Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 5th September 2012

EPA Works Approval Application

EPA has received an application to issue works approval or licences which permit work which will result in a discharge of waste to the environment, or an increase or alteration in existing discharge. Alex Fraser Asphalt Pty Ltd, Dandenong South, is applying for this licence to develop 250,000 tonnes per annum of hot mix asphalt facility.Where will this waste be discharged? Into Dandenong Creek which flows mainly into Patterson River or will some waste enter Mordialloc Creek?

Members Overseas

Members currently touring overseas will soon be returning. Card from the Earls in the UK advises that the English Green Wedges are also under threat. A conservative govt disease?


Bronwen’s waterwatch partners have abandoned the cause unfortunately. Work may begin soon on another wetland on the north bank of the creek on industrial land above Wells Road bridge. This may cause silt to flow down stream – hopefully not re-silting the dredged areas down stream from Chute Street boat ramp to the mouth of the creek. Dredging work is proceeding on time and on budget. The Mordialloc Creek Committee’s aims are fortunately in line with environment values supporting retention of boating works and maintenance on the Pompeii site rather certain developments proposed for the site in Mordialloc Structure Plan. The Committee would also prefer to see shade trees on the Hazel Pierce Reserve rather than Canary Island Date Palms classed as invasive weeds in the DSE Invasive Weeds document.

MBCL Web Site

Discussion about what should appear on the website bearing in mind that Tom and Tatania will be responsible for adding material and maintaining the site while involved in their own business. It was suggested that suitable material could be collected and every three months passed on to Tom via Lew. Material to be added could be listed in the newsletter.

Council Survey and Election

Survey results have been compiled and a list of existing and potential Councillors who responded have been passed on to the local papers.

The Collins Report

Tony stressed to watch out for Myrtle Rust which is infecting a wide variety of trees and plants in suburban gardens, parks and countryside. It is thought that the Rust comes initially from nurseries. It is important to report to the Department of Primary Industry and sightings of the pest.

Arctic Sea Ice Melting

The polar cap is shriveling at unforeseen speed according to Professor Steffen (Sunday Age 23 Sept. 2012). “The most radical projection is about 2016 and probably the most conservative projection is about 2030 when the polar cap will be ice free.” Greenland has lost nearly all its ice and some residents are looking forward to mining the previously buried resources. “The speed of events is why scientists are so worried. The only way to stop these thresholds is to cut greenhouse emissions triggering these changes and there are a few signs of that taking place.” It seems most unwise therefore, for the Planning Minister, Matthew Guy to approve development in coastal areas. He believes that no one need worry for 20 years and after that the next generation will have to deal with the outcome!

Coal Seam Gas Mining

The Union of Australian Women (UAW) at their last meeting had a speaker who has recently moved to Gippsland – right in the thick of the CSG battle. Mairi Neale has provided excellent notes of the presentation available for anyone interested in the environmental threat.

New Planning Zones

Anyone wanting to be informed about the Planning Minister’s assault on our suburbs should check the email for a summary compiled by a Green Wegde member from Macedon Ranges. She outlines the impact not only on urban areas but also on the rural zones and farming communities, small towns and villages. Virtually under Guy’s rules anything goes. Third party rights to object no longer exist.

Port Phillip Conservation Council AGM

Scheduled to be held at 7:30pm Monday 22 October at Long Beach Place, Chelsea Community Center. Guest Speaker will be Dr Graeme Pearman Climate Scientist. Dr Pearman was Chief Scientist at Aspendale Atmospheric Center for many years and has spoken and written about climate change for decades. Not to be missed.

Beaumaris Cliffs

The internationally renowned fossil cliffs have been removed from the National Estate Register. The Federal Government closed the Register therefore significant sites now have no legal protection. The Federal Minister for the Environment suggested we appeal to have the cliffs registered on the Victorian Estate Register and included a most complex document to be completed for that purpose. Geoffrey Goode, PPCC, claimed that the Geological Society of Government has only registered one site for inclusion on the Register. In the light of the State Govt’s recent treatment of the environment this attitude is not surprising.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 1st August 2012

Beaumaris Cliffs National Estate Register

The important Beaumaris Red Bluff Sand Cliffs were removed from the National Estate Register (along with hundreds of other significant sites in 2004) leaving the cliffs without legal protection. Correspondence with Mark Dreyfus and Tony Burke, Minister fro Environment, advised that we could apply for the cliffs inclusion in the Victorian Heritage Register. However Geoffrey Goode,(PPCC) found after discussion with the Victorian Geological Society, that it is almost impossible to have any site accepted for listing in Victoria. Documents provided would require an astute legal eagle to deal with them.

Canary Island Date Palms Hazel Pierce Reserve

A letter from DSE A/Manager Environmental Planning Port Phillip Region, advises that the DSE prefers that all re-vegetation on coastal Crown land utilize indigenous species. DSE does not support the planting of Canary Island Palms on coastal Crown land and will advise City of Kingston of this. Canary Island Palms are listed in DSE’s “Advisory list of Environmental weeds of coastal plains and healthy forests bioregions of Victoria.” Letters were sent to Kingston CEO.

Meetings Attended

Wal attended a Beyond Zero Emissions meeting dealing mining emissions as a result of coal exports to China, India. 400 people attended. He also attended a meeting at Beaumaris Yacht Club attended by groups from around the Bay. issues affecting foreshore and waters of the Bay. Beaumaris Bay .


Dredging work on the section of Moridalloc creek between the rail and road bridges is proceeding on time and on budget. Melbourne Water is planning to begin construction of wetlands on industrial land above Wells Road bridge. This work will connect with Waterways wetlands and may further help in improving water quality.

Green Wedge Management Plan

The plan was approved by Council 27th August with compromises that did not suit all land owners nor the Southeast Greenwedge Coalition. Nor was Lady Hamer happy with the Baillieu Government ignoring Premier Hamer’s plan to prevent development in the green wedges the lungs and green spaces of Melbourne. 6000 hectares of former green wedge land will be subject to plans for development including shops, sawmills, schools and petrol stations. Special thanks to Cr West who has valiantly fought to preserve Kingston’s green wedge for future generations – with able support from Crs Shewin and Staikos.

Council Pre-Election Survey

A meeting organized to meet council candidates was attended by four women who, if elected, will be a much needed antidote to Kingston’s present testosterone posturing at meetings.

The Collins Report

The NRA sites and foreshore were audited in July. We look forward to results as promised at the September meeting. The Horticulture crew assessed approximately 20% of sites managed by the crew to check on plant survival, mulch depth, weed cover, litter and quality pruning. The crew achieved 97% successful result. Rock wall at Carrum built to prevent beach erosion is nearly completed. Yammerbook Reserve has received draft detailed designs from Jeavons Landscapes but need to confirm flood levels with information provided by Melbourne Water prior to obtaining final approval and signing a licence agreement. National Tree Day proved to be very successful for council’s team with 80 people from a wide spectrum of volunteers and public and private schools planting along Mordialloc Creek, Kingston foreshore and reserves. An Interfaith Group planted 600 plants in an hour at Carrum foreshore on Saturday 28th July during National Tree Day.

Bay Trail

We understand the Vicroads plans to narrow Beach Road to Australian standards as a safety measure claiming that a wide road encourages speed whereas a standard width road would discourage speed. Should the narrowing eventuate it would simplify the locations of Kingston’s section of the Bay Trail on the verge of Beach Road to conform with the successful Bayside bike trail.

Barkly Street

Three storey 24 unit development may go to VCAT 19th November. Matthew Guy’s New Planning Zones will replace Res Zones 1,2,3 with zones allowing three to four storey’s in suburban streets and a a mixture of business activities in Activity Zones. (i.e our suburban shopping strips and housing on the fringe.) Third party objection will no longer apply where a development conforms with the new zones.

Port Phillip Conservation Council AGM

Will be held at 7.30pm Monday 22nd October at Long Beach Place Chelsea Community Center, 15 Chelsea Road. Guest Speaker will be Dr Graeme Pearman. Should not be missed. Dr Pearman, former head of CSIRO Aspendale Atmospheric Center was warning of climate change three decades ago – as were many other scientists such as Barry Pittock also a scientist at Aspendale.

Pompei Site

The site appears to be under threat according to an Age article 30th August “Local Legend’s son in deep water over family’s creek lease.” According to Mordialloc Structure plan no matter what development was planned for the area boating repairs, launching and possibly apprenticeship courses for boat builders were to be retained on site as part of the attraction of Mordialloc Creek and environs. Without boating activity and character Mordialloc would lose the “timeless unsophisticated quality which is perhaps one of its greatest assets.” This is according to Mordialloc Foreshore & Environs Strategy Plan for Mordialloc City Council November 1987 by Tract Consultants. Mordialloc Structure Plan endorsed the proposal to retain structures that would enable small boat owners to repair and launch their boats and if possible to have a museum of wooden boat building.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 4th July 2012

Mordialloc Bypass

The extension is being actively canvassed by certain residents who think the extension may remove traffic from Wells Road. The MPFE is opposed by those who will be most affected by a proposed flyover – namely Waterways, Palm Grove, Royal Palms and Dingley Village residential estates. MBCL was asked to supply flyers to alert residents. MBCL has had a long standing opposition to the MPFE believing that freeways don’t reduce traffic but encourage greater use of motor vehicles.

George Woods Reserve Playground

Plans to discuss with the kindergarten parents’ committee an alternative location of the proposed regional playground. Kinder parents are claiming they need a larger car park and an extension of the kinder building all of which will mean an encroachment into the Arboretum. The committee also claims that drug taking and vandalism takes place behind the kinder building so lights and cameras are required – and no doubt toilets and barbecues. The corner of Parks and Governor Road is dangerous as B-doubles and other commercial traffic travel at speed at that corner frequently causing accidents. Council has taken a survey of traffic density and speed. MBCL have advocated relocating to the existing playground opposite Bertram Street where there is a toilet and barbecues, clear visibility from road and the car park and housing opposite. A bust stop is nearby. Goodbye Arboretum!

Dredging Mordialloc Creek

Baffles are being installed near the mouth of the creek. Dredging is proceeding in Attenborough Park between the road and rail bridges with dredge spoil de-watered and loaded onto trucks and transported to Geelong.


No report on Mordialloc Creek this month but Waterwatch reports that Dandenong creek, which feeds into Patterson River, is undergoing a $1.6 million upgrade. Unfortunately this is hampered by excessive illegal dumping of mattresses, building materials, waste from meat and fish purveyors and panel beaters. Fortunately Dandenong Creek is diverted down Patterson River at Pillars Crossing so that Mordialloc Creek should be spared this pollution.

Green Wedge Management Plan

The plan in draft form is available now but the final report is being kept under wraps while plans are being devised within house to allow more development in Kingston’s Green Wedge. Council meeting to release the plan is held over until the August meeting.

Pre-Election Survey

A survey and forum have been organised to be held prior to council elections. Council has organised a meeting to advise candidates of their responsibilities if elected.

MBCL and Mordialloc Village Committee

Both groups have expressed our concern at the removal of trees in the median strip in Nepean Highway from Mordialloc to Moorabin. Trees are to be replaced with grasses such as Lamandra or similar and possibly a few trees. The usual reasons are given for removal of indigenous is that “they have passed their used by date, they are dangerous, etc.” The type of post and wire fence now lining the median strip is called the “shredder” by motorcyclists.

Masonic Hall

The Masonic Hall was open to community members, Councillors for inspection. The building has interesting features such as a Baltic pine ceiling to lower hall and steel beams made by a UK company who built Sydney Harbour Bridge and is still operating. Both upper and lower halls have hard wood paneling, staircase and a unique flue ventilation system. Hall is grand in an understated way. Well worth preserving. A reference group of KCC, community members will be formed. An MBCL member has applied.

The Collins Report

NRA Sites and Foreshore Reserves are due to be audited in July. Assessment includes weed over, indigenous cover and number of plants installed, minimum target is 92%. Horticulture audits also taking place with an assessment of 20% of sites looking at plant survival, weed cover and pruning, target 90%.

Upgrade of Long Beach Trail which is heavily used by community and cyclists. Track requires constant resurfacing. parks will look at all gravel paths in open space areas to ensure that they are regularly maintained. Bushfire Mitigation discussion paper by energy Safe Victoria. ESV has requested councils to comment on key issues within the document such as High Bushfire Risk Areas and responsibility of pruning trees in locations that are identified as having a high bushfire risk.

Friends of Heatherton Park and students from Westall Secondary College and Sprint Parks West Campus planted 600 plants 29th June. Following recent rains a number of reserves are so wet that vehicles are encouraged to remain off site until further notice. Friends of the Grange AGM was held 11th July. Guest Speaker – Tony Collins.

Bottle Shops and Poker Machines

Traders in railway Parade, Dandenong have had a victory in opposing a bottle shop in their area and close to a primary school on the grounds of density of bottle shops. 12 extra poker machines were approved by KCC after conducting a survey of residents, 75% of whom said that there were too many EGM’s in Kingston. Council sent out a further survey to residents – for what reason?

Bay Trail

Two residents living on Beach Road are taking an interesting in the Bay Trail but unfortunately not totally in support of back of kerb. Seemed to have been swayed by the tired old argument – there will be a loss of parking. There has been no loss of parking where vehicles have parked kerbside in Mordialloc from the reek to Rennison Street since 1984 occupying one lane without accident or complaint by the same Councillors who are now bleating about “loss of parking.”

55-57 Barkly Street

Went to Practice Day Friday 27th July. Planning Minister Guy’s changes to planning regulations will not provide security from high density development in our suburbs.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 6th June 2012

Living Kingston 2035

The meetings were well attended by MBCL / KCEC members – much to the chagrin of certain councillors who commented that attendees were mostly environmentalists! It was comforting to hear others expressing the same concerns about inappropriate development in suburban streets and increasing traffic congestion as a result. Encouraging also to have a staff member at our table who was passionate about water sustainability. Kingston has been recognised as being in the vanguard with ground breaking initiatives in that field.

Union of Australian Women

The UAW invited a speaker from The Climate Institute to explain the impact of Australia’s carbon price on sections of the community e.g. low income family, single parent, middle income family, single person, pensioner couple, etc. The case was made that the impact would not be as severe as it is portrayed by some politicians. The Institute is willing to speak to any groups interested to learn more about carbon pricing.

Bay Trail

The Leader has finally printed Stephen’s article based on the FOI report about the unsuitability of the promenade as a section of the Bay Trail. Kingston CEO stated that “the cost to upgrade the entire promenade was far beyond the scope of the council”. Rod’s DVD about the back of kerb favoured route for the Bay Trail is now up on Youtube. We have discovered other supporters of the back of kerb option and hope to liaise with them soon.


Bronwen reports no change in water quality tests. The large brown plume from Mordialloc creek after steady rain recently was clearly visible as it moved, as usual, towards Mentone due to south westerly wind. Sat June 2nd Mordialloc Creek Working Bee was a productive session removing weeds on the north bank near Jack Grut reserve.

Mordialloc Creek Master Plan

Wal reported on the dredging work in the creek. All small boats between the rail and road bridges will have to be moved while dredging is occurring. A 50 by 20 metre concrete slab has been placed in Attenborough Park to provide a stable base for the dredge and trucks removing dredge spoil. It is hoped to finished the work in October when vegetation will be replanted to replace that which has been removed.

Mornington Freeway Extension

This issue has reared its ugly head again after lying dormant for many years. The Resurrection is due to AGRA continually agitating for the freeway believing that it would relieve traffic on Wells Road. Since this road was first mooted by VicRoads in 1985, four residential developments had been built adjacent to the proposed route of the freeway and will therefore be affected by noise and air pollution. Flyovers over Governor Road and Mordialloc Creek will destroy the tranquility of the creek, wetlands and Braeside Park. Submissions can be forwarded to VicRoads until July 13.

The Collins Report

Changes to the draft plans for Yammerbook are currently being considered by the committee before being sent to Melbourne Water. Quotes will then be obtained for paths and viewing platforms.

Floods. SES/MW have developed a partnership in building a community flood response in the Central Region. This includes community education and consultation.

Friends of the Grange AGM July 11th at the Clarinda Centre at 7.30pm. Speaker and showing a DVD of the control burn.

Recent audit of Kingston’s Street Management  by Energy Safe Victoria. ESV  intends to check on all Councils to ensure compliance with regulations.

Bradshaw Park is proposing a name change to Bradshaw Bushland Reserve.

A new Cyclone fence along the railway line is needed. Sharing cost of some will be investigated.

FESW Wetland Plant and Weed ID with Dr. Graeme Lorimer (Biosphere Discovery Centre) discussed role of Phragmites australis’s (Common Reed) role in removing nutrients in the creek and waterways. The reeds are important in preventing bank erosion and providing habitat for ducks and indigenous water rats.

Carrum Foreshore Precinct

MBCL / KCEC were impressed at planting and reveg work after our successful escorted tour of the precinct. However we question the need for a toilet at the northern end when there are toilets nearby at the Life Saving Club. The toilet would be across the road form houses which already suffer from anti-social behaviours especially at night in summer time.

Further Loo Blues

Cr Dundas wants the heritage listed toilet at Mundy Street car park demolished and a unisex disabled persons toilet installed instead. It seems the recently renovated heritage building will remain but the unisex toilets will be installed somewhere along the foreshore at Mordialloc, Mentone and Carrum.

Wind Turbines

The Leader interviewed MBCL secretary re: Kingston’s green energy program. While use of solar panels was praised it was also stated that there might be a role for a single turbine in selected areas. This provoked a heated reaction from a resident which in turn was rebutted by a Mentone resident! (Leader 25 June)


An excellent article on The Age June 9, re: children’s playgrounds. The city reporter claims that children should be able to play in the dirt, ride bikes, build cubby houses and splash around in the creek. That is how children yearns to play according to a unique program that asked young people what kind of outdoor spaces they desire. They want challenging bike paths, lots of hills they could roll down, rocks they could scramble around, places to hide and branches and leaves to build treehouse and cubbies. The ideal place for this type of playground will be the George Woods Reserve wouldn’t it?

Masonic Hall

Necessary repairs have been done. Rear courtyard wall has been demolished for unknown reasons and before the community has been able to view the building.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 14th March 2012

Three Pieces of Rubbish

Walter reports that Port Phillip Conservation Council supports a scheme whereby people visiting bayside beaches take three pieces of rubbish home in addition to their own rubbish. Walter also reports that Beaumaris Motor Yacht Club is presently going though the EES process. It will be an act of environmental vandalism if that project is approves in a National Estate Registered site. Bayside Conservation Society are concerned at the number of trees to be removed for the back of kerb bike track.

Mordialloc Creek Master Plan

The pedestrian bridge form Hazel Pierce Reserve to the island is now off the agenda. Unfortunately an avenue of Canary island palms alongside the reserve is still on the agenda. The State Government has given sea scouts on the island $75,000 for repairs of their club house. All good news. Unfortunately the Arboretum in the George Woods is still threatened with a large regional playground. The Arboretum was planted in 1926 and should be retained a s a pleasant quiet space.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 5th October 2011

Busy Month

Another Busy Month for Members with meetings accumulating. Mordialloc Creek Master Plan released for public comment. Concern about a proposed bridge from the Hazel Pierce Reserve to Lambert Island may increase vandalism of expensive yachts if the bridge permits public access to the island.The seascouts should remain on the island despite plans to relocate them. Obstruction of the view from the road bridge and Doyle’s deck along the creek to the Bay is worrying aspect. The relocation of the proposed large regional playground from the Arboretum to the present small playground with toilets, a bus stop and car parking adjacent makes sense to most people.Discussion about the future of the Pompei shed. Could funds be found to create a boat building -training school with a three-way funding scheme e.g. Government, council and tertiary education? Consultants favourable comments on Arboretum in George Woods Reserve:: Existing and established indigenous and exotic trees improve the aesthetic and ecological value of the park.

Kingston Conservation and Environment Coalition AGM

KCEC AGM 19lh October was devoted to the Kingston Green Wedge Plan. Cr Staikos gave a comprehensive description of important features of the plan, followed by Ken Carney ,AGRA president and then David Madill from Dingley Residents Association. Five Kingston Councillors were present.

Meeting at Mordialloc Neighbourhood House 3rd November from 1pm to 3pm to workshop Green Wedge submissions. Meetings also at Dingley International Hotel organized by the consultants and council for stakeholders input.


Bronwen reports that the last water quality tests in Mordialloc Creek at Bowen Road revealed high salt levels. Discussion continuing regarding funding for this program. Melbourne Water introduced a Water Initiatives 2050: an Integrated Water Management Strategy for Melbourne’s South East at Kingston Council 20 October. The strategy’s objectives are to : Provide customer choice, optimise resources and infrastructure , improve the health of waterways and the water environment (including groundwater) and create community value. Nina and Wal attended this meeting. Submissions are invited.

Bay Trail

At the September council meeting Cr Dundas presented a fifth option for the Bay Trail at the last minute—his preferred promenade option. This option hadn’t been seen by other councillors. Despite this and the fact that independent engineering studies condemned this route as being too dangerous, five councillors voted in favour of the fifth option. To counteract this farce Cr West successfully presented a proposal to begin the Kingston section of the Bay Trail at Charman Road back-of-kerb to Munday Street. This was passed amidst applause from the gallery! We appreciate Rod’s work on this ongoing saga. Letter to Ed once again nat printed/

The James Report (in lieu of Collins report).

Lee was apprised of water skiing on Yammerbook Lake. Nina reports that council has no jurisdiction over Melbourne Water land. By Laws Officers don’t operate at weekends when this activity occurs. Ken Carney, AGRA, has been informed. and is negotiating with MW and council for council to take over management of this area and for By laws Officers to operate at weekends.

Chicquita lawn area is to be completed.

The Grange had a successful Open Day with planting of 400 plants and new members attending.

NRA have a new trainee. Bede is continuing in the role of Tree Establishment Supervisor.

Dead trees have been removed from the Hazel Pierce Reserve.

Concern that there appears to be an avenue of trees shown in the Mordialloc Creek Master Plan along the bank of the creek on the promenade path.

60 trees have been removed along the Long Beach Trail to Patterson River. Claimed that tree roots were blocking the secondary drain.This will detract from the pleasure of riding or walking along the trail where the trees were such a feature.

CONDOLENCES at the death of Professor Michael Buxton’s father, Malcolm at 90 years of age. Both Malcolm and Michael were City of Mordialloc councillors in the 1970s and with other councillors, successfully opposed a marina being built at the foot of Charman Road and later opposed two pipelines crossing the Bay.

Thanks to Geoffrey Goode, PPCC, for passing this information on via Nina.

Sustainable Transport

MBCL was invited by Environment Victoria^Leicester Street, 13 October to a forum on sustainable transport. The State Government has cut EV funding for this project which they have been working on for ten years. Those in attendance were a rep from VICOSS, GAMUT from Melbourne University, VLGA president who is also a councillor: from Yarra Ranges, a resident rep from Ballarat, Paul Prentice from Friends of Merri Creek and your secretary. Discussion on how EV can continue to assist volunteer groups to achieve sustainable transport.

Environment Effect State Process in Victoria

Report has been received. Interesting to note that the second (SEES)Panel Hearing into dredging of Port Phillip Bay shipping channels came into severe criticism about its failure to allow questioning of POMC’s expert witnesses. Chairman Alan Hawke said this should not happen again. Brad Jessop, a young lawyer who was one of POMC’s team during the first EES, has carried out an extensive study of the second SEES and is also critical. Blue Wedges is quoted frequently. Even MBCL gets a mention!

Western Port And Peninsula Protection Council

Western Port and Peninsula Protection Council is turning 40 this year and so is RAMSAR. Celebrations are occurring 27th October at Somers Yacht Club. WPPC was a foundation member of Blue Wedges and is continuing in their campaign to protect Westernport from becoming the “Ruhr of Victora” -the aim of Premier Bolte in 1967.

Recycling Opportunities in Kingston

Liz has prepared a useful list of sites for you to recycle a variety of used items. Check KCC’s website or Planet Ark’s website.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 7th September 2011


Members have once again been busy completing submissions on a variety of issues with more to come. For instance an important response to Kingston’s Draft

Green Wedge Plan Due November 11th. If time permits letters could be sent to the Federal Government re sale of farmland and water rights to foreign owners, letters re damage to farmland and aquifers from coal-seam gas mining and Geelong Environment Council and Friends of Eastern Otways would like support to stop open cut mining on the Anglesea Heathlands.

Incoming a card from Penny who is enjoying a visit to rels in lovely Cornwall.

Kingston Conservation & Environment Coalition AGM

AGM 19TH October at Mordialloc Neighbour House beginning at 7.30pm. Interesting speakers reporting on the draft plans for the Southeast Green Wedge. Submissions due November 11.

Coast Care Forum

Walter gave a report on this forum held at Williamstown in September. An executive body is required to proceed with policies raised by three groups ranging from coastal groups from around the Victorian coastline. Coastal Council Policies will apply.

Dredging of Mordialloc Creek

has come to a halt due to difficulty with polymers which are necessary to bind the toxic sludge before it is consigned to a waste disposal site(rubbish tip) No-one seems to know when dredging will resume. This may hamper boating activity as summer approaches.The most toxic substance is behind Lambert Island where it has settled after years of boat maintenance plus contaminants from upstream.


Bronwen reports on Kingston Council’s withdrawal of funding for Waterwatch claiming that there was no benefit to Council from this program. Presumably they didn’t receive results of tests from Melbourne Water. Melbourne Water is seeking alternative funds for the project. Bronwen and Anne tested 5th September.

Mordialloc Masonic Hall Sale

This building is located in Mordialloc’s Heritage listed zone opposite the heritage listed water tower. Nina thoroughly researched the history and uses of the building and presented her findings to Mordialloc Village Committee who debated the issue with a majority voting in favour of retention of the building for community use. One member voting against retention and another member abstained. Well done, Nina!

Indigenous Vegetation

for our area? Cr Dundas recently passed a resolution to “define indigenous vegetation” in order for a much wider selection of plants indigenous to Australia rather than to this bayside suburb. This so angered a Carrum resident who researched guidelines and found that terms given to indigenous plants cannot be redefined. COMs must work within Guidelines and not speculate what might happen due to climate change – the alleged reason for the wider definition in the councillor’s resolution. Good work, Carrum-ite!


Visualise a 100 year old beech, almost 20 metres high and with a treetop diameter of 12 metres. It’s got 600,000 leaves which convert its base of 120 square metres into 1,200 square metes of leaf surface . This amounts to a total surface area of 15,000 square metres of gaseous exchange , which equals the area of two football fields.! (Nursery & Garden Industry Australia)

Bay Trail 

Bicycle Victoria met with MBCL members to discuss the Bay Trail. BCV are supporting the Bayside section of the trail soon to be completed to Charman Road and expressed amazement, after viewing MBCL maps and material, that Kingston Council weren’t also fully backing a back-of -kerb option. BCV also attended the September Council meeting where the trail route was to be debated. While the former Transport Minister had requested two options to be sent to him for a decision two options had blown out to four thanks to the introduction of the promenade as a costly and dangerous option.Councillor Dundas introduced a fifth option at the 3pm on the day of the council meeting which none of the councillors had seen. None of the other options where put up for debate.Unbelievably five councillors voted in favour of the promenade option even though external engineering advice states that the promenade option would be too dangerous! But Cr West’s amendment was approved five in favour ! The trail is to commence back-of kerb from Charman Road to Mundy Street car park! Bicycle Victoria rep was in the gallery to witness this achievement. Congrats RW!

The Collins Report

Yammerbook More soil testing to assess possible acid sulphate soils.

Fence installed at Chicquita Park.

Beach cleaning, toilet and barbecue cleaning costs $1 million per year. Contract up for tender.

Warm Season Grass Conversions occurring at Keys Road, Dingley, Regent and Southern Roads sports grounds.

Brendan Slee new Foreshore Crew Leader. Brendan was a School Based New Apprentice. Tim Ford is now a Horticulural Supervisor and a new Tree Establishment Supervisor is to be appointed soon. New playground for the Roy Dorr Reserve in Carrum and the Bicentennial Park playground has won an award.

Mordialloc Creek Master Plan

Another victory! 13 Canary Island Palms (listed as an invasive weed in the DSE Advisory List) have been removed from the Draft Master Plan! It is hoped that extending car parking along Beach Road up to the Mordialloc Lifesaving Club has also been removed. This would mean removal of foreshore vegetation -mature indigenous trees. Large regional playground to be located in the established arboretum in George Woods Reserve is still in the Draft Plan.

The draft plan will go out for consultation so there is an opportunity for comment. The controversial bridge from the Hazel Pierce Reserve to Lambert Island is still in the plan. Unfortunately it seems that the Sea Scouts will have a battle to retain their club house on the island.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 3rd August 2011


August has been a busy month with members letter writing and submissions sent to relevant authorities. Nina is seeking support for the retention of the Mordialloc Masonic Hall which is up for sale. Contact made with Kingston’s historian, Graham Whitehead. Nina, Mara , Mary & Wal have written re retention of SE Green Wedge. Submissions have been sent to Economic Development & Infrastructure Committee, Victorian Planning System Ministerial Advisory Committee and Green Fields Exploration in Victoria for coal seam gas mining. Letters also sent to the Leader with mixed success. We miss the Independent and Mike Morris!

Forthcoming Events

Open Day Spring Planting Friends of the Grange September 10 Saturday 10am-noon.

Watch for a possible walk along the foreshore from Carrum to Mordialloc later in the year organized by NRA people. This will be an opportunity to see latest work of the NRA team.

Geelong Environment Council

Geelong Environment Council is seeking support to prevent a coal mine being extended a further 300 ha into the fragile heritage listed heathland. Visit the National Parks Association website to find out how to take action. Or contact Matthew Guy, Minister for Planning, Spring Street, Melbourne and Premier Ted Baillieu at the same address. Coal seam gas mining exploration is scheduled for many Victorian environmental /scenic sites. Watch out.


Waterwatch has been in abeyance as a result of Kingston Council withdrawing funding. Bronwen has negotiations under control so that water quality will continue in due course.

Bay Trail

Bay trail has been trapped in a web of intrigue as certain councillors try to push for a shared bike path on the Mentone promenade and to remove environmentalists, cyclists and communities preferred option of back-of – kerb using the grass verge on the side of Beach Road (approved by VicRoads) and conforming with the soon to be completed Bayside section of the Bay Trail- a safe bike path for students and others preferring not to ride on Beach Road.

Lobbyists Register

Cr West is to be congratulated on moving in Council, 22 August 2011, that a Lobbyists Register be compiled for councillors, planners and staff as a matter of transparency and accountability. This is especially important in view of the recent report of a lobbyist touting for funds from businesses for Liberal candidates prior to the November State Government election without reporting to Electoral officials or Liberal Party Head office. The motion was modeled on the Victorian Government Lobbyists register and should be supported by concerned citizens.

Mordialloc Creek Master Plan

MBCL and Mordialloc Village Committee support the retention of the Mordialloc Sea Scouts on Lamberts Island. The Sea Scouts are prepared to renovate their building if Council would renew their lease. There have been problems with the creek dredging programme. It seems the polymer that was supposed to glue dredge spoil together prior to transport to a tip didn’t work and in any case several tips refused to accept the dredge spoil because it was too toxic! Walter has sent a letter to the First Bloke suggesting that Pompei’s shed become a “men’s shed”.

Southeast Green Wedge

Alan Hood spoke with great authority at the KCEC meeting describing the scheming behind the scenes as developers try to gouge out land from the green wedge for residential development. The former “Theme Park” land on the corner of Hutton and Springvale Roads is a case in point. Millions have been spent purchasing the land confident of approval of re-zoning in due course. Planning News has articles supporting retaining GW!

The Collins Report

National “tree” Day on Bonbeach resulted in 35 people attending with 1700 plants planted. 26 people planted 2000 species at Mordialloc Creek.

Yammerbook detailed soil testing to assess possible acid sulfate soil was undertaken. Tests available soon.

1200 plants at a planting day in Chicquita Park with another planting in September/October. Manna Gums are sprouting and Cherry Ballarts fruiting.

Future EVC assessments at Bonbeach foreshore between Harding Avenue and Patterson river, Kingston Heath Reserve, Heights Park and Caruana Drive Redgum Reserve.

Horticulture Audit 64 sites assessed, 254 targets, 244 targets achieved . 96.1%

Mordialloc Walking Trail

Johanna compiled an excellent list of sites suitable for inclusion in a walking trail. Unfortunately the trail likely to be produced by council lacks certain features such as remnant racing sites such as stables and owners houses.

Obituary: Mike Morris 25 July 2011.

Formerly a journalist with the Dandenong Examiner and Mordialloc Chelsea Independent. MBCL was always grateful that Mike gave full coverage to issues we submitted and printed our letters in full! Mike gets a mention in Bob Ellis’s book, “Goodbye Jerusalem”. It seems Bob, Mike, Mungo MacCallum and Michael Leunig were part of the team of reporters on Richard Walsh’s paper Nation Review, no longer around sadly. John Hepworth, one of the team, was dying and Ellis reports that “ “the Hepworth Fellowship was gathering. Mungo MacCallum had been in, and Richard Walsh and Mike Morris and the surviving gang from Nation Review….and Leunig and John Hindle (visited) almost daily.”

Blue Wedges Newsletter

Blue Wedges reports that the expensive sand bag wall at Portsea is not working and DSE have now installed a rock wall which hasn’t saved the beach but may prevent further erosion of the dunes.Jenny says “What certainly has changed since channel deepening is Portsea beach and the strength and frequency of ocean swells now able to enter the Bay and pound Portsea shoreline.” Dr Eric Bird’s document “Changes on the Coastline of Port Phillip Bay” gives great coverage of sand movement and erosion around the Bay which he claims is a natural process and will continue – exacerbated, of course, by human intervention.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 1st June 2011

Cr Peulich Visit

Welcome to Cr Peulich – a ‘getting to know you’ visit to discuss issues of importance to MBCL members. And a welcome to Rod who presented the background to the 1985 battle for the Bay Trail in Sandringham – now likely to be completed back of kerb in conformity with the successful existing sections of the trail through Sandringham, Black Rock and Brighton. Meanwhile Kingston’s section of the trail languishes while futile suggestions, for example using Mentone promenade, are debated rather than adopting Bayside’s back of kerb example.

Foreshore Funding

Weeding the northern section of Kingston foreshore. Penny asks why $300,000 dollars allocated to Cr Dundas for use on the foreshore cannot be used for the NRA team to weed and revegetate the foreshore? Who is responsible for eventual use of this money?

Bay Trail

Judy’s Letter to the local paper referred to the fact that Cr Dundas moved in Council that the back of berb option for the bike track , favoured by MBCL , Bayside council and a majority of residents surveyed, be deleted from the options to be presented to the Transport Minister. Such are the machinations involved in attempting to have a safe, viable bike track built to encourage the community to adopt an alternative form of transport to alleviate climate change.

Trees in the Nature Strip Beach Road

Council is to be congratulated for giving Beach Road the option of having a tree in their nature strip. The furore from residents who didn’t want to lose “their” view or the ability to park on “their” nature strip resulted in four page letters being letter boxed along Beach Road. Stephen provided a lucid and reasoned response.Well done.


Bronwen, Anne and Darren found that phosphate levels had declined this month due to the lower temperature of 11 degrees. The team discussed the idea of testing water quality further upstream e.g. on the Edithvale drain alongside Springvale Road – or at Waterways where water enters the wetlands. Bronwen would be interested in trialing this idea.

Climate Change and Biodiversity Report

Walter reported on the CC&B meeting where population was the topic with a viewing of Dick Smith’s excellent film .Jonathon presented demographic stats showing population growth in Kingston. Walter then handed out 20 copies of Kelvin Thomson’s 14 point plan for a sustainable population for Australia and also recommended a Melbourne University report entitled “Zero Carbon Australia: a Stationery Energy Plan.” This can be purchased for $30 from the university.

The Collins Report

Staff changes include Tim Ford being appointed to the role of Horticulture Supervisor; Glen Firth acting in Tree Establishment Supervisor role.

Yammerbook has received approval from Melbourne Water on two concepts and will now undertake soil testing to assess possible acid-sulfate soils so that extension of the lakes can go ahead. Flora and fauna surveys revealed Wallaby Grass, remnant or emergent.

Chicquita park landscaping work is continuing, Levanto Street fence has been removed and the area will be sprayed and mulched in June in preparation for planting. Sporting grounds and parks are still affected by flooding earlier in the year.

Made a presentation to the Mordialloc Lions Club and hope that they will become involved in Parks activities.Working with Mordialloc Rotary at Parkdale Station.Tony was then questioned about changes to NRA’s foreshore work area e.g the PETER SCULLIN RESERVE which has been removed from the NRA team’s responsibility and now comes under Parks and Landscaping. Nina queried the reason for these changes. Does this mean formalizing the reserve rather than adhering to the long held concept of a natural, open area with indigenous trees and under storey providing shade and shelter? The consultant’s plans show an avenue of Canary Island Palms , an invasive weed species according to the Advisory list of environmental weeds of coastal plains and heathy forest bioregions of Victoria. Canary Island palms were removed from the Hazel Pierce Reserve five years ago. Nina asked why the Banksias had limbs removed and the understorey cleared near the promenade and barbecues. Understorey provides shelter from the prevailing south west wind . This is more important than see- through views.

Fun for the Over Fifties

Organised by KCC, may well have been an attempt by real estate and developer sponsors to lure the over fifties out of their comfortable homes and into the rabbit hutches presently being constructed in Kingston by a certain well known developer. However environment groups were offered a stall to display material so Nina revised the MBCL brochure and replenished our supply. One good thing to come out of the event. Thanks ,Nina.

Mordialloc Creek Master Plan

Mordialloc Creek Master Plan raises once again that hoary old chestnut of removing the sea scouts from Lambert’s Island to provide access for the public to yet another restaurant, possibly within, or part of, the motor yacht squad building. Mordialloc Council’s Tract Consultant’s plan 1985 ,also wrestled with the question of how the public was to access the island. Another old saw also re-emerges in the draft master plan where it is stated that the George Woods Reserve is “under utilized” so therefore some structure must fill up the open space – this time it is a large regional playground in the arboretum amongst the mature trees on the pleasant open grassed area. There is ample room on the site of the existing playground for expansion.

Green Wedges

Green Wedges are under threat this time from the Baillieu Government who are reviewing the boundaries and would like to see expansion of schools, churches and wineries and who knows what else, into the wedges. Why are we not surprised?

Blue Wedges

Blue Wedges report that a barrage of sand bags at Portsea hasn’t saved the beach as the ocean swell pounds through the Heads. The “independent” Office of Environmental Monitor is “satisfied that dredging is not the cause of Portsea beach disappearing”It also claims that there is insufficient data to prove that dredging is the cause of the problem. Then that must mean that there is insufficient data to support their claim that the disappearing beach is NOT linked to dredging? Well done, Jenny!

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 4th May 2011

Volunteer Grants

Mark Dreyfus Federal Member for Isaacs advises that Volunteer Grants of between  $1000 and $5000 are now open. Applications close June 8 at 5pm. Any ideas?

Mordialloc Historic Walking Trail

Nanda Krottje, project Officer for the City of Kingston, Leisure and Culture, invites queries (and hopefully) suggestions. Ph 9581 4575

Mordialloc Creek Foot Bridge

Nina has been mining the files and found some interesting material about the pedestrian bridge over the creek linking the George Woods Reserve, Mordialloc to the Long Beach BikeTrail in Aspendale. Constructed in 1982 by K.V.Johnston Construction Pty Ltd the bridge has a 40 m span pin arch structure that follows in the tradition of timber arch bridges established by the 50 m span Greensborough Bridge built in 1975. Having rehabilitated the once highly polluted Mordialloc Creek, Chelsea and Mordialloc Councils felt that a timber bridge better reflected their aspiration of restoring natural qualities of the area. It was never intended that the bridge should be painted and it is disappointing to find that just as the paint was wearing off, the bridge has been re-painted!

Beach Road Tree Planting

Kingston Council is offering residents the choice of three types of indigenous trees to be planted in the nature strip along Beach Road. And yes, you’ve guessed it! Someone is letter boxing the area claiming that trees will “affect the views of residents’! Joan has also been mining the files and found some disturbing facts about the Melia azedarach, White Cedar, also known as Persian Lilac, currently being planted in our nature strips


Bronwen has new equipment and also has a new helper, Anne, a lady from Aspendale as well as Darren. However phosphate levels were lower this month because the weather was only 12 degrees and phosphate readings are affected by temperature variations.

Mordialloc Creek

Nina and Tony reported on Mordialloc Creek/Wells Road Storm Water Treatment work to reduce pollution of the creek and also provide alternative water options for street tree and park watering. Nina reports that a bike trail has been cut through the vegetation near Old Wells Road .


Reports from Tony and Nina on the progress of Stage 2 Master Plan for the reserve. Council is still awaiting approval from Melbourne Water for this work to commence. In the meantime water testing has been arranged by council and a flora and fauna survey is being undertaken by Ecology Australia.

Bradshaw Park

Council agreed to retrofit the existing fence with mesh. Stainless steel mesh has been attached to the fence on the highway side. Two swing gates and two mesh vehicle gates are also required.

The Collins Report

Council was involved in discussions with ESV and other councils to consider a staged transition to achieving the new Electric Line Clearance regulations .Found that this authority was more conciliatory while still demanding line clearance. Lines to be bundled rather than have numerous lines destroying neighbourhood vistas.

Heatherton Rec Reserve Storm Treatment Project similar to Mordialloc Creek project is aimed at minimizing use of potable water.

Chicquita Park landscape works are continuing, and following some community interest, aim to include residents in planting planned for June.

First Avenue Clayton playground and park upgrade with tree planting as part of the offset project from the Dept of Transport.?

Bicenntenial Park Chelsea has lost a recently installed 6 metre picnic table.

Bay Trail

Despite positive moves in Bayside regarding completion of the Bay trail back-of-kerb, Kingston council is still considering four options rather than take advantage of Transport Minister Mulder’s offer to permit narrowing of Beach Road lanes where significant vegetation is threatened.

Banksia Woodland, Bonbeach

As a result of recalcitrant Bonbeach residents wanting all vegetation removed from the foreshore so that “their views” will not be impeded Kingston’s Coastal Management Plan is in abeyance.

Green Wedge Issues

Capital Golf Course in Kingston’s green wedge is seeking approval for a residential development on this land.


The Grange has seen early flowering of wattles, multiple butterflies and other insects.

Rowan Woodland has also seen great growth due to plentiful rain.

Mornington Yacht Club

Mornington Yacht Club is proposing a large marina for 190 boats in Mornington Harbour . It will include a 210 metre concrete wave screen wall rising 4 metres above high tide and buried at the base of the sea bed. Negative impacts include loss of amenity, views obstructed and visual surroundings totally altered. Popular Mother’s Beach will no longer be a safe or pleasant swimming beach due to increased sand accumulation and water pollution. Views of the bay will be obstructed by the massive concrete wave screen. There is already a huge, largely unoccupied marina at Martha Cove Harbour. This appears to be massive over kill to try to protect 190 boats at the expense of the enjoyment of many hundreds of visitors and residents to Mother’s Beach.

Fun for our Fiftys

An expo 4th and 5th June at Kingston City Hall with exhibitors such as the developer Lowe Constructions and Ian Ryan How to obtain the best price for your home when selling. They wouldn’t be trying to persuade the over 50s to sell and move out of their stand alone homes with backyard and garden and move into one of the dog kennels being constructed locally so that their developer mates can make a killing, would they?. Would they???

Coal Seam Gas Mining

Exploration licences have been granted to explore in the Ninety Mile Beach , The Gippsland Lakes and the Strezlecki Ranges in Victoria

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.