Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 4th February 2004

Forthcoming Events

Clean Ocean Foundation is staging a bike ride to highlight the need for improved treatment for 142 ocean outfalls around the country. The riders will reach Mordialloc 6th March. MBCL has been asked to greet and speak to riders. Anyone interested to meet and greet riders? The riders are the third generation of activists.
Power to the People forum at Darebin Arts Centre March 30th. Has the electricity industry restructuring benefited consumers? PH. 9 347 2233
Conversation with Carmen Lawrence Queen Victoria’s Women’s Centre Friday 12th March Contact UAW Ph. 9 654 7409 if interested.
Inquiry into Sustainable Cities 2025 March 16th. Free public hearing 10.30am-4.30pm Roundtable 5.00pm-6.30pm at Parliament House, Spring Street.
March 16th. SAVE THE BAY! Alternatives to Channel Deepening Melbourne Lower Town Hall 7.30 Key Note Speaker Dr Graham Harris CSIRO. Rod Quantock MC.
Blue Wedge Meeting Chelsea Library March 2nd 3pm. Come and meet the dynamic crowd working to save our Bay!
Port Phillip & Westernport Catchment Management Authority is seeking details of one our groups “Success Stories”. Deadline March 31st. Any takers?

Sale of Small Parks in Clarinda

Both MBCL and KCEC members presented submissions to Council urging the retention of the parks because they are easily accessible for the elderly, children and disabled residents who are nervous about crossing busy major roads. The parks were developer contributions in lieu of funds when residential development was underway in Clarinda. The Minister for Local Government was approached by Council for approval to sell the parks. The money from the sale is to be used to fund a multicultural centre in Clarinda shopping strip. Council had agreed to an assessment of Kingston’s open space needs. We argued that the parks shouldn’t have been sold until the assessment was concluded. Criticism also of the consultation process whereby both MBCL and KCEC were invited to speak to their submissions when the decision to sell was already agreed upon.

Edithvale Common

January 2002 Melbourne Water declared the common surplus to requirements, The land is subject to flooding and if used as a football oval with social functions held under lights, or in the club house at night, will create disturbance to the nearby RAMSAR listed Edithvale Wetlands. Submissions supporting the FOESW objections have been dispatched.

541 Main Street, Mordialloc

Stirling work by Nina & Brian in organising letter boxing, leaflet handout in Main Street and lobbying politicians. Thanks to those who assisted in this time consuming activity. Over 600 signatures have been collected, compiled and sent to the Minister’s electorate office. Individuals who have been letter boxed are also sending the leaflets to Delahunty’s office. Next, watch out for the daring placard wavers alerting the public that their neighbourhood could be next to find five storeys or higher in their coastal village. The VCAT Hearing commences 22 March. Please find time to attend the Hearing and lend support to the submitters.

Peter Scullin Reserve

KCEC combined with MBCL to support Brian’s car parking re-org of the creek car park. It was designed to remove the need to convert a large section of the Hazel Pierce Park to bitumen. Officers at the meeting agreed to consider the altern- ative design and report. Peter Scullin, former Mordialloc Councillor after whom the park was named, expressed a desire to be kept informed of the outcome.

Skateboard Park

Again thanks are due to Brian and Nina for pointing out to the committee the environmental harm of siting this facility in environmentally significant areas such as the foreshore and some sections of the north bank of the creek. Unfortunately, the site chosen is part of Attenborough Park. Considerable time and money has been spent by Council in drawing up a Master Plan for the park intended for revegetation as a passive recreation area – not a site for a skateboard facility. The most suitable site would have been the Jack Grut Reserve site of a previous skateboard facility. There will be an opportunity for public consultation before the final decision is made.

Epsom Housing Estate

Nina reported that in January there was red algae in the wetland section with litter in and around the wetland. There are weeds amongst the plantings. The Herb Rich Plains Grasslands are now disected by two concrete slatted board-walks. The Grasslands were very pretty with mixed grasses and wild flowers including many nodding heads and Trachymene (Wild Parsnips). Litter also in this area with a weedy, disturbed section near one of the board walks.

Woodlands Industrial Estate

Filling of Lake I has been completed, capped and the shallow cap filled with water to create a wetland.. A drain will flow through to improve drainage water flowing into the creek. We would be interested to know whether it is intended to regularly monitor the water quality to ascertain the success of this Melbourne Water project.

Bin It or Swim in It

Penny reported on the launching of the Kingston version of this campaign on Mordialloc foreshore in January. Those of us who attended found it a worth- while presentation with small ash tray give aways. Penny also reported on vandalism at the Mentone Station shelters and environs. Problems of adolescents not having alternative forms of entertainment?

Chicquia Park Panel report

The Report, to our relief, was favourable in that a number of conditions were presented which Council will be required to comply with before any development can occur. These are a Native Vegetation Conservation & Regeneration Plan and a Public Open Space Evaluation. The studies are to be implemented with due expedition. Well Done Friends of Chicquita Park and their many supporters and well wishers!

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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