Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 7th October 1998

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The Parks

Further to last months minutes referring to proposed signs at Bradshaw Park we have been advised that the signs will be metal, 6ft long and approx. 3ft wide. The signs will be pictorial only with outlines of animals which children/students can colour in. The signs will be sealed to weather proof them. It is proposed to place the signs along both the Nepean Hwy and railway fences. Council is prepared to construct an improved entrance when the Friends have decided on the design.
Water analysis is continuing at Braeside Park. We will be interested to hear the results when they are available. Sunday 8th November at 2pm a Spring Heathland Walk with Leon Costermans.
Planting is continuing at Karkarook Park.

Sercos’s Foreshore Management

A bi-monthly meeting with Serco, MBCL and KCEC members took place 8-9-98. Issues discussed were a proposed ecological burn at the Mundy Street, Mentone site to encourage regeneration of indigenous plants. There is no official plan for foreshore management. The Kingston Foreshore Strategy Plan will become the official plan when the study is completed by the consultants. There are opportunities for Friends Groups to be involved in decision making if they contact Council when new specifications are being prepared. We reported that beach cleaning machinery was damaging spinifex which is spreading onto the beach and stabilising the sand and dunes.

Kingston Conservation & Environment Coalition Annual General Meeting

A Public Transport Users Association representative attended this meeting and asked for submissions opposing the Scoresby Freeway. Paul Mees of the PTUA will represent MBCL at the Panel hearing as well as the many other environment groups who are objecting to the proposed freeway which will encroach into the green wedge and encourage more development in the wedge.
KCEC have applied for a $20,000 Federation Grant to assist with the planned two day Flora and Fauna Seminar on biodiversity in the sandstone areas in Kingston and adjoining suburbs.

Acid Sulphate Soil at Braeside

The Kingston Council have asked for the acid sulphate soil to be removed but the EPA are planning to cover it with a clay topping. It is uncertain whether the EPA will insist on groundwater monitoring. Further checks will need to be made with Dandenong EPA.

Kingston Neighbourhood Character Study Workshop

KCEC have one member on the Steering Committee but this member has reservations about the process. For example only 300 residents are to be surveyed in the whole of Kingston. I is important therefore that residents take the opportunity to inspect the displays at council offices and libraries and/or attend the workshops to take place 17th November at the Mentone Office 6.00pm to 7.00 pm. The study is designed to determine which areas of the city may be used for medium density housing and which parts have heritage value and have restrictions placed on style of development.

Tree Looping in front of Windows on the Bay

It seems that certain people, not satisfied with the former Mordialloc Council’s agreement that the tea tree in front of the restaurant should be trimmed, have hacked the four banksias as well. Information from MBCL files has been given to Kingston Council officers regarding the previous agreement. We expect that action will be taken to ensure that the banksias will be left alone in future.

Epsom Racecourse Proposed Residential Development

MBCL was asked by Kingston Planning Officer to make a submission outlining our concerns about the proposed development. Following discussions with KCEC members the submission was presented. MBCL was later invited to meet with the VRC consultant to discuss issues arising from the development. Because interested developers would prefer to have residential development only, there could well be 600 houses on the site. The only open space apart from a cricket pitch will be 10 hectares of flood drainage basin at the southern end of the site.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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