Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 2nd March 2022


Summer Edition of Kingston Residents Association, Brad Lewis report received.

Kingston Conservation and Environment Coalition

Consumer Affairs have been contacted and KCEC is dormant at the moment and as Stephen is retiring as the Treasurer it was suggested that KCEC funds be transferred to MBCL and the money used for donations to other groups. This is allowable if donating to a similar group and under $10,000 There was no decision made.

Peter Scullin Reserve

Plans have been altered but unavailable. Will ask Tristan Smith Senior Landscape Architect to bring them to the April Meeting.

Mentone Lifesaving Club

Letter to Age/local paper regarding removal of cliff and extension of footprint.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 5th October 2011

Busy Month

Another Busy Month for Members with meetings accumulating. Mordialloc Creek Master Plan released for public comment. Concern about a proposed bridge from the Hazel Pierce Reserve to Lambert Island may increase vandalism of expensive yachts if the bridge permits public access to the island.The seascouts should remain on the island despite plans to relocate them. Obstruction of the view from the road bridge and Doyle’s deck along the creek to the Bay is worrying aspect. The relocation of the proposed large regional playground from the Arboretum to the present small playground with toilets, a bus stop and car parking adjacent makes sense to most people.Discussion about the future of the Pompei shed. Could funds be found to create a boat building -training school with a three-way funding scheme e.g. Government, council and tertiary education? Consultants favourable comments on Arboretum in George Woods Reserve:: Existing and established indigenous and exotic trees improve the aesthetic and ecological value of the park.

Kingston Conservation and Environment Coalition AGM

KCEC AGM 19lh October was devoted to the Kingston Green Wedge Plan. Cr Staikos gave a comprehensive description of important features of the plan, followed by Ken Carney ,AGRA president and then David Madill from Dingley Residents Association. Five Kingston Councillors were present.

Meeting at Mordialloc Neighbourhood House 3rd November from 1pm to 3pm to workshop Green Wedge submissions. Meetings also at Dingley International Hotel organized by the consultants and council for stakeholders input.


Bronwen reports that the last water quality tests in Mordialloc Creek at Bowen Road revealed high salt levels. Discussion continuing regarding funding for this program. Melbourne Water introduced a Water Initiatives 2050: an Integrated Water Management Strategy for Melbourne’s South East at Kingston Council 20 October. The strategy’s objectives are to : Provide customer choice, optimise resources and infrastructure , improve the health of waterways and the water environment (including groundwater) and create community value. Nina and Wal attended this meeting. Submissions are invited.

Bay Trail

At the September council meeting Cr Dundas presented a fifth option for the Bay Trail at the last minute—his preferred promenade option. This option hadn’t been seen by other councillors. Despite this and the fact that independent engineering studies condemned this route as being too dangerous, five councillors voted in favour of the fifth option. To counteract this farce Cr West successfully presented a proposal to begin the Kingston section of the Bay Trail at Charman Road back-of-kerb to Munday Street. This was passed amidst applause from the gallery! We appreciate Rod’s work on this ongoing saga. Letter to Ed once again nat printed/

The James Report (in lieu of Collins report).

Lee was apprised of water skiing on Yammerbook Lake. Nina reports that council has no jurisdiction over Melbourne Water land. By Laws Officers don’t operate at weekends when this activity occurs. Ken Carney, AGRA, has been informed. and is negotiating with MW and council for council to take over management of this area and for By laws Officers to operate at weekends.

Chicquita lawn area is to be completed.

The Grange had a successful Open Day with planting of 400 plants and new members attending.

NRA have a new trainee. Bede is continuing in the role of Tree Establishment Supervisor.

Dead trees have been removed from the Hazel Pierce Reserve.

Concern that there appears to be an avenue of trees shown in the Mordialloc Creek Master Plan along the bank of the creek on the promenade path.

60 trees have been removed along the Long Beach Trail to Patterson River. Claimed that tree roots were blocking the secondary drain.This will detract from the pleasure of riding or walking along the trail where the trees were such a feature.

CONDOLENCES at the death of Professor Michael Buxton’s father, Malcolm at 90 years of age. Both Malcolm and Michael were City of Mordialloc councillors in the 1970s and with other councillors, successfully opposed a marina being built at the foot of Charman Road and later opposed two pipelines crossing the Bay.

Thanks to Geoffrey Goode, PPCC, for passing this information on via Nina.

Sustainable Transport

MBCL was invited by Environment Victoria^Leicester Street, 13 October to a forum on sustainable transport. The State Government has cut EV funding for this project which they have been working on for ten years. Those in attendance were a rep from VICOSS, GAMUT from Melbourne University, VLGA president who is also a councillor: from Yarra Ranges, a resident rep from Ballarat, Paul Prentice from Friends of Merri Creek and your secretary. Discussion on how EV can continue to assist volunteer groups to achieve sustainable transport.

Environment Effect State Process in Victoria

Report has been received. Interesting to note that the second (SEES)Panel Hearing into dredging of Port Phillip Bay shipping channels came into severe criticism about its failure to allow questioning of POMC’s expert witnesses. Chairman Alan Hawke said this should not happen again. Brad Jessop, a young lawyer who was one of POMC’s team during the first EES, has carried out an extensive study of the second SEES and is also critical. Blue Wedges is quoted frequently. Even MBCL gets a mention!

Western Port And Peninsula Protection Council

Western Port and Peninsula Protection Council is turning 40 this year and so is RAMSAR. Celebrations are occurring 27th October at Somers Yacht Club. WPPC was a foundation member of Blue Wedges and is continuing in their campaign to protect Westernport from becoming the “Ruhr of Victora” -the aim of Premier Bolte in 1967.

Recycling Opportunities in Kingston

Liz has prepared a useful list of sites for you to recycle a variety of used items. Check KCC’s website or Planet Ark’s website.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 6th July 2011

Bay Trail

Cadel Evan’s victory in the Tour de France was fantastic to watch as riders climbed mountains and sprinted to the finish in spectacular French scenery. A team of Australian cyclists are hoping to compete in next year’s Tour de France and it is expected that Evans will take part in the Round the Bay competition in October. It is also reported that people were purchasing bikes and seeking safe training and recreational tracks inspired by Evan’s success. Although Lord Mayor Doyle claimed that Melbourne is a “true bicycle city” he seems to be describing the centre of Melbourne rather than the outer suburbs. Kingston lacks the completion of a safe off -road bike track unlike Bayside whose section of their off-road trail is soon to be completed. It is unfortunate that Cr Dundas ,in the Kingston Your City paper misleadingly described an off-road(back-of-kerb) bike track. His preference is to continue to use the narrow Mentone promenade for a shared bicycle/pedestrian unfortunately.With increased numbers of cyclists seeking to train, it is important to continue with the ban on parking on Beach Road between 6am and 10 am on Saturday and Sunday mornings to improve safety for the cyclists and reduce aggression shown by motorists towards training cyclists.A letter has been sent to Louise Asher, Liberal Member for Brighton, seeking her support for the completion of the Beach Road off-road bike trail.

Mordialloc Creek Advisory Committee 

MBCL been invited to be part of the advisory committee in meetings in November, March and July. Dredging has commenced behind and around Lambert’s Island in the creek. Next year dredging is to continue upstream to the Chute Street boat ramp.Sea Scouts do not want to be removed from their club on the island.


Bronwen , Anne and Darren continue with water quality monitoring of Mordialloc Creek at Bowen Road.

South East Green Wedge

Walter reported on a battle to retain Kingston’s green wedge as a Chain of Parks now under threat from the Baillieu government’s auditing of Melbournne’s green wedges with developers seeking to annexe land for high density development. Capital Golf course may become a golf course housing estate. Barry Ross, on behalf of the SEGW , has had wins at VCAT with large signs removed from the Anchor Marine site.

Inquiry into Greenfields Mineral Exploration and Project Development in Victoria

The State Government is conducting an inquiry into barriers against greenfields mineral exploration in Victoria. Exploration is taking place throughout Victoria including the Otways, Ninety Mile Beach, the Strezleckie Ranges, Red Gum Forests along the Murray irrespective of the importance of these areas for carbon sequestration and tourist value. Coal seam gas mining uses vast quantities of groundwater as well as polluting aquifers and rivers with waste water. MBCL has completed a submission. Copies are available for anyone is interested – or better still send in a submission – due 19th August.

Foreign Ownership of Agricultural Land and Water Rights

The sale of large acreages of fertile farmland and control of water rights threatens our food and water security. Countries around the world recognize that natural assets such as water and food producing land will be most valuable in coming decades so why is the federal government selling 252,000 ha to a Canadian company, Alberta? MBCL has sent a letter to Bill Shorten, Assistant Treasurer regarding this matter. The more letters sent the better.

Australia’s Network

Australia’s Network will be unable to fulfil its role in advancing the interests of Australia overseas if it is run by a commercial network. Murdoch has tendered for control of the Australian Broadcasting Network (ABC). A letter has been sent to our federal member, Mark Dreyfus after Friends of the ABC alerted us to this situation. They would welcome more letters to ensure the network remains in ABC hands.

Bradshaw Park

Park fence has been completed with steel coloured mesh attached to the existing fairly low fence. It may prevent rubbish from the highway blowing into the Reserve.

The Mentone and Mordialloc Village Committee were asked to decide whether the Reserve should become a dog free zone as suggested by Friends of Bradshaw Park. It has been claimed that dog faeces and urine affects indigenous plants. However this was discounted by Prof. Ugovich, and Mordialloc Village Committee decided to let Friends of Bradshaw Park make the final decision.

Climate Change and Biodiversity Reference Group

The final meeting will be held 24th August. A questionnaire has been sent to members asking for comments on the format of meetings, should this committee continue in its present form and a possible expansion of membership. It is important that the CCBRG continues with recommendations put to council to ensure that some action is taken.A widened membership may help spread important messages in the community.

Mordialloc Creek

Nina reports that a productive working bee on Saturday morning 2nd July planted Swamp Melaleucas, Hop Gardenias, Wallaby Grass, Common Tussock Grass. Pleasing to note that Cr Dan Maloney came to lend a hand!

Mordialloc Masonic Hall

Masonic Hall in a serious state of disrepair with steps and columns crumbling, litter dumped in the entrance and around the building. Is this building Heritage listed?

Surely it is worth repairing as some form of community centre and/or a venue for dance classes which are always short of a hall to rehearse.

Kingston Conservation and Environment Coalition

KCEC will meet next Wednesday 10th August at 7.30pm at Neighbourhood House. Several speakers will form a panel to discuss Kingston’s section of the Bike Trail.The Grange. Annual General Meeting at which Rob Jones spoke. Did he recite poetry like he used to? More orchids are being discovered. Unfortunately the smell from the tip is unpleasant.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 13th June 2010


Sadly we report the death of Ron Pearson, a long standing member of MBCL and a number of other environment groups including Braeside Park where he was a regular member of the plant propogation group. His vast knowledge of Australian plants was of great assistance to MBCL in encouraging council to introduce indigenous plants in revegetation projects along the foreshore.

Paul Michael Walsh, partner to Johanna van Klaveren, died suddenly 18th June. Paul was a great reader and brilliant with IT in all its manifestations.He will be sadly missed and not only by his work colleagues.

Return of Intrepid Travelers

Three MBCL members were away in May roistering in Scotland and Europe. Your secretary was impressed with the excellent rail transport in Europe where it is possible to board a train in East Berlin and travel at 200 kms per hour to Schipol air port in Holland -and Victoria isn’t any closer to having a rail line to Tullamarine. Bicycle paths are well used in car free streets with three year olds confidently riding two wheelers alongside their parents. No tower blocks in the heart of the old cities – heritage buildings are jealously preserved.

Climate Change Forum

April 18th was successful with three interesting speakers. Phillip Wierzbowski, from Coast Care Coast Action spoke about pressures on the coast at a time of climate change, Ray Lewis, Care Rickett’s Point spoke, also Lee Halkias , Kingston’s Foreshore Coordinator outlined the NRA teams work and the help which volunteers can give.

Mordialloc Creek Draft Master Plan

The draft master plan for Mordialloc Creek has been released and contains many spelling errors as well as regurgitating discredited plans from previous studies e.g. replacing Canary Island Palms in the Hazel Pierce Reserve after council removed palms a decade ago! Boat owners and users would rather see money spent on maintenance of collapsing walls and mooring posts. Creek also requires dredging urgently. Unnecessary removal of a playground in George Woods Reserve and replacing it with a larger one in the Arboretum is concerning and unnecessary.

Bay Trail

The Mayor Steve Staikos has spoken to the Minister for Roads, Tim Pallas, who will consider three options for the bike track- one along the existing promenade, the cliff top option and MBCL preferred option, back of kerb.Beaumaris Conservation Society has forwarded their preferred option to Minister Pallas also. This involved narrowing lanes in Beach Road between Cromer Road and Charman Road.

VCAT Hearing

VCAT HEARING re 9 Bear Street 4th June. Johanna, Nina and Joanne, outlined the flaws in this poorly, designed unit development at the corner of Bear and Albert Street, Mordialloc. Traffic congestion will occur since the sole entry/ exit point for vehicles is onto busy Albert Street.

Proposed development of the timber yards with 96 units plus shops in Albert Street /Park Street will add to traffic congestion. Concern that Heritage documents are now not kept at the library making it difficult when they could be used in the preparation of VCAT Hearings.Suggest MBCL contact Heritage experts (June Horner?) for advice.

Kingston Conservation & Environment Coalition

Future aims of KCEC were discussed. KCEC could be a “talking post’ keeping members in the loop if immediate action was required and inform members about planting days. KCEC could   organizine speakers when relevant and check with Bayside Council about their proposal to establish and eco-centre.

Dingley Overpass

Dingley Arterial to go ahead through part of the Coomora Reserve. Cr West moved in council that traffic be moved onto Heatherton Road to save market gardens. The extension of Mornington Freeway is being constructed through the Flora and Fauna Reserve.

Working Bee at Epsom Estate

Nina believes that constant changes in council NRA staff means that a working relationship has not been built up on the Epsom Estate to interest residents in protecting the 4 hectares of Herb-rich Grassy Wetland saved from the original 11 hectares prior to destruction by developers.

Bradshaw Park Bushland

Since the new, low, open fence was installed early February 2010 litter is blowing into the reserve and walkers with/without dogs clamber over and under the fence and trample the vegetation. Many walkers don’t bother to use access points as was predicted. Working bee on 15th June.

Yammerbook Nature Reserve

Planting bee near the northern lake edge 10 April 2010. The interpretive sign which Nina researched and contributed to seems to be on hold.

St Nicholas Church Mordialloc

St Nicholas Church Mordialloc is undergoing changes with a new entry on Barkly Street frontage, and extension at rear for a new hall. Historic architecture such as window arches may be demolished. Some internal features have gone. This is where a firm heritage policy would be helpful.

Mordialloc Creek Low Water Low Water Flow

Boat hire business is unable to launch boats unless it is high tide. This is due partly to a build up of silt and lack of dredging. Staff at the ETP claim that the weir at Pillar’s Crossing is open and allows 200 megalitres per day to flow into the creek. Question is this enough? How much flows down Patterson River to keep the National Water Centre afloat? How much is absorbed ,or is evaporated in Waterways Wetlands? Lack of rain means little water flows in through Heatherton and Settlement drains. Rather than beautification of the creeks the boat owners/users want money spent on dredging and improving water quality in the creek.

Kingston Green Wedge Memorandum of Understanding is Available for Comment

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 3rd March 2010

Meetings Attended

Nina and Mary attended a stakeholders meeting with council Urban Designer Munir Vahanvati and consultants Taylor Cullity Lethlean re Mordialloc Creek Masterplan. Major – is a bridge being planned for the island ? Walter and Mary met with Tim at Melbourne Town Hall to discuss local government’s loss of planning control. Lord Mayor Doyle has expressed concern about this matter. Cr West organized a meeting with Jonathan, Munir,Fiona and another Tim to argue our case for a back of kerb bike track. Three MBCL members attended the National AGM of Sustainable Population Australia to hear Drs Bob Birrell and Ernest Healy explain how an ever increasing migrant intake will increase greenhouse emissions making it impossible for Australia to achieve a decrease in emissions of 2%.


Submission were invited March 31 for a State Inquiry into the Environmental Effects Statement and a Federal Government review of Native Vegetation.


Received from Melbourne Water (Chris Chesterfield) in response to a letter sent in January concerning the condition of the Woodlands Wetlands, Braeside. The letter was based on an inspection by Nina and Brian with a query in our letter about the need for monitoring the water flowing through the wetlands into Mordiallc Creek. While thanking Brian and Nina for playing an active role and keeping Melbourne Water informed, there is an invitation for community participation and monitoring “if there is local interest in water quality results particularly given some of the biodiversity values of the area such as the Red Gum woodlands”

Something for MBCL to think about.

Coast Care Coast Action

Planning for the Future of our Foreshore Forum April 18 at the Mordialloc Lifesaving Club 1.45pm-4pm is progressing satisfactorily with three speakers :-   DSE Coast Care Coast Action rep Phillip Wierzbowski, Ray Lewis, Marine Care Ricketts Point and Lee Halkias ,Kingston’s Foreshore Coordinator . Slides, brochures, questions, afternoon tea .

Come along with family and friends and hear about climate change and work by volunteers to stabilize the foreshore.

Bradshaw Park Feral Proof Fencing

FERAL proof fencing was replaced in January with a low post and rail fence much to the surprise and dismay of members and general public. It was claimed that the high cyclone fence was unsightly, needed to be replaced and wasn’t keeping out foxes, cats and rabbits.At a meeting to discuss the issue it was agreed that the situation would be monitored and after six months cyclone netting could be attached to the new fence which would at least prevent some of the rubbish from being blown into the park from the highway.However there have been reports of people not using entrances and leaving rubbish lying around. The danger is that carefully nurtured indigenous plants will be trampled and destroyed after years of work by Friends of Bradshaw Park. Mordialloc Village Committee members were advised that a path would be constructed from the railway line to the highway on the northern boundary of the park.

Removal of Playground Equipment

Removal of playground equipment from eight small parks and relocated where it would of greater use raised the issue of what would happen to the parks once decommissioned given the record of sale of parks by both former Mordialloc Council and later Kingston Council. e.g.Chicquita Park. (Mordialloc Council once considered selling Bradshaw Park and others) MBCL asked that the small parks be retained and planted with trees to reduce the heat island effect, or community gardens for public use. Council is not planning to sell the parks at present we are informed. One to watch!

Natural Resource Area

Lee reported on attendance at a Catchment Authority Conference. Nine Catchment Authorities are to be combined into five entities.An electrical company has donated $30,000 for work on and around Mordialloc Creek, Living Links will be involved. Jeff Yugovich has researched the creek banks and supplied a planting program.

Kingston Conservation & Environment Coalition

KCEC received a letter from a resident who was concerned about the use of Roundup to remove weeds. David explained the use of this product and glysophate. It was suggested that the resident write to CSIRO for further information.


Timber yard buildings will be removed prior to mixed use development from Bear Street to the creek along Albert Street. Bear Street unit development goes to VCAT June 4. The Pace development corner Epsom Road and Nepean Highway is proceeding with the two level underground car park being excavated. Entrance for the resident’s 38 vehicles on the lower level will be extremely steep. Consultation for redevelopment of Cheltenham shopping centre is soon to occur if anyone is interested.

Bay Trail

Council planners have been beavering away at plans for the remaining section of bike path from Parkdale yacht Club to Charman Road.Cr West ,Stephen and your secretary carried out an inspection of vegetation, car parks and difficult sections prior to meeting with the planners 31 March. Our preference is back of kerb which is certainly possible for most of the remaining sections. Biosis’s high tree count three years ago made tree removal an issue but the drought has decimated much vegetation most of which was planted in 1975. Casuarinas and Banksias are most important according to Biosis. Tea-tree, coast wattle and boobialla regenerates quite rapidly if removed. It seemed to be a productive meeting. Let’s hope some of our recommendations will be taken on board.


March has been a frantically busy month for all of us. It is wonderful to have members who are so ready to undertake tasks and share the load. Special thanks to Bronwen who has taken care of leaflets and posters advertising the April 18 Forum. The Mordialloc Lifesaving Club has been renovated and will be an excellent venue. Ray Lewis’s slide show is well worth viewing and Phillip also has informative material.      

Easter Greeting to All

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 2nd December 2009

Happy New Year To All

Trust that a wonderful break has been enjoyed and all are refreshed ready for an eventful year ahead with an election pending.A review of the Planning & Environment Act will have serious repercussions for local government and the community’s protection of residential and environment amenity so be prepared for action!

On a brighter note , congratulations to Brian on his marriage to Pat . MBCL members were honored to be invited guests to a charming wedding and reception.

A speedy recovery to Pat Millsom who is having a spell in hospital.


Correspondence has been received from Tom Whitfield on Carbon Trading , Sustainabilty and Fuel Reduction. Letter to Robert Doyle from W.Grahame. Minutes of Friends of Bradshaw Park and Friends of Kingston Heath Reserve..

Forthcoming Event

Friends of Mordialloc Catchment and Friends of Kingston Heath will combine for Plant Propagation at Bonbeach Depot Nursery Saturday 6th February 10.00am – Mobile 0438 354 491


Prime Minister Rudd’s acceptance of a population for Australia of 35 million is finally being subjected to scrutiny in the media. The Federal Labor Member Wills, Kelvin Thomson, has a 14 point plan to stabilize Australia’s population at 74 million with the refugee intake at 20,000 per annum an increase from the present approx 13,700. He suggested that letters be sent to three politicians from each of the three parties and include his 14 point plan. As he says it will make it virtually impossible to reduce greenhouse emissions if the population increases.

The ageing population argument used by Rudd to justify increasing the migrant intake can also be dismissed as migrants will also age.


Waterwatch is continuing this year with another member, Bronwen, volunteering for training. Brian undertook an investigation of the Yammerbook lakes site where lack of plant growth had been noted on the water and soil areas close to the water’s edge.Testing for water pH and acid sulphate soil.revealed quite alkaline results and acidity in bare sandy soil 3-4 metres from the water. Results have been passed on to Tony Collins. An excellent piece of scientific investigation! Tony reported that council is looking at plans to extend Yammerbook wetlands.

Wal congratulated Tony on the extension of the wetlands at Epsom residential estate.

Foreshore Encroachments

Foreshore encroachments at North Aspendale are a continuing problem as residents extend their gardens and infrastructure onto the dune system. Trail bikes are becoming a problem on shared paths particularly along the creek banks and Long Beach Trail. Council is considering installing gates where possible on shared tracks. Meanwhile ring the police if offenders are seen.

Namatjira Park wetlands are being reorganized.

Coast Care Coast Action

A decision will need to be made if the forum proposed for March is to go ahead as it will need to be advertised well in advance. It would be helpful if the State Government’s report on the impact of climate change on Port Phillip Bay and associated development was released. However recent scientific studies of melting ice shelves in the Arctic and Antarctic suggest that sea level rise is inevitable.

Woodlands Wetlands

Nina and Brian report that the three lakes are in need of attention because of weed growth, introduction of carp into the lakes and bow and arrow hunting of rabbits to name some of the nefarious activities occurring in and around the wetlands. Letters have been sent to Melbourne Water CEO alerting him to this matter.

Mordialloc Creek and Environs Master Plans

are underway and for once it seems that council is prepared to accept suggestions from the community before plans are presented fait accompli! A Munir Vahanvati ,Urban Designer at Kingston Council is the person to whom ideas could be addressed. Unfortunately the old chestnut, like a bridge over the creek to the island from Hazel Pierce Reserve, is likely to be on the agenda once again. Apart from restricting passage of water craft, access to the island would result in continued vandalism of moored boats. Also important to stress the impact of climate change and sea level rise in case there are plans to increase infrastructure around the creek environs.

Bay Trail

Cr West organized a meeting with Bayside and Kingston Mayors, Bayside Conservation Society and MBCL reps to discuss a workable coordinated plan for the completion of Bayside’s section of the track and connection with the Kingston stretch at Charman Road. Despite all present being drenched in a cloud burst positive ideas emerged.

Kingston Conservation and Environment Coalition

Issues to be discussed will include Statement of purpose, constitution, fees, Friends Groups involvement,

Initially will meet after MBCL meeting but depending on the issue and/or interest of other groups may meet at another venue. Will KCEC make the running with the Coast Care Coast Action forum for example?

Business as Usual?

while making a minimum reduction of 5% in greenhouse emissions. Authors who have addressed this issue are David Spratt , Climate Code Red : the case for emergency action. He states that ‘politics as usual’ and ‘business as usual’ is incompatible with how much we can ‘safely’ emit.

Tony Kevin is author of Crunch time in which he claims that ‘our political elites refuse to make rational policy connections between the economy and the natural environment …. Instead disruptive global warming has now been rolled into a policy siding as the national policy train roars on in desperate pursuit of revived economic prosperity.” And our Planning Minister, Justin Madden, would like to remove the ‘environment’ from the Planning and Environment Act in the current review!!! Please find time to make a submission due February 12th.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 7th October 2009

Forthcoming Events

Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc Annual General Meeting 16th November, 8.00 pm at 47 Bayview Crescent, Black Rock.

Friends of Edithvale Seaford Wetlands Inc Wetlands Discovery Day Sunday November 22nd 11.00 – 3.00 Duck Inn Edithvale Common also a Wetlands Photography and Art Competition. Walk Against Warming.12 pm, 12 December 2009, State Library, Swanston Street, Melbourne.

Mordialloc Neighbour House 19th November Guest Speaker: Associate Professor, Michael Buxton School of Social Science & Planning RMIT. 7.30 pm.

MBCL’s Celebratory and Thank You Barbecue

25th October was well represented by former Mordialloc mayor & councillors, Peter Scullin & Michael Buxton, current councillors, a Coast Care Coast Action rep, seven former MBCL presidents and many stalwart members who have supported MBCL through demanding conservation campaigns over the last forty years. A major victory in 1975 was the prevention of DVA concreting Mordialloc Creek resulting today in a restful wildlife corridor for our enjoyment .

Mordialloc Creek (Mordialloc Catchment)

Friends of Mordialloc Creek’s task on Saturday 3rd October was weeding a section of vegetation on the north bank along old Wells Road. The bush crew have adopted the Bradley method of vegetation consolidating good areas and working outwards.

Coomoora Woodlands

A campaign has been launched to try and save the reserve threatened by the Dingley freeway extension which will destroy a third of the Reserve. The Reserve contains many indigenous species and mature trees. Two scar trees and an Aboriginal mound are just outside the Reserve. Rosemary, Wal, Nina and Brian attended the meeting.

Bayside Environmental Friends Network Coordination

Barbara Jakob was invited by council to bring together 17 friends groups, schools,land care groups, foreshore protectors and climate change campaigners. Barbara explained how she manages to coordinate activities such as planting sessions, trail paths, plant information events and discovery days involving. schools, traders and women’s groups.Encouraging young members is important.

Kingston Conservation and Environmental Coalition

KCEC is still waiting for Kingston Council to establish a climate change group as promised when the Kingston Foreshore Reference Group was abandoned by Council. Federal Government’s report on the impact of climate change on coastlines around Australia should make interesting reading for local government planners and developers.Buyer beware???

Is Kingston Council considering climate change when drawing up landscape plans for the mouth of Mordialloc Creek, the island, Hazel Pierce Park and Pompei site???

Centreway Mordialloc

Landscaping is almost completed with Banksias planted but unfortunately other plants installed are not indigenous to the area .Indigenous planting was designed to create a link between the station forecourt and the foreshore.,

Major Transport Projects Facilitation Bill

Major Transport Projects Faciliation Bill passed through parliament. Although referring to transport the exemptions can also apply to eleven pieces of legislation (ACTs) including Coastal Management, Conservation Forests and Lands, Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act and others. The Planning Minister effectively becomes the decision maker. This may have an impact on the EPBC Act also. Nina attended the EDO transport policy meeting.

DPCDS Population Forum

27th October was attended by Walter G. and Jill Quirk at Glen Waverley. Wal also reported on the latest moves at Wonthaggi where the local hotel is being purchased by the Govt? or developer? to house the desal workers!

Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron Extension

Ironically MBCL came into existence because of a marina proposal in Beaumaris Bay in 1969. This was refused by Mordialloc Council when Jack Iggulden exposed a fraudulent survey being carried out by the developer. Now BMYS plans to fill the Bay with a massive bluestone wall, hard stands against and as high as Beaumaris Red Bluff cliffs plus a new club house. BMYS has written to Planning Minister Madden asking that an EES not be required for this development. PPCC, MBCL and Beaumaris Conservation Society have all written to the Minister requesting the there is a need for an EES because of the significance of the fossil bearing cliffs, cultural significance because of the Heidelberg painters and, of course, Aboriginal sites and waterholes along the cliff face.

Population Growth

So far only one far sighted Federal politician has had the foresight and courage to challenge the Prime Minister’s claim that Australia could live sustainably with a population of 30 million extra people. Kelvin Thomson, Member for Wills, made a speech in Parliament and been heard on Radio National on this topic. Does the Prime Minister actually understand what climate change is about if he assumes that 30 million more people won’t affect our ability to lower greenhouse emissions?

Bike Path

Kingston is to have a shared bike path along Governor Road between Boundary Road and Springvale Road. This will enable cyclists to ride to Braeside Park and through Waterways. However there is no completion of an extension of the bike track along the SOUTH LEVEE BANK of Mordialloc Creek between Wells Road and the now completed Bowen Road. This extension would also allow riders to continue through Waterways to Braeside.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 3rd December 2003

A very successful New Year to environment group volunteers who achieved some impressive results in 2003. Pressure continues, however, as Mordialloc battles to preserve its low rise fishing village character as predators circle seeking approval for five or more storey buildings in the shopping centre and environs. On a more positive note, a revitalised KCEC could add weight to conservation and resident action groups who are seeking, for example, to maintain parks and open space for the benefit of the whole community.

March 16 Melbourne Lower Town Hall 7.30pm “Alternative to Channel Deepening in Port Phillip Bay” Come along and listen to expert opinion on the danger of deepening versus alternative environmental options.

Peter Scullin Reserve Traffic Management Plans

Consultants plans for reorganisation of car parking on the creek bank involved a realignment of the entrance to the car park and would result in removal of vegetation and loss of grassed area in the Hazel Pierce Park. This appeared to be a costly exercise for very little gain. Meetings with officers and the consultant were held to discuss Brian & Nina’s alternative parking plan with seats & grassed area along the creek bank. A subsequent meeting was requested before Council approved their plan, and once again alternative options were discussed. It is hoped that the outcome will mean the retention of the vegetation and grassed area of Hazel Pierce Park.

Skateboard Facility

Once again we are grateful for Brian & Nina’s effort in presenting alternatives to the inappropriate siting of the skateboard facility. The preferred option is the former skateboard site on the Jack Grut Reserve which is safely and easily accessible via off-road bicycle paths from Aspendale Gardens, Royal Palms Estate and Epsom Housing Estate. The foreshore option was ruled out by the Victorian Coastal Strategy policy of excluding non-water related activities on foreshore reserves. A VCAT Hearing set a precedent when a similar request was refused at Rye.

Kingston Conservation & Environment Coalition

Bill has undertaken, with assistance of KCEC members, to broaden the role of the coalition. The first project to be tackled is Council’s olicy of selling off small parks and playgrounds to fund the building of e.g a multicultural centre or expand playing fields. With the rapid increase in unit development in Kingston. there is a need to retain small parks to provide relief for unit dwellers who lack private open space for a garden.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 5th July 2000


Letter from RP. re Kingston’s Street Tree Strategy (for MBCL file), Port Phillip Regional Catchment re weed & rabbit action plans, VLGA Constitutional reform document, DOI re changes to Commonwealth Assessment & approval development projects when the EPBC comes into operation, Offor Sharp re Woodlands Wetlands, EPA re Ballast Water & Hull Fouling, John Thwaites re Grand Prix and review of land use on Crown Land.

Photopoint Monitoring

Tony Collins (Excel) advises that the sites have been marked along the creek and foreshore and photographing can commence late August and then every three months thereafter. Tony will attend 5th August meeting to finalise details.

The Parks

The feral fence has been commenced at The Grange. Unfortunately there has been an out- break of vandalism causing considerable damage. Rob Jones has been replaced by Emily while he is on leave. 800 grasses have been planted at Bradshaw Park. S.C-S waters the yellow box eucalypts. Heaths are growing well in the control burn areas of the Rowan Woodlands. The Southern Golf Club ‘lake’ on the boundary of Braeside Park has gone ahead but a Parks Victoria officer is meeting with the Friends group to discuss the issue. Friends wonder whether the SGC should pay for the groundwater used in the ‘lake’. A request was made to BIOSIS for payment for the potting mix used in the rescue of plants from Epsom. Some difficulty arousing interest in the Federation Trail proposal and payment to the artist involved. Two foxes were found dead in the Park as a result of the poisoning program. A cat ban has been successfully introduced to Hains development south of Braeside Park. Well done our new Councillors!

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 7th June 2000


Letters sent to:- SAP re E coli levels at St Kilda, Alpine Parks Submission to MPs Perton & Birrell & Independent MPs, Team Leader Parks re grass mowing at Mentone, Kingston CEO re the bio-solids fill for Lake 1 Woodlands.

Donation of Information

G. Agnew donated ocean water quality documents to MBCL. Expressed concern at some councils’ street tree planting programs. Deciduous trees create a problem with the litter entering drains. Reports that high E coli levels at St Kilda may be due to compaction of the Grand Prix track at Albert Park cracking sewage mains.


Terry Lane in the Age, June 4th, claimed that pressure groups like SAP (and possibly Krammed and MBCL) are regarded as ‘pests’ because they are persistent in pursuing their cause. MBCL, in our 32nd year of causing irritation, is happy to be numbered amongst the ‘pests’ especially as the ‘pests’ according to Terry, “in the long run are usually proved right!”

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