Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 7th June 2000


Letters sent to:- SAP re E coli levels at St Kilda, Alpine Parks Submission to MPs Perton & Birrell & Independent MPs, Team Leader Parks re grass mowing at Mentone, Kingston CEO re the bio-solids fill for Lake 1 Woodlands.

Donation of Information

G. Agnew donated ocean water quality documents to MBCL. Expressed concern at some councils’ street tree planting programs. Deciduous trees create a problem with the litter entering drains. Reports that high E coli levels at St Kilda may be due to compaction of the Grand Prix track at Albert Park cracking sewage mains.


Terry Lane in the Age, June 4th, claimed that pressure groups like SAP (and possibly Krammed and MBCL) are regarded as ‘pests’ because they are persistent in pursuing their cause. MBCL, in our 32nd year of causing irritation, is happy to be numbered amongst the ‘pests’ especially as the ‘pests’ according to Terry, “in the long run are usually proved right!”

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 3rd May 2000

Members may be wondering at the change in logos at the top of the page. We have been advised that MBCL is eligible for a Melbourne Water grant to assist with the publication of this newsletter. We are, of course, delighted. Thank you, Melbourne Water!

Monitoring Program

Four members have volunteered to take part in a monitoring program of the Natural Bush Areas along the creek and foreshore. This will involve photographing selected sites on a three monthly basis to check on re-growth and revegetation in these areas. During May, sites were selected by Tony Collins Team Leader Excel, and volunteers, Nina, Brian, Penny and Mary.
The selection process was in itself informative. For example, great work is being done on the north bank of Mordialloc creek with weed removal and planting of species indigenous to the area, however there is still the problem with the south bank of the creek, formerly under the control of Chelsea Council but now the responsibility of Melbourne Water. Maintenance and weed removal is urgently required to prevent weed infestation recurring on the opposite bank.
While foreshore vegetation and planting programs are creating a haven for birds and a buffer between the built area and beach, a major problem continues to be the destruction of foreshore vegetation by residents who want to ‘improve’ their view. Two incidents occurred recently when banksias and tea-tree were bull-dozed from the foreshore at Chelsea and Carrum.

Stormwater Management

Progress in suburban council’s storm water management strategy’s was the topic for discussion at the Dandenong CIC meeting held at Kingston in May. Kingston Council’s Environment Officer, Doug Evans, presented a report stressing that the quality, rather than the quantity, of storm water was the main aim of the management plan.

Council Report

Cr van Klaveren gave a comprehensive report on current issues of local concern:-

  • JvK attended the PPCC AGM at which the Hon. Victor Perton was guest speaker.
  • Decisions have to be made about saving the historic house, Mayfield, and the impressive stand of European trees
  • The Kingston Residential Strategy is still being considered by Council. The State Government has nominated setbacks and overshadowing as issues to be addressed. Members claim that density is still a major issue as is the retention of trees.
  • JvK attended a VCAT hearing with residents concerned about a sub-standard unit development which had been approved by ‘delegation’
  • Mordialloc Activity Node, now known as the Mordialloc Precinct, will be the subject of a study when tenders are decided. Councillors Petchey and van Klaveren are on the Steering Committee. Environment members must also be included in this important study.
  • JvK and Councillor Normington inspected the Mirvac development site at Kingston Centre where 450-500 houses are to be built.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 12th April 1994

Bradshaw Park

Scouts from the 8th Mordialloc Troop were involved in planting 280 items including trees, shrubs and grasses in Bradshaw Park in March. The scouts will return for further planting on the 23rd May.

Braeside Park

A successful planting day 10-4-94 saw 200 trees planted between Governor Road and the bird hide.
17-4-94 will be a planting day for Girl Guides from the Dingley area. Scouts will be also involved in establishing trees in the difficult clay/peat type soil.
The wetlands in the park now contain stinking water-a mixture of leachates/and detergents. State Government Ministers and Springvale Council are still debating who should be responsible for the clean-up of the leachates flowing into the park and then into Mordialloc Creek.

Driven by the “user pays” policy of the State Government, Park rangers are introducing donkey rides as a means of earning finance despite a ruling banning horses from the Park because of the danger of introducing non- native plants to the area. Presumably donkeys would fall into the same category!

Carrum Edithvale Wetlands Lowlands Comittee

Scott Seymour has forwarded the League a report of bird sightings in the area.
It was moved at the CEWLC meeting by Cr Williams that the League write to Mordialloc Council asking that a member of Staff or councillor attend the meetings because of the planning initiatives involving Mordialloc Creek.

A letter was duly forwarded to the Council suggesting that Mordialloc Council be represented at the meetings. As there had been no response after three weeks and as the next meeting was on the 21-4-94, enquiries elicited the response that the person written to had not sighted the letter! For whatever reason it would appear that Mordialloc Council does not want to be involved, or perhaps be reminded, of the problems associated with the creek.

David Allen will attend the next meeting of the CEWLC at Braeside 21-4-94.

Beaumaris Park

We are still awaiting the BIOSIS report on Beaumaris Park and hope that it will emphasise the significance of the park especially as a submission is being prepared asking that this area be accepted for Heritage listing.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 1st March 1994

Mayor’s Community Day

The Mayor’s Community Day, 27-3-94, concentrated on highlighting the sediment accumulating on the Horse Paddock Reef. Special thanks to Glen and Mara who organised jars and labels for sticky, black sludge collected from the reef by Glen. The jars proved to be the feature of the day with 346 people signing the petition to be forwarded to Geoff Leigh to present to State Parliament. New trestles and table worked well. Thanks to members of the Home Environment group for their assistance on the day also all League members involved.

The Agnew Report

Glen reported on the follow up of the politicians dive on the Horse Paddock Reef There has been no response from Geoff Leigh or the Minister for Conservation, Mark Birrell apart from forwarding the League an EPA report seeking to play down heavy metal content in the sediment which the CSIRO claims has risen by a factor of 4.
Mara volunteered to contact Swinburne or RMIT film making school to see if they would be interested in making a film for Glen.

Bradshaw Park

Non-endemic trees have now been cut down and will be mulched. The Friends group have until June to spend the remainder of the Grant money.

Braeside Park

The League has learned that freeway will not be moved despite Mark Birrell’s assurances when he was Shadow Minister for Conservation. If the freeway is built adjacent to Braeside Park the wetlands will be affected.
Authorities have at last acknowledged publicly that leachates from the Rowan Road tip have polluted the wetlands and are entering the drains flowing into Mordialloc Creek. At present the State Government and Springvale Council are denying responsibility for cleaning up the mess.

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