Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 2nd August 2000


Submissions to Senate Inquiry into the WTO and Treaties, ResCode 2000, Kyoto Protocol.

Photopoint Monitoring

The first round of photography was completed in August and the film has been dispatched for printing-possibly on a compact disc for easy reference at a later date. Notes were made on plant growth in each area. School groups have successfully planted grasses in sections of the foreshore and these are flourishing. Thanks to Tony for so efficiently organising sites.

The Parks

Tony Collins was present and was able to give a detailed report on The Grange’s feral proof fence almost completed. Rowan Woodland. After a controlled burn in April a Scout group planted 1000 plants. Revegetation is occurring. Chiquita Park’s future is still uncertain. Bald Hill/Namatjira Park with remnant plants is now part of Excell’s contract. Mordialloc Creek is being used to control Bridal Creeper. Kingston Heath has minor remnants of Swamp Paperbark .Community people may be employed in this park. Kingston Foreshore. It is reassuring to know that there are two people working full time on the foreshore. Excell has been working with school groups on the foreshore also. This is in part an education exercise to encourage young people to realise the importance of foreshore conservation. Bonbeach, Williams Grove, Friends of Bonbeach planted trees on the foreshore on Sunday 30th July. Clusters of students from Seaford/Carrum Primary Schools are also involved.

Kingston Street Tree Management Study

It was decided that MBCL would write in support of Ron’s review of the document. An appreciative acknowledgement has been received from David Digby.

Woodlands Industrial Estate / Biosolids

The Peer Review of Golders Report is still being carried out by Woodward Clyde on ti use of biosolids in Lake 1, Woodlands Industrial Estate.

ResCode 2000

KRAMMED, Kingston Conservation & Environment Coalition and MBCL attended a special Council meeting at the invitation of the Strategic Planner to present their concerns with the State Government’s ResCode 2000. KRAMMED and MBCL will present submissions to the Panel in Nauru House on Tuesday 5th September. 2.30-4.30.

Traffic Bertram Street / Governor Road

Brian Earl will speak at a special Council meeting to attempt to resolve this problem. The removal of the hockey court from the Kevin Hayes Reserve may improve matters, especially in reducing the traffic in Bertram Street after the opening of Crown Ave and Gipps Avenue once again.

Green Wedge

Kingston Conservation & Environment Coalition has been advised that NOW is an appropriate time to act on policy reviews into development in the Green Wedge. Meetings have been arranged with the DOI, Nauru House.

Parkdale Research

Glen has been very active in the headwaters area of the Dandenong Creek monitoring potential problems. Glen’s attendance at conservation groups in the catchment is important in alerting residents upstream of Mordialloc Creek that we don’t really want their litter on our beaches. Glen was guest speaker at the Field Naturalists Association meeting in August.

Kingston Foreshore Landscape & Leisure Steering Group Workshops

MBCL and Kingston Conservation & Environment Coalition members have been attending local meetings to hear what the community would like (or not like) to see on the foreshore. So far there seems to be a general consensus that the foreshore should be left as it is. Development was not thought to be necessary or desirable (that is, development of commercial facilities).

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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