Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 2nd October 1996

Bradshaw Park

Council Staff are still trying to find the wooden routed sign which was removed without permission by the contractors from the Park. There is criticism of the new design of signs for the Natural Resources Areas.


The cost of replacing signs throughout the City of Kingston is as follows:-

  • Signs with the Kingston Logo on a white background in shopping centres and parks $48,000
  • Boundary signs $17,000
  • Dog signs $10,000
  • Logo $4,000
  • Installation costs $50,000

Braeside Park

Rangers are monitoring the Dingley drain which flows through the Park and carries leachates from the landfill sites in Spring Road. October 20th a walk was organised by Friends of the Park.

Karkarook Park on Warrigal Road

Planting continues. The trees at the moment are very small.

KLSP Panel Review

The Panel rejected the City of Dandenong proposal to allow residential development in this section of the Green Wedge claiming that there was a lack of information. The Panel was critical of evidence put forward in support of the proposal by the pro-development lobby. seeking to develop the area north of the Main Drain to Centre Road and bounded by Springvale Road to the west.

The Agnew Report

Diving held up by the weather conditions. A fellow diver with CSIRO is prepared to assist Glen with research. Expensive diving equipment is being purchased to this end. Despite the information in Waves indicating that Glen’s work fitted the Grant specifications nothing has been heard of the application. The Marine Research Group Inc is recommending against aquaculture farming in the Port Phillip Bay and along the Victorian coast. This applies particularly to introducing the Pacific oyster. Inaccuracies were noted in the Port Phillip Bay Fisheries Management Plan especially with regard to seagrass location.

Kingston Conservation & Environment Coalition Wetland Seminar

The possible date is now February 8th 1996. Possible location the Chelsea Town Ha Representatives from Melbourne Water and the City of Kingston CEO will be invited to attend. Groups will be encouraged to prepare stalls to demonstrate their activities.

Corporate Review Meetings

The City of Kingston Corporate Review meetings were well attended by MBCL and KCEC members who were vocal in support of having environmental safeguards written into the Corporate Review. J.Cuthbertson’s submission to the Review stressed the importance of the Chain of Wetlands concept and the Wetlands Wildlife Passages.

Other Business

Environmental and Friends groups were invited to meet SERCO workers and management at Mentone 2-10-96. The Environment Officers introduced the Parks & Gardens Staff who will be involved with the maintenance of the City’s Natural Resource Areas. Concern was expressed about the amount of work that a very much reduced number of staff will be expected to undertake.

M.Hayler has requested that an EES be undertaken before a proposal for a cemetery is allowed to proceed in swampy land in the Green Wedge at Bangholme.
J.C and M.R attended a Tourism Seminar at Frankston,

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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