Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 2nd July 2003

High Rise Development in Mordialloc

There is still time to lodge an objection to the proposed five storey futuristic development on the old police station site in Mordialloc. If approved this will set a precedent to high rise elsewhere in Mordialloc and in other activity centres. An application for re-zoning sites in Albert and Bear Street including the woodyard, have been lodged and will go before a Panel before the Draft Mordialloc Structure Plan has been completed. Nina reports a lack of response from Council to letters seeking information about the status of the Structure Plan. Kingston’s Ombudsman has been contacted about the lack of response to a June 9th letter.

Kingston Environment Network

Preliminary meetings have been held with KCEC re the establishment of an Environment Network which it is hoped will eliminate lack of consultation and communication with environment groups and residents. Please contact us if you wish to be included.

Kingston Foreshore Reference Group

The Community Education sub-committee of the Reference Group is addressing issues such as dune stabilisation to prevent erosion as a result of recent and future storm events, alerting residents to the impact on the foreshore through channel deepening. Coastal Crown Land Management have been contacted about real estate agents advertising foreshore properties as having “private beach access”. This is in direct contradiction to what the Natural Resource Area team are trying to achieve – stabilising the dune system to protect infrastructure. Brian E. advises that Kingston’s Community Education officer spoke foreshore management at Mordialloc U3A. Belinda has also offered to come and speak to MBCL. At the second meeting of the Blue Wedge Coalition┬áit was decided to concentrate on the impact of channel deepening on Port Phillip Bay and coastal regions. Next Meeting 28th August 7.30pm Neighbourhood House.

Public Open Forum, Melbourne University

MBCL Treasurer generously funded three members to attend the forum dealing with Maintaining – Biodiversity in Cities and Towns: An international Perspective. The forum was organised by ARCUE Melbourne University School of Botany. A longer report in the next edition of the Newsletter. This was followed by Brian and Mary attending Design guidelines for residential and mixed use buildings over three storeys at Nauru House. The consultation was part of Melbourne 2030’s push for higher density development in Activity Centres. Resident groups present were outspoken in their criticism of higher density development in their suburbs.

Peter Scullin Reserve

Although we had been advised by Cr Petchey that the third bike path had been removed from the draft plan for the Reserve, an ambiguous letter from the Landscape Architect confused the issue until referred to a Council Officer who confirmed that the bicycle path had indeed been removed, as had the kiosk and Moreton Bay figs from Attenborough park. However, we now fear for the vegetation on the Scullin Reserve which is threatened with removal to allow more space for the annual 2 day booze-up glorified by the name of the Wine & Food festival

Bonbeach Tafe Site Development

Joan reports that the Urban Land Corporation wants to take over the Bonbeach Primary School Hall car park to build a road from the site through to narrow Breeze Street. ULC have told residents that people attending functions in the hall can park in the street! Residents are not impressed!

Parks Report

June plantings of grasses, sedges, ground covers, clematis, shrubs put in last month are showing good growth after recent rain in Bradshaw Park. About fifteen people had a great working bee on the north bank of Mordialloc Creek on the 28th June. Red gums, shrubs and grasses sedges, ground cover & clematis were planted in an area under mature trees. Volunteers are keen to start a Friends Group. Mordialloc College Year Nine students have the creek as a project. One enthusiastic student attended the working bee.

Woodlands Industrial Estate

Brian reports that Lake I in the Industrial Estate is gradually being filled with sewage sludge from the Carrum treatment Plant.Weeds on Lake 3 are out of control. Kingston Council appear to be managing the River Red Gum Urban Forest satisfactorily.

Rossdale Golf Club

Johanna reports that local residents are actively opposing the sale of Rossdale Golf Club for residential development. This will deprive the local community of wonderful mature trees and open space. Golfers are being encouraged to relocate to more recent golf course developments.

Port Phillip Conservation Council

Stephen reports that tree vandalism continues in Bayside with 15 trees on the foreshore destroyed since June. 12 trees on the Hampton foreshore were cut down with a chain saw. Plans to extend a Brighton breakwater by 30 metres are opposed by Brighton Foreshore Preservation Assoc. claiming that it will destroy adjacent beaches.

Well done Folk!

Congratulations were offered by Bill and members to the secretary on the award of a Centenary Medal for environmental work, however this work could not have been accomplished without the staunch support and commitment of MBCL members. So congrats to you all!!!

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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