Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 1st August 2001

Presentation of Volunteer Awards

Cr Van Klaveren presented Volunteer Awards to ten MBCL members and thanked them for their participation over three decades in some cases! Special mention should be made of Mara who was one of the original MBCL members and also Frank, our long suffering treasurer and Ron, a stalwart worker for the environment in many local areas.

Guest Speaker – Janelle

Janelle, KRAMMED President, presented a comprehensive review of ResCode and how it will impact particularly on Mordialloc, designated by council as an area of ‘increased diversity’ in fact increased ‘density’ would be a more apt description. We are grateful to KRAMMED members and Janelle in particular for the incredible amount of work she devotes to protecting our neighbourhoods. from rapacious developments.

The Parks

Drill’s Land concept plan was formerly accepted and will be presented to Melbourne Water at the meeting August 14. À list of plants suitable for the site has been prepared by CRAG. Forty possum and bird boxes donated by individuals have been installed in Bradshaw Park. The Grange has had a planting day with Year 7 students from Westall College. Year 9 students planted grasses and also interact with American students on internet. Braeside Park has also been planting grasses. The Age reported that a rare lily was found in the Braeside wetlands by ‘sharp-eyed Damien Cook. The lily had not been recorded since 1903. It is a woolly water lily, Phylydrum lanuginosum. Alistair Kellock was guest speaker at AGM August 19, “Can we afford the green wedge??

Port Phillip Conservation Council

Stephen presented the PPCC newsletter and copy of PPCC President’s letter to the Kingston CEO re the need to protect foreshore vegetation for the enjoyment of all Victorians and not just the new arrivals living along Beach Road. The deepening of the shipping channels in the Bay continues to cause concern because of the possible increase in the tide levels. PPCC AGM 15 October. Murray Thompson MP will be guest speaker. Observers may attend.

Update on Council

Cr van Klaveren presented an update on council funding for parks and reserves. Johanna has successfully had funding allocated for Drill’s Land – $50,000. Doug Denyer Reserve- $65,000. Street tree planting is continuing. The footbridge near Wells Road has been completed.

Other Business

Mara presented a letter and asked for letters to be sent in support of the elderly Ocean Grove couple who are being sued by a developer for comments made in their submission in regard to his inappropriate development. KRAMMED and MBCL have responded with letters to the Premier and Planning Minister.

Frankston Foreshore Developments

Andrew reported that Frankston Council has approved a revolving restaurant on their foreshore. So much for the Victorian Coastal Council recommendations that commercial activities such as restaurants should be set back as far as possible from the foreshore or on alternative sites wherever possible. Andrew regards the current controversy over painted bike lanes in Station Street, Aspendale, as an example of motorists selfishness in not wanting to share the roadway.

‘Lil Bon Fire Barbecues

Joan gave an example of a potential air pollution problem especially for residents who are crammed into multi-unit dwellings throughout Kingston. Portable outdoor ‘fireplaces’ burn slowly using wood or heatbeads. Given that incinerators are banned and internal wood fires are frowned upon by the EPA it is curious why these devices are allowed.

VCAT Hearing Biosolids Landfilled at Woodlands

The Hearing commenced August 6th – 8th and the decision was given 10th August to issue the Planning Permit to allow 143,500 cubic metres of sewage sludge to be deposited in the borrow pit. Melbourne Water was represented by Jeremy Gobbo QC and the EPA, who initially wasn’t to appear, was represented by Simon Molesworth QC,one time president of PPCC! MBCL/KCEC were represented by our Barrister who was excellent in cross examining Special Witness, Nick Withers no less, as well as others. Our Special Witness claimed in his report that clay lining will break down over a period of time allowing leaching from the borrow pit. Jeremy Gobbo, in summing up, actually said that this project was’novel’. Nick Withers, under Debra’s cross examination, stated that he had not worked on a project such as this previously and that it ‘fell outside any regulatory framework! Simon Molesworth was scathing over Council’s failure to have objected to the Work’s Approval and failing to provde a special witness. Was council really serious in taking this matter to VCAT? One wonders.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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