Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 2nd September 1998

We welcome new members David & Joan Eggleston.


Submissions have been sent to the Federal Government’s ANZEC Enquiry, the Scoresby Freeway EES (Paul Mees of the PTUA will attend the panel on behalf of environment groups). We were asked by Kingston Council’s Planning Officer, Mark Woodland to comment on L38, Council’s plans for Epsom Race Course. All submissions are available if members are interested in checking them.
J. Cuthbertson will write to Dr Miles Lewis (TCPA) re the Hains property development.

Mordialloc Local Area Traffic Study

Concern was expressed that intense development in some sections of the municipality will intensify traffic and parking problems for residents. e.g. a proposed development on the corner of Alameda Street, Parkdale and Como Parade. There are reports of similar over- developments at Aspendale.
Recommendation:- That Parkdale Mentone Village Committee form a sub-committee to examine the development applications to Kingston Council and make comment.
The ARUP traffic report and summary are available for comment.

The Parks

Friends of Bradshaw Park have received a grant of $300.00 for signs to be placed on the fence. The signs would contain information about the flora and fauna within the park. It was suggested that the money might be better spent on an entrance designed to attract attention from passing traffic. Signs often add to the clutter along roads and highways.
A Braeside Park volunteer has nobly commenced analysis of the water in Dingley Drain which flows through Braeside Park. In the last three months 5000 plants have been planted in the new parking area. Jewish school children were given a grant to plant 1000 trees in the Park! Melbourne Water owns the Mornington Peninsula Freeway reservation and brick building used by Parks staff. Vic Roads wants to buy the reservation from Melbourne Water and use the brick building for their own staff.
The front part of Karkarook Park may be handed over to the public in November.

Kingston Conservation & Environment Coalition

Regular meetings are being held by a KCEC committee to plan a Flora & Fauna Seminar to be held in March 1999. Kingston Council is supporting a Federal Grant application of $20.000 for the seminar.

Kingston Foreshore Strategy

A travelling display through Kingston shopping centres resulted in a fairly poor response. Previously people didn’t have enough time to respond – if indeed they saw the display at all! Although the findings haven’t been released, rumours abound about proposed developments in the study area such as the removal of sea scouts and the motor yacht club from the island in the creek to make way for commercial development. Shades of the Tract Consultants Plan circa 1987.

Acid Sulphate Soil from City Link

The acid sulphate soil saga continues. Transurban brought a consultant from NSW to advise on the management of acid sulphate soil. Homebush Olympic site has severe acidic problems. A clay capping has been proposed for the Braeside site to prevent air reaching the acid sulphate soil, however this doesn’t deal with potential leaching into the groundwater and creek. EPA is concerned over this issue.

Municipal Strategic Statement

Mark Woodland, Planning Dept. Kingston reported the Panel hearing of the MSS has supported the environmental findings and submissions but has asked Kingston to re-write the document to remove excessive verbiage!

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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