Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 1st November 2000


Corrections to the minutes humbly acknowledged and accepted. Debate re the submission to Department of Immigration re Australia’s Future Population should be sent under MBCL heading? Voting resulted in 6 members in favour with 4 against. It was felt that because of land degradation, soil salinity and water shortage an increase in population would need to be very carefully considered by whichever Government was in power.

Photopoint Monitoring

Water The second round of monitoring was carried out by Penny, Brian, Nina and Frank. Many thanks to these volunteers. The film is being processed by Excell staff. Unfortunately there is anger that some residents living along Beach Road have decided to call themselves Friends of San Antonio Court. They don’t work with Council’s Natural Bush Area Staff and are solely concerned with illegally removing vegetation on the foreshore to improve their view.

Melbourne Water Drain, Mentone

After discussion with Melbourne Water about the removal of the sign warning people not to swim near the outlet of the drain, letters have been sent to Dr Brian Robinson and the Managing Director of Melbourne Water querying the removal of the sign. Signs remain on Kingston council drain pipes crossing the beach between Mordialloc and Mentone. Four weeks on there has been no reply to these letters.

Member for Isaacs Anne Corcoran

Members from MBCL, KCEC and PPCC met with the Federal member on the foreshore and discussed major issues of concern along the 13kms of Kingston foreshore. The Member has also invited residents to make a submission to the Federal government re the rapid increase in the number of mobile phone towers in shopping strips and residential areas. There is still a question mark over the safety issues of even the so-called low impact towers.

Drill’s Land or Brown’s Reserve

Cr van Klaveren reported on the formation of a Steering Committee to work with Kingston Council and Melbourne Water to arrange weed control and some re-vegetation of the area. Also a proposal to possibly integrate Drills Land with Browns Reserve., Cr van Klaveren has donated $3000 from her ward fund to assist CRAG and others with the project.
Rob Pyne has been collecting seeds and identifying species. Further meeting to be held. Brian and Nina have kindly agreed to represent MBCL on the committee.

Tree Bylaw

Cr van Klaveren reported on the successful move to finally have Kingston Council adopt a By-law to protect trees by making it more difficult for them to be removed. The By-law will be more stringent than that currently operating in Bayside. Permits and fines for illegal removal will apply.

Hain’s Waterways Development

Brian and Barry met with Council officers to discuss vegetation proposed to be used on the residential development referred to as ‘environmental living’. Hain’s proposes to plant an avenue of red ash at the entrance to the development at least it wasn’t Canary Island Palms so beloved by developers. Council is requiring Hains to use native / indigenous vegetation as a major plant species. Kingston’s CEO is also insisting that native and indigenous species predominate. Monitoring of the wetland water before it re-enters Mordialloc Main Drain is seen as essential by MBC to confirm that the wetlands can cope with the stormwater run-off from 700 houses. Garden World is offering deals of $5000 or $10,000 for residents who are prepared to pay $300,000 for a block on which to build their dream home – minus a cat, of course, since a cat curfew applies. The blocks currently being sold are 1000 sq m while Kingston Council is planning for 125 sq m of floor space for houses in the proposed Carrum Strategy!

Kingston Foreshore Leisure and Landscape Study

The old question arises about foreshore vegetation despite Council having a policy about it The Draft is being assessed by Steering Committee members. There will meetings with stakeholders in the New Year and public consultation to follow.

Lights on the Foreshore

Brian and Nina raised the question of residents south of the creek focusing strong spot-lights on the water from their homes – following the example of Windows restaurant which has two large lights shining on the water. Brian reports that Percy Street and Gipps Ave are to remain open. Brian wants to be included in any consultation likely to take place with Council.

Port Phillip Conservation Council

MBCL delegate to the PPCC, Stephen, reported that the AGM was well attended, if indeed not stacked by MBCL members, some of whom attended as observers! PPCC have been monitoring the saga of the marina proposal for Olivers Hill. The Flier local paper has reported that Frankston council appears to be pushing this project again despite the frequency of severe storm damage to this exposed section of Frankston foreshore. The Marine and Coastal Study Final report has been released and devotes a considerable section of the report to the introduction of aquaculture to Port Phillip Bay. It is planned to allow fin fish farming which will be disastrous for the marine environment. PPCC President and past President have approached the Shadow Minister for Environment re this issue. (Victor Perton)

Woodlands Industrial Estate / Biosolids

The Peer Review of Golders report has been released and not surprisingly URS, despite raising quite serious concerns with the Golders report, have decided that there were no ‘fatal flaws’ after further analyses were required by URS. MBCL members may not feel reassured however.

The Parks

The Council has passed on the question of the sale Chiquita Park to the Federal member for Isaacs. Hopefully the matter can be resolved by the park remaining as public open space to compensate for the loss of open space due to in-fill development throughout the city. Bus loads of people attended Braeside Park’s Open Day. The snake charmer was a great attraction. Unfortunately The Grange’s Open Day was marred by freezing rain but still attended by five councillors, Environment Officer Doug Evans and two pollies, Simon Crean and Hong Lim, who made a speech in Parliament praising the work of Penny and others for their work in The Grange. Great work, Penny! Bradshaw Park have taken possession of the fence panels painted by Parkdale College students.

Submission Galore!

This year has flown and seems to have been spent in writing submissions – to what effect one wonders?? Federal and State submissions re Greenhouse emissions, Australia’s future population, the City of Greater Dandenong Green Wedge developments, ResCode 2000, the Kingston Residential Strategy, and Exotic Species and Hull fouling. Still to come the
Carrum Residential Strategy, the Metropolitan Strategy and now the mobile phone tower inquiry! The Final Report into Greenhouse emissions has been released. Called The Heat is On, this large tome contains fascinating info about climate change and how it will effect low lying coastal areas –  such as the Carrum Bight???
If members can afford the time to write a submission about the proposed multi-unit three storey developments around Carrum station it would be wise because Mordialloc will be the next cab off the rank for this style of development.

Year 2000 Pluses

An assessment of environmental pluses and minuses in 2000 AD would include a welcome change of councillors in March resulting in a more intelligent and sympathetic approach to conservation matters. Thanks then are due to those councillors who have listened and given encouragement to local environment groups.
This year it has been noticeable and greatly appreciated that members have been prepared to act as delegates of MBCL, attend meetings and report back thus we are all kept informed, can network and support Friends group activities when necessary.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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