Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 5th October 2011

Busy Month

Another Busy Month for Members with meetings accumulating. Mordialloc Creek Master Plan released for public comment. Concern about a proposed bridge from the Hazel Pierce Reserve to Lambert Island may increase vandalism of expensive yachts if the bridge permits public access to the island.The seascouts should remain on the island despite plans to relocate them. Obstruction of the view from the road bridge and Doyle’s deck along the creek to the Bay is worrying aspect. The relocation of the proposed large regional playground from the Arboretum to the present small playground with toilets, a bus stop and car parking adjacent makes sense to most people.Discussion about the future of the Pompei shed. Could funds be found to create a boat building -training school with a three-way funding scheme e.g. Government, council and tertiary education? Consultants favourable comments on Arboretum in George Woods Reserve:: Existing and established indigenous and exotic trees improve the aesthetic and ecological value of the park.

Kingston Conservation and Environment Coalition AGM

KCEC AGM 19lh October was devoted to the Kingston Green Wedge Plan. Cr Staikos gave a comprehensive description of important features of the plan, followed by Ken Carney ,AGRA president and then David Madill from Dingley Residents Association. Five Kingston Councillors were present.

Meeting at Mordialloc Neighbourhood House 3rd November from 1pm to 3pm to workshop Green Wedge submissions. Meetings also at Dingley International Hotel organized by the consultants and council for stakeholders input.


Bronwen reports that the last water quality tests in Mordialloc Creek at Bowen Road revealed high salt levels. Discussion continuing regarding funding for this program. Melbourne Water introduced a Water Initiatives 2050: an Integrated Water Management Strategy for Melbourne’s South East at Kingston Council 20 October. The strategy’s objectives are to : Provide customer choice, optimise resources and infrastructure , improve the health of waterways and the water environment (including groundwater) and create community value. Nina and Wal attended this meeting. Submissions are invited.

Bay Trail

At the September council meeting Cr Dundas presented a fifth option for the Bay Trail at the last minute—his preferred promenade option. This option hadn’t been seen by other councillors. Despite this and the fact that independent engineering studies condemned this route as being too dangerous, five councillors voted in favour of the fifth option. To counteract this farce Cr West successfully presented a proposal to begin the Kingston section of the Bay Trail at Charman Road back-of-kerb to Munday Street. This was passed amidst applause from the gallery! We appreciate Rod’s work on this ongoing saga. Letter to Ed once again nat printed/

The James Report (in lieu of Collins report).

Lee was apprised of water skiing on Yammerbook Lake. Nina reports that council has no jurisdiction over Melbourne Water land. By Laws Officers don’t operate at weekends when this activity occurs. Ken Carney, AGRA, has been informed. and is negotiating with MW and council for council to take over management of this area and for By laws Officers to operate at weekends.

Chicquita lawn area is to be completed.

The Grange had a successful Open Day with planting of 400 plants and new members attending.

NRA have a new trainee. Bede is continuing in the role of Tree Establishment Supervisor.

Dead trees have been removed from the Hazel Pierce Reserve.

Concern that there appears to be an avenue of trees shown in the Mordialloc Creek Master Plan along the bank of the creek on the promenade path.

60 trees have been removed along the Long Beach Trail to Patterson River. Claimed that tree roots were blocking the secondary drain.This will detract from the pleasure of riding or walking along the trail where the trees were such a feature.

CONDOLENCES at the death of Professor Michael Buxton’s father, Malcolm at 90 years of age. Both Malcolm and Michael were City of Mordialloc councillors in the 1970s and with other councillors, successfully opposed a marina being built at the foot of Charman Road and later opposed two pipelines crossing the Bay.

Thanks to Geoffrey Goode, PPCC, for passing this information on via Nina.

Sustainable Transport

MBCL was invited by Environment Victoria^Leicester Street, 13 October to a forum on sustainable transport. The State Government has cut EV funding for this project which they have been working on for ten years. Those in attendance were a rep from VICOSS, GAMUT from Melbourne University, VLGA president who is also a councillor: from Yarra Ranges, a resident rep from Ballarat, Paul Prentice from Friends of Merri Creek and your secretary. Discussion on how EV can continue to assist volunteer groups to achieve sustainable transport.

Environment Effect State Process in Victoria

Report has been received. Interesting to note that the second (SEES)Panel Hearing into dredging of Port Phillip Bay shipping channels came into severe criticism about its failure to allow questioning of POMC’s expert witnesses. Chairman Alan Hawke said this should not happen again. Brad Jessop, a young lawyer who was one of POMC’s team during the first EES, has carried out an extensive study of the second SEES and is also critical. Blue Wedges is quoted frequently. Even MBCL gets a mention!

Western Port And Peninsula Protection Council

Western Port and Peninsula Protection Council is turning 40 this year and so is RAMSAR. Celebrations are occurring 27th October at Somers Yacht Club. WPPC was a foundation member of Blue Wedges and is continuing in their campaign to protect Westernport from becoming the “Ruhr of Victora” -the aim of Premier Bolte in 1967.

Recycling Opportunities in Kingston

Liz has prepared a useful list of sites for you to recycle a variety of used items. Check KCC’s website or Planet Ark’s website.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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