Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 4th July 1995

Braeside Park

An Open Day will be held July 27 from 11-4pm at Braeside Park
The 16 hectare stand of Red Gums on the Woodlands Industrial Estate has been passed over to Melbourne Parks & Waterways, for management. Melbourne Water has funded the fencing. There is no indication as yet of development proposals for the east side of the stand of Red Gums. An Aboriginal Cultural Centre is being established in Braeside Park by Tracks, Australia – a Koori Company. Members of the Wurrundjeri tribe are claiming to be the legal custodians of the park.

Woodlands Industrial Estate

CMPS Consultant’s report on the three lakes wetlands system for the Woodlands Industrial Estate contains hydrological reports and permeability and bore tests. Melbourne Water who are involved in this project have formed a company- Assett Solutions.

Mentone Car Park (At The Spunner Pavilion).

R.Pearson, J. Cuthbertson, S. Calvert-Smith and M.Rimington attended an on-site inspection with the Kingston Environment & Infrastructure Manager, Warren Ashdown July 7, to discuss the proposals for the “rationalisation” of the car park above the Spunner Pavilion, Mentone Foreshore. As a result of the inspection MBCL has indicated that there will be no objection to the plan provided that there is no expansion of the car park.

Mentone Parade Stormwater Drain

The large stormwater drain will be installed but two other drains will be removed from the beach. This will still leave 14 drains flowing into the Bay between Mordialloc Creek and Charman Road, Mentone.

Kingston Conservation & Environment Coalition

There is concern over the method of selecting the Village Advisory Committees when the Commissioners select the Chairperson who then selects committee members. KCEC feels that it is important to have environmentalists on each committee. There is further concern about the way in which Village Committees will operate when councillors are elected.
The Marine & Coastal and Flora & Fauna group has met each month and has completed an extensive submission to be included with the KCEC submission in response to its Corporate Plan.

Dandenong Valley Catchment Action Committee (Mordialloc Creek Action Plan)

The First Annual report on Implementation of the Action Plan has been presented in Draft form. There is strong emphasis on litter traps and sediment control and also on wetlands and retarding basins as a means of managing storm water problems.

Sandbelt Regional Parks – Karkarook Park

The Minister for Conservation, Mark Birrell launched the Karkarook Park plan at Moorabbin Council Chambers, 27th June, 1995. The park includes lakes and/or wetlands intended to act as flood retarding basins and improve water quality. The construction of the lakes will not take place until sand mining of the last piece of land capable of growing trees has taken place. Estimated time-five years before this land becomes part of the Sandbelt Regional parks.

Mordialloc Tennis club Re-location

Negotiations between the tennis club and commissioners have been taking place as to a possible re-location site for the courts. Whilst the tennis court site was originally intended to become parkland, there is now the possibility of the land being used for car parking with other sections of the foreshore becoming park- land rather than a road way as compensation.

Windows on the Bay

This restaurant is once again indulging in “incremental creep” by applying to extend its outdoor eating area onto the grassed area two metres from the tea-trees. A building on this site would require the Crown land to be re-zoned and if approved would block the attractive view from Pier Road towards Mentone along the foreshore. Should the restaurant extension proceed more car parking may be required hence the City of Kingston’s frantic attempts to re-locate the 100 year old Mordialloc Tennis Club to an alternative site.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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