the north bank of the creek between the rail bridge and boat ramp may be caused by the wash and excessive speed of jet skis observed by Nina and Brian. National Tree Day saw 30-40 people planting on the north bank of the creek . 1500 trees, shrubs and ground cover were planted. Great effort!

Yammer Nature Reserve

An interpretive sign is nearing completion thanks to Nina’s research into the Bunurong people whose land this is. Funding has been obtained for Stage 2 of the project to create an island habitat in the salt water lake. Two resident black swans and white ibis have been seen fishing recently.

Attenborough Park

Concern has been expressed about lack of consultation re planting in the park. Earlier Master Plans drawn up by David Digby stressed the importance of planting indigenous species of trees and shrubs instead two Moreton Bay Figs were planted initially.The Statutory Planner informs us that there is to be a Master Plan for the creek mouth, Hazel Pierce Park, Pompei site and Attenborough Park in which case why was reveg work undertaken before yet another Master Plan was completed? Nina concerned about lack of process in planning.

Canary Island Palms

Canary Island Palms have been planted along the path between McDonald Street and the station entrance – west side- again no consultation. The eastern side of the line is planted with native species.

Parks Report

Tony arrives and gives a comprehensive report on work in parks i.e.each reserve is broken down into management zones with maps to indicate zones. Weeds a problem.

Chicquita Park is to be replanted. Cr West queries planting Bossea in the Bull Ring.

Federal funding has been received to place a tank in the Doug Denyer Reserve for bore water to be filtered through existing wetlands before flowing into the creek.

Living Links : a co-ordinator is to be employed to work with Kananook Creek and Frankston Council.

Kingston Heath Reserve lake is a most successful addition to the reserve.

Centreway Stage 2

Stage 2 is underway in Mordialloc. Seating, paving, bollards, lighting and Banksias will become part of the Bay to Rail Project. Traffic and buses will be disrupted while work is underway.

Climate Change

Wal is interested in forming a climate change group perhaps similar to a community group operating in Bayside with Council support. Boroondara also has an active group involved in a Transition Towns campaign aimed at developing positive solutions to climate change and peak oil in the local community. The idea is to connect with other groups and build bridges to local government . In an attempt to build a bridge to our local government I spoke to a council officer who lives in Boroondara. He said that some Kingston council staff had attended local government organized Transition Towns meetings in other municipalities but did not seem to know if any of the ideas discussed at these meeting were being put into practice in Kingston.

Green Wedge Issues

Planning News journal has had some great articles on sustainable development of communities in the urban growth areas using Officer as an example. Rather than continue with in-fill development in middle ring suburbs which destroys housing diversity, why not provide housing around rail lines in the urban growth areas.? VicUrban plans to develop infrastructure before houses at Officer. Schools, shops, community centres, and businesses will be constructed before high rise development in the activity centre and stand alone housing with space for growing vegetables and trees. Farmland will be encouraged to operate so that food can be produced locally as far as possible thus saving travelling long distances to market.

Moorabbin Seven Storey Social Housing

Moorabbin Seven Storey Social Housing on the corner of South Road and Nepean Highway abutting the busy Frankston rail line.Housing for low income (or no income)

people usually seems to be located some distance from shops, schools and transport, or as in this case, in a heavily trafficked, noisy, polluting location unsuitable for children since it will be some distance from parks. There is a serious lack of open space in this building and lack of facilities for sport or entertainment ,apart from the pokies in the hotel across South Road. The one and two bedroom apartments may be suitable for people who work and so are not trapped in the building all day as people without an income will be, unable possibly to afford frequent rail travel.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 1st July 2009

New Members

Welcome to new members Helen Stubbs and Joan Firth and to Tony, Kingston’s Park Supervisor keeps us informed of projects underway and in the pipeline, and to Lee James from the NRA team.


To Nina for a well deserved Appreciation Award from Kingston Council in recognition of the many conservation activities in which she is involved and especially the research work undertaken to establish the Yammerbook Nature Reserve.

Meetings Attended

Nina attended the Living Links meeting at Beaumaris and reported that recreational, natural and cultural information has been collated to create living links between assets in the Dandenong Creek Catchment. Funding could become a problem – sponsorship is sought.Tony will send MBCL plans of the catchment area.

Brian and Wal attended an Urban growth boundary meeting at Cranbourne (changes to) and were concerned at the bureaucrats present complacent acceptance that “We have 800 years of coal therefore we don’t need to worry”!

Mary attended and spoke to the submission on Changes to Urban Growth Boundaries at the recent Panel Hearings.

Desal Plant. Wal reported on the meeting at Wonthaggi “to bury democracy”. Melbourne houses have been letter boxed. Wal has presented MBCL with excellent short DVD’s explaining the

environmental impact, energy consumption and cost to the community of this ill-conceived project. Members are encouraged to borrow the DVD’s from MBCL secretary.


Changes to Urban Growth Boundaries submissions were prepared and forwarded also a submission re loss green wedge due to Moorabbin Airport development.


Judy and Brian undertook Mordialloc Creek water quality testing at the Bowen Road site and reported that there was slight turbidity possibly due to recent rain – otherwise nothing unusual. Bowen Road works have been completed. Judy fears that with cars travelling over the creek to access Aspendale Gardens the tranquility of the site will be lost and bird life disturbed.

Parks Report

Tony Collins, Parks Superviser presented a comprehensive report outlining water conservation initiatives for sports grounds and parks in conjunction with South East Water.Piped water will go from Carrum to Kingston, the Peninsula, Cranbourne and Cardinia.

Golf courses in Dandenong and Kingston will benefit from this scheme. Staff changes at Kingston included Rebecca Cohen on maternity leave replaced by Lee Halkias from the NRA team. Parks upgrades include Highett Sports ground planted with warm season grass, Kingston Heath soccer ground will have a synthetic surface, Parks staff are supporting the Friends of Moorabbin Reserve at Linton Street.

Mordialloc Creek and Environs

Nina and Brian reported a crack in the Mordialloc Creek bridge underpass retaining wall. Reported to Council. Shared bike path under Wells Road bridge- work has been completed. Shared path is only 2 metres wide so will this be sufficient width for foreshore bike path??? George Woods Reserve playground is to be upgraded at a cost of $100,000. NRA team claim that there is bank erosion between the Chute Street boat ramp and railway bridge caused by the mature pines along the bank. These are to be removed and replaced by River Red Gums which are indigenous to the area. It is likely that wash from fast moving water craft may be the reason for erosion.

Attenborough Park

Revegetation work in Attenborough Park has been completed although the Master Plans for Hazel Pierce park, and the Pompei site have not been put out for public consultation.Banksias, casuarinas and Monterey Cypresses have been planted but surprisingly two Moreton Bay Figs were also planted. These are not indigenous trees.Will the community have a say as they have for Kingston Heath Reserve? Will the community have any input to plans for the George Woods Reserve?

Foreshore Happenings

The Monterey Cypress near the Lifesaving Club on the foreshore has had some of the dead branches removed by Council staff. Remaining branches appear healthy despite the tree being poisoned by vandals.Work has been carried out on the Parkers Road drain which enters the Bay near Parkdale kiosk. This section of foreshore is extremely narrow and badly eroded.

Climate Change

Despite Kingston CEO expressing an interest, in 2008, in setting up a climate change group nothing has eventuated, whereas City of Bayside has a Bayside Environmental Friends Network consisting of 17 Friends groups, landcare groups, schools, foreshore protectors and climate change campaigners.Would MBCL members be interested in networking with Bayside Environmental Friends. Discuss! Other ideas? Does Kingston Council have plans to deal with rising sea level and its impact on the vulnerable foreshore south of Mordialloc Creek? Is there any restriction on development in this area.? Will the Byron Bay scenario be repeated around Port Phillip Bay? Letting nature take its course has been recommended by Byron Bay council – or moving out of million dollar mansions threatened with the eroding foreshore into relocatable homes is the other alternative in this case.

Blue Wedges

Blue Wedges reports that storms, April 26 2009, caused extensive damage from Portsea to Seaford with collapse of a sea wall at Williams Road beach Mt Eliza and Kananook Creek flooding higher than in living memory. The EES and SEES Channel Deepening Inquiries both heard that tide heights would increase as a deepened entrance would allow more water to flow in and out of the Bay. Meanwhile climate scientists are in agreement that sea level rise is happening faster than expected and that we should prepare for “one in a hundred year” storms every twenty years or even sooner.Lack of rainfall in the Murray Darling Basin has caused the destruction of the Coorong and its bird life. A similar fate is likely for Gunbower on the Murray. DVDs are available illustrating this wetland’s wonderful flora and fauna now at risk.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 3rd June 2009

Meetings Attended

Nina attended a Living Links meeting at Beaumaris. Stage One has been completed with environmental, social, cultural and recreation information provided combined into grids. Information collected from the Dandenong Creek Catchment will be found on a Living Links web site.

Walter attended the Planning Backlash rally on the steps of Parliament House June 10th. The Rally was organized by the Coalition of Concerned Councillors angry about the erosion of our democratic rights as the State Government takes over planning power from councils.Mary attended the Panel Hearing – New Residential Zones for Victoria to listen to the submission from Kingston Council. Walter & Brian attended a Climate Change meeting at Chelsea Heights to hear Mark Dreyfus and Dr Graeme Pearman claim that there is an urgent need for political action to reduce green house gas emissions. Mary attended a Climate Change rally on the steps of the State Library, 13 June where the Greens leader, Bob Brown spoke passionately about the need for Government action .

Gunbower-Koondrook-Perricoota Storylines

Mara, Judy, Sue and Mary traveled to Eaglehawke to attend the premiere of the Environment Victoria project featuring ten story tellers relating their relationship with the Murray River especially Gunbower.DVDs are available from EV. Well worth a look!

Verity McLucas, Mara’s daughter, was one of the organizers of the project.


Nina and Brian continue to monitor water quality in Mordialloc Creek on a bi-monthly basis down stream from Bowen Road. Road works may curtail this activity until construction is finished. Creation of a wetland in the Industrial Estate between Wells Road and Waterways has commenced-a continuation of Melbourne Water’s plan for a series of wetlands along the full length of the north bank of Mordialloc Creek up to Pillars Crossing.

Attenborough Park

Stephen described Council’s plans for upgrading the park following completion of bridge works. Pleasing to note that the plan includes planting Banksias, casuarinas AND Monterey Cypresses because of their historic significance and because these trees have been a feature a the entrance to Mordialloc for over a century.There will be a Master Plan in 2010.A concrete shared bike path is to be constructed rather than a granitic surface which erodes causing dust to affect bearings in cycles.Cr Dundas queried the salt impact on cable fences around the park and along Beach Road. Galvanised cables can rust in six months.Nina queried the location of the Aboriginal garden which is now much closer to the widened highway.

Natural Resources Report

Lee advises that the Braeside NRA depot is now open and functioning in Industrial Drive. The Bonbeach depot nursery area has been extended with water tanks installed. Twenty Red Gums are to be planted in the Arboretum on the north bank of Mordialloc Creek replacing cypresses which will be removed. Phragmites will be planted to

Reduce erosion caused by watercraft activity leaving the Chute Street boat ramp.

Green Crop Project

Lee reported that planting on the foreshore dunes, 30th May was very successful with 60 volunteers attending & helping to plant 2300 species on top of the sand bag wall. Removing encroaching plants such as lawns from the foreshore was also part of the project. Next planting day will be advertised in the local paper. Nina advises that the Mordialloc health and fruit shops are prepared to display notice of forthcoming working bees.

Friends of Moorabbin Oval are working with the NRA team to plant around the oval.

Replanting is continuing along the south bank of Mordialloc Creek although weed removal and control is the main objective

Bicycle Paths – Wells Road, Bowen Road, Waterways, Bay Trail

Stephen Haines is paying for the construction of a road from Wells Road to, and through Waterways, to enable residents to access Aspendale Gardens. A bike path is to be part of road works. Letters have been written to Kingston Council , unacknowledged and unanswered, suggesting that now might be a good time to construct the bike path shown in Council’s own bicycle strategy, along the south levee bank of Mordialloc Creek between Wells Road and Bowen Road.This path would provide off-road access from Waterways to Mordialloc foreshore, schools, shops and station. A bike track on the levee bank has the advantage of being high enough to give a view across the wetlands to the Dandenongs and won’t become a muddy morass after rain.Not having had a response from Council, a phone call to Stephen Haines resulted in a lengthy discussion about links with other bike paths – Patterson River trail on both banks of the river providing a link to Dandenong to which Stephen seemed interested.He also advised that there is a bike trail through Waterways wetlands open to the public! The plan is to eventuallly provide a link to Braeside Park through Waterways by crossing busy Governor Road.

Bay Trail

Cr Dundas raised an interesting idea of widening the existing concrete shared bike/pedestrian path from Parkers Road to Charman Road utilizing that track rather than attempt to install a bike track on the fragile cliff tops. If this plan is feasible pedestrians would still have the advantage of an informal cliff top path free from cyclists. Significant engineering works would be required to widen sections of the existing path which has a blue stone wall on the beach side but widening might be possible on the cliff side of the promenade.

Glen provided DVDs illustrating hazards encountered in some of the bike tracks constructed by neighbouring councils.

Desalination Plant

Walter provided an excellent DVD outlining the issues resulting from the construction of this controversial project. Members may like to borrow the DVD and consider the implications such as pollution of the ocean, greenhouse emissions and visual pollution of pylons.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 2nd April 2008

Forthcoming Events

Land & biodiversity at a time of Climate Change workshop Melbourne Friday 30 May. Details DSE Website. Important to send a submission . Refer to annexure with MBCL newsletter. Planting on the Scullin Reserve 9am -1pm May 10th


Letters have been sent to Mayor & Councillors City of Dandenong and the Environmental Defenders Office regarding a sculpture on Eastlink known as ‘Hotel’ . querying the need for a permit for 20 metre structure. Submissions have been sent to Moorabbin to Mordialloc Integrated Framework Plan.

MBCL Web Site

Thanks to Johanna who worked innumerable hours to upgrade the web site

You may access it @ Thanks also to Paul who dealt with the secretary’s printer problems! You may however notice a change in layout which your secretary has not yet mastered!!!

Mordialloc Creek

Letters to be written to ARCUE re concerns at some councillors claims that Phragmites (reeds)should be removed from Mordialloc Creek to provide watercraft access. Suggestions that the island, currently a wildlife refuge, should also be removed for the same reason. The creek is to be dredged to 1.5 metres below sea level to allow salt water to flow upstream. Will this effect the ecology of the proposed freshwater wetlands?

Attenborough Park

Bollards have been placed in Attenborough Park to prevent Doyles customers parking in the park on the grassed areas under the Monterey Cypresses. A metre of the park has been taken for road works after the Mordialloc Creek bridge work is completed. Groves Reserve future use is uncertain at this time.BRADSHAW PARK March working bee Friends cleared hut gutters,bagged litter, weeded, lined walking tracks with logs and branches to confine visitors to tracks. A memorial plaque to Peter Bunning has been prepared.

Bay Trail

Stages 1a and 1b have been completed up to Parkdale Yacht Club car park.Because the car park is so narrow it would make sense to continue the bike track back- of- kerb on the road verge offered by VicRoads. Vegetation along the foreshore has been affected by the drought so council’s excuse that too much vegetation would be removed if the back- of- kerb option was adopted is no longer valid.

Peter Scullin Reserve

The barbecues on the reserve have been painted a sand colour which has softened the harsh concrete blocks so out of character with the 1920/30s buildings. Council’s previous policy was that all structures should conform to that character.

Judy raised these issues with Stephen at the Village Committee meeting and was given a copy of the planting list for the Reserve (Note the planting day May 10th 9am to 1pm)

Once again the tea-trees are surviving drought conditions better than she-oaks, Banksias and eucalypts.

Waterwatch Project

A date is still to be decided to commence the water quality monitoring . Middle of May now looks promising for initial testing upstream of Wells road bridge. Mary has volunteered to assist Judy if support is required while others are away.

NQR Mediation Meeting

was held 8th April attended by 20 people. Residents were appalled by the plan to have exit/entry only from Epsom Road. This would include delivery trucks, resident vehicles, customers, rubbish removal and staff vehicles. Semi trailers delivering to NQR have trouble backing into the site at present. Vehicles travel at speed down Epsom Road after negotiating the roundabout making this a heavily trafficked dangerous corner. Johanna presented some excellent modifications to the proposal which is planning 40 units on two of the three storey development plus an Aldi supermarket.

New Residential Zones for Victoria

KRAMMED president has prepared an scathing critique of the State Government’s latest scheme to cram a million more people into Melbourne. This involves three and four storey developments in existing low rise suburban streets. Pressure for higher density development in our suburbs overlooks overloaded drainage systems, flood prone land, sea level rise affecting development on low -lying foreshore areas and loss of open space and parkland. Lack of water resources should give cause for politicians to consider a reduction in population increase. Dr Katherine Betts, Australian Population Sociologist will be speaking at the North Melbourne Library Saturday 10th May at 2pm. Dr Betts will look at Statistics and Politics-Changes in collection and definition of Australian immigration statistics over the past 10 years.

Channel Deepening

As you are probably aware dredging is soon to commence in the Yarra River. Toxic dredge sludge will be dumped in the specially constructed bund 16 kms off Mordialloc. The Greens have gained the support of Independent and Liberal State Government politicians to convene a Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance and Public Administration to inquire into the contract between Boskalis, the dredging company and POMC.The Brumby Labor Government has extended the time for submissions to the Inquiry until May 7th . Blue Wedges are recommending The story of STUFF : This is about STUFF –where it comes from, why we buy it, and where it ends up.

Land and Biodiversity 

Please find time to read fill in the proforma included . The Victorian Government has given up without ever having invested enough money into ensuring the survival of our species.Please note also the Age article about a developer operating locally.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 6th February 2008

Forthcoming Events

Mordialloc Historic Walking Trail Suggested sites of interest are being called for by 1st March. See enclosed leaflet.Friends of Kingston Heath Reserve meeting 10am April 8th Uniting Church Herald Street, Cheltenham. Environment Defenders Office Tilting at Windmills April 19 9.30am – 4.00 South Yarra Senior Citizen Centre Introduction to Planning & Environment Act 1987. Le Gym Action group meeting at the Comfort Inn Mentone Hub 7.30pm Wednesday 5 March 2008. This group would like support. Contact Martha 9583 9205.

Bay Trail

The bike path is underway with work occurring in the Bay Street car park. This has resulted in the removal of three car parking places beach side of car park. Similar work appears likely in Rennison Street car park.

Attenborough Park

Nina reports that car parking on the grass and under cypress trees is continuiung in the park from the bridge works to the toilet block. Parking correlates to level of patronage of Doyles complex – higher on Thursday to Sunday and when there are local events such as the Wine and Food Festival. Doyles van parks regularly on the site. This issue has been reported to relevant council officer who reported that law enforcement staff don’t work after 7pm when major parking irregularities occurs. This matter was also reported to Mordialloc Village committee. Warren Ashdown, Council officer attending, stated that he would deliver a report at the March Village Committee meeting to be held on Lambert Island! Community members can attend Village Committee meetings as observers.

Mordialloc Creek

A cheque has been forwarded to Melbourne Water to purchase the kit. Melanie will be contacting MBCL members who have volunteered to undertake water quality testing upstream of Wells Road bridge. Melbourne Water plans to extend wetlands between Waterways and the Wells Road bridge may impact on the program when work begins.

Yammerbook Nature Reserve Committee

Committee are seeking funding from council for Stage 2 works for the lake area to create an island sanctuary, dog pond , fencing and signage. A plan first revealed in the Independent newspaper to reshape and dredge the creek from the rail bridge to Wells Road, remove Phragmites to make it accessible for watercraft was presented to an AGRA Committee by Cr Ronke recently. The plan also proposes to realign the levee banks around the George Woods Reserve, Mordialloc College Sports grounds and Browns Reserve. Proposed dredging of the creek would mean destruction of much bank revegetation recently completed by volunteer groups, council NRA staff and funded by companies such as Alinta.

Proposals to link Yammerbook and Centre Swamp Drain by breaching the south bank of the creek to create wetlands may have some value. Cost $6 million. The island opposite Chute Street boat ramp at present a bird habitat is designated for removal.

Parkdale Yacht Club

Extension of liquor license to midnight six days a week – shorter hours Sunday is causing consternation to residents opposite on Beach Road. 16 objectors attended a mediation meeting 21 February. Johanna represented MBCL . Mentone Hotel is also applying to extend hours to 3am. Parkdale Kiosk has a liquor licence. The Ward councillor also supports Mentone Lifesaving Club having a restaurant. Parking is already a problem along Beach Road.

Recent articles in the media describes violent behaviour outside late night licensed premises.

Local Sustainability Accord

Cr West attended the sustainability meeting of officers from various councils at Kingstson’s Fujitsu premises.The Accord originated from a proposal by Andrew Booth, Environment Victoria and Cr West . Banyule Council is planning to incorporate sustainability in activity centres and emphasized biodiversity mapping involving the community!! CoK please note.

Channel Dredging

The case returns to the Federal Court 3rd/4th March when Blue Wedges legal team will present their strongest case for halting the dredging. The argument had been based on the fact that Peter Garrett, Minister for Environment, had only been in the job four days when he was asked to decide on arguments based on 15,000 pages of scientific documentation presented at the SEES panel. In effect it was argued he based his approval for dredging to commence on an assessment of provided by the Victorian Government and advice from department bureaucrats in Canberra. Contributions to the fighting fund are welcome.The bund to contain 2.6 million cubic metres of contaminated clay from the Williamstown channel will spread across six square kilometers of sea bed . Toxins from Yarra sludge will remain uncovered for 140 days until dredging is finished when it will be capped with sand. The sludge contains lead ,arsenic, mercury and organochlorines.

Parks Report

Bradshaw park would like the remnant vegetation on the rail reserve included in the care of the park and for weeds to be eradicated on the rail and highway reserves.

Kingston’s Coastal Management Plan

was released at the Foreshore Reference group meeting. It seems that tall trees are not to be planted at the end of streets to allow views for Beach Road residents. This is totally contrary to a foreshore management plan that recommended that trees be planted at end of streets in the Aspendale to Carrum stretch of foreshore!!! The Victorian National Parks Association warns that time is running out for our coastal plants and animals.VPNA is the only state wide non-government organization campaigning for the protection of Victoria’s marine and coastal biodiversity. VPNA supports community groups along the coast. Perhaps we should have a chat with this organization!.

The NQR Site Mordialloc

Another of Pace’s architectural masterpieces is to be inflicted on the public with a three storey, 40 unit, ten shops,168 underground car parking spaces Aldi supermarket on the corner of Epsom Road and Nepean Highway. Traffic congestion will be horrific. No parking for the ten shops on the highway frontage.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 6th December 2006

Happy New Year Everyone!

Let’s hope the holidays have restored energy and enthusiasm ready to step once more into the fray.
Council officers have been busy over the Christmas break working to organize a meeting to present three options to the public of proposed routes for the bike track. The options are: Council’s preferred option for a cliff top path (formalizing informal tracks according to the CEO at a media briefing), The VicRoads option (widening the traffic lanes on Beach Road to accommodate club riders at the weekend mainly), the PPCC/KCEC/MBCL option of standardizing Beach Road traffic lanes to conform with narrower lanes in Bayside and utilize the existing kerb/verge alongside Beach Road to form a shared path. This option means that the informal paths on the dune/clifftop grassed areas would continue to be available for pedestrians free of fast moving wheeled vehicles.
An article in the Age Wednesday,31″ January, “Share and share alike” quoted Mr Vincent, VicRoads claiming “they spend $8 million every year ..creating wider footpaths in outer suburbs to make space for a bike lane up the kerb, on the road side of the footpath,” Well! Well! January proved to be busy month for three MBCL members who prepared submissions and presented them to the Panel Hearing held at the Kingston Club 22nd/23rd January. We were asked to emphasize the importance of retaining the character and heritage values of Mordialloc Activity Centre and request mandatory height limits which are unfortunately likely to be four storeys in some areas especially on the east and west side of the Frankston rail line.

Coastal Vegetation of the City of Kingston

Jeff Yugovich’s research paper, July 2006, reports that “Coastal sand dunes from Bay Street south to the City boundary appears once to have supported Coast Banksia Woodland.” Regrettably only two mature Banksias remain on the foreshore south of Mordialloc Creek.

Melbourne Water Beach Outlets

A final meeting 23rd November to discuss options for removal or alteration to the outfall for the Marina Road and Ashmore Avenue drainage outlets referred to the cost of realignment to Mordialloc Creek of the Ashmore Avenue outlet versus a short outfall with a jetty over. Realignment to the north for the Marina Road drain was worth further consideration however this would bring the drain excessively close to the fragile eroding Beaumaris cliffs. Rock armour would be required to stabilize the foot of the cliffs. RW pointed out that Janice Munt MP had offered money to remove council drains in return for Council providing money for Chicquita Park. The drains referred to are Melbourne Water drains. It will cost $5 million to relocate the Marina Road drain because some Bayside residents don’t like the appearance of the drains crossing the beach.

Planning Decisions

The Pace development 6 Bear Street/89 Albert Smith, Mordialloc was refused by Council and will probably go to VCAT.
The Paintball Games Centre  Springvale Road, Aspendale is not proceeding. The application was withdrawn.
Parkdale Plaza Saga continues with the proponent not complying with VCAT directions. MW and JF are watching developments closely.
541 Main Street is rumoured to be under new management.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 7th September 2005

Rare Event! A cancelled meeting due to lack of a quorum! A combination of illnesses, prior engagements and work commitments caused the cancellation.. Never-the-less much has happened in the intervening period. Important decisions will have to be made about the sale of parks, the bike path route and landscaping of the Peter Scullin Reserve. Once again Best Wishes to family members who are unwell.

Forthcoming Events

Kingston Environment Groups Network meeting 6th October, 6.30pm at the Fujitsu Building – a presentation by Mike Hill on the Sustainability Accord. Waterkeepers Australia at the Green Building, 60 Leicester Street, Carlton Friday Nov 4 1.30pm 5pm. Worksop to explain the EPBC Act and how the referral and assessment process works. Union of Australian Women Saturday 22 October at Mordialloc Neighbourhood House, 2pm. Cost $5. Guest Speakers Caroline Hirsh and Ann Corcoran. Port Phillip Conservation Council AGM. 17 October. Guest Speaker – Doug Miller from DSE. A good opportunity for MBCL delegates to ask some pertinent questions about the proposed bike road on Kingston’ foreshore! Kingston Council have rejected a ‘back of kerb’ option according to the Leader. Watch For a forum organised by the Friends of Kingston towards the end of October when issues affecting residential amenity, sustainability, community involvement in effective decision making will be topics for discussion.


Two valuable reports have been released this month. They are The Expanding Urban Frontier: Urban Form in Melbourne’s Growth Corridors by Michael Buxton and Jan Scheurer and Sustainable Cities the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Environment and Heritage. The latter discusses such topics as Water, Building Design and Management, Transport and Urban Sprawl. Urban Sprawl is discussed also in the Buxton Report. However there is no easy answer to most of these issues. Unless the Government takes control of planning as they have done in the billion dollar re-development proposed for Dandenong. This takes planning out of the hands of local government and removes the right of third parties to object.

Healthy Rivers

Environment Victoria’s Annual report commends people committed to speaking out for their local rivers. Should MBCL speak out about Mordialloc Creek?? Waterkeepers, of which MBCL is a member will provide additional support for river advocates according to the report.

Golf course and Resort Accommodation Keysborough

Despite a stern letter from Rob Hulls stating that the State Government is “committed to protection of Melbourne’s green wedges from inappropriate development” it appears that Dandenong Council was testing the water yet again. Mr Hulls concludes his letter “I will closely monitor the progress of the application and will take appropriate action if I believed that State planning is being compromised.”

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 7th May 2003

Arrivals and Departures

During May we had a welcome visit from MBCL former President, Dr Len Warren and his wife Val who is part of a group involved in fighting high rise development on the Swan River, Perth.

In addition to Verity Hayler who flew off to Ecuador, two more MBCL jet-setters will be missing from one or two meetings. Penny is now in Canada and Brian is in Vienna visiting his family.

Any aspiring broadcasters available to present environmental matters on Southern Radio?

We really should utilise this medium to inform listeners about Melbourne 2030 and the likely impact on their residential amenity, channel deepening, the importance of dune stabilisation, etc.

Members Activities

Production of this newsletter funded through Melbourne Water’s Community Grants Scheme
Watch Out for the Blue Wedges Coalition Meeting Coming Soon!
It has been a busy month for MBCL members with Penny participating in a Coastal Native Planting Day on the foreshore at Mentone. This was organised by NRA’s Tony Collins. Thirty people turned up on the 4th May to plant and enjoy a sausage sizzle. Penny and Shirley have alerted Tony to the bank erosion below the Parkdale LSC. The erosion is exacerbated by children sliding down the bank while the mothers are sipping lattes in the cafe. Shirley and Penny are members of the Friends of Mentone Railway Station. The group hopes to prevent the gardens and significant trees being removed to make way for a bus interchange which could be sited on the eastern side of the station. Thanks to Joan, Nina, Brian, Frank and Stephen for their submissions to the Draft Master Plans for the Scullin Reserve and Attenborough Park

Draft Master Plan for the Peter Scullin Reserve and Attenborough Park

A meeting with responsible officers and councillors was requested to present additional views and seek clarification about the Reserve and Park before councillors voted on the Masterplan. There appears to be an odd reluctance to consult on this and other environmental issues, certainly at senior management level where decisions are made. Planning News, the Planning Institutes Magazine has an article this month about the importance of providing safe walking paths to encourage people to walk more. They recommend that the project should begin by consulting local residents before plans are drawn up. Similarly it could be asked why the councils own staff, who work on the foreshore and parks, were not consulted about the zarre suggestion that Moreton Bay Figs be planted in Attenborough Park when the report, Landscape Guidelines for the Mordialloc Creek Precinct, state that indigenous trees help to create wildlife corridors. Moreton Bay Figs require massive amounts of water, roots create damage, nothing will grow under them and flying foxes love the fruit.

Port Phillip & Westernport Calp

CALP have published a Regional Weed Action Plan. This is a useful document if anyone wants a copy let us know. Stephen intended to contact CALP with further suggestions for weeds which may have been overlooked. The latest CMA mail out from Doug contains a Spring Planting form for anyone interested in helping.

Port Phillip Conservation Council

At the General Meeting of PPCC Beach Box policy was passed with acceptance of the 2000 boxes around the Bay provided that the boxes are well maintained. Protection of Brighton vegetation is now an issue with tree vandals poisoning street trees to provide potential buyers with a view. Meanwhile 100 year Monterey Cypress on the Chelsea Reserve are to be destroyed because they are too close to a development built right under the canopy of the trees! The trees were there first, councillors! Roof decks are again under consideration at Bayside Council because f the inappropriate behaviour of the occupants on the roof decks. Question of the Artist’s ail signage on the foreshore which needs to be less intrusive in this sensitive area. Sand is being pumped under the collapsing balcony of Carrum Motor Yacht Club helping to stop further storm damage. Sand fences help prevent erosion at some sites south of the Creek.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 2nd April 2003

Guest Speaker – Marcus Gordinho

Members welcomed the opportunity to listen to Marcus Gordinho outline Environment Victoria’s plans to contact their 100 affiliate members to seek support in dealing with pressing environmental issues. These include dwindling water resources, climate change, old growth forest protection, waste management, native vegetation protection, channel deepening in Port Phillip Bay and the need to increase membership. Marcus warned that there is a need to restrict the number of issues undertaken so that EVs limited resources are not stretched. EV has good access to politicians and the media.


Good wishes and best of luck to Verity Hayler who leaves for Ecuador May 10th to volunteer with the World Wildlife Organisation. Brave girl!

Amendment C8/ Mordialloc Structure Plan / Melbourne 2030

The three State and local Government policies overlap and are inter-related making it difficult for residents to counteract development pressure on their residential amenity. Local government planners argue that they are under pressure to adhere to the State government’s push for higher density development in our middle ring suburbs. KRAMMED’s President. argued forcefully for improvements to Kingston Residential Strategy Amendment C8 before it was presented to Council for approval April 15. Despite assurances given to KRAMMED, applications for permission to build six three storey town houses in Carrum in an Incremental Change Area makes a mockery of the claim that increased density would occur only in areas designated for this. The Panel Hearing into Carrum’s Structure Plan approved a two storey height limit for Carrum.

Peter Scullin Reserve / Attenborough Park

These parks are part of the Mordialloc Structure Plan and are under threat from commercialisation with a kiosk proposed for Attenborough Park and the possibility of the proposed “performance space” on the Scullin Reserve transmogrifying into a sound shell at a later date leading to more frequent assaults on the ear drums for residents from over-amplified “musak” such as that suffered annually from the Wine & Food event. A third bicyle path is sited beside the exsiting three metre wide shared promenade pedestrian/bike path. The proposed third bike path would cut through the foreshore vegetation stabilising the foredune much of hich was established in 1975 to prevent erosion thus destroying years of time, money and fort by Council’s dedicated Natural Resource Area staff. Moreton Bay Fig trees are proposed for Attenborough Park thus ignoring the Landscape Guidelines for the Creek and Foreshore Precincts.Kingston & Beaumaris Bicycle Users are opposed to the third bike path.

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