Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 3rd June 1999


We are delighted to welcome new members Penny and Ernest McGuire White and Nina and Brian Earl. Attendance at meetings, suggestions, queries and/or complaints will also be welcome. Please come along!

The Parks

A burn at Rowan Woodlands to encourage regeneration of indigenous plants.

Karkarook Park
Ron gave a talk to encourage the formation of a Friends Group for this park which has had its third opening ceremony this time by the Hon. J. Kennett. Once again the Friends were not invited!

Braeside Park
Administration changes has meant the loss of two more rangers. Mark Mooney, after 11 years., has transferred to Nepean National Park. Letters have been sent to Geoffrey Leigh, MP requesting funding to install a litter trap in the park on Dingley Drain. Funds for a trap have been approved for the Woodlands Industrial Estate. A monthly test of Dingley Drain is carried out by the Friends group. Quarterly reports will be issued shortly. According to Kingston’s Stormwater Management Plan March 1999, Dingley Drain is subject to tip leachate.

Port Philip Conservation Council Report

Our delegate to the PPCC reports that Sandringham LSC wants to combine two foreshore buildings into one new building at the bottom of the cliff on the sand. There is some opposition. The intrepid lifesavers have evidently not heard of the EPA reports into climate change and storm surges. Stephen also reports that the PPCC would like an MBCL brochure for their Web site.

Epsom Training Track Development by Urban Land Corporation

MBCL has once again been asked to speak to Year 12 Geography students at Haileybury. The students are required to research all aspects of a particular development for their VCE C.A.T. 2. Two requests by ULC to commence preliminary work have been referred to a Panel

Tree Removal at Mentone Girls Grammar School

A concerned caller informed us of the MGGS proposal to remove 16 significant trees to enable the school to increase its power supply. Expert detective work by Stephen revealed that amongst the trees to go were 7 large angophora, 3 yellow box and a melaleuca. City of Kingston lacks an Environmental Local Law for Tree Protection. which would make it more difficult to remove trees for development purposes. This Law provides penalties also for illegal removal of trees on the foreshore. The City of Bayside has enacted this local law.

Kingston Conservation & Environmental Coalition

The KCEC newsletter has re-appeared with informative articles. The newsletter is an important means of keeping members abreast of local issues. The Editor would like groups and individuals to submit reports on their activities for inclusion in each issue. Brian attended the Carrum Lowlands Wetlands Committee and reported on the problems facing the Heatherton Dingley section of the Green Wedge. Concern over the further loss of Open Space if Moorabbin Airport seeks to develop some of its site..

Parking Free at Train Stations

Joan E. contacted MBCL re the issue of the privatisation of suburban railway car parks and the imposition of fees. A letter was sent to G.Leigh.MP. for Mordialloc. A response from Robin Cooper, Transport Minister, as a result of Geoffrey’s request for information, does nothing to allay our fears. There is no doubt that once the car parks are privatised the owners will resort to charging. It was pointed out in our letter that there would be an impact on suburban streets as motorists sought to avoid the increased cost of using public transport. This will impact on Mordialloc commercial precinct already short of parking space. Rather than encouraging the use of public transport to try to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, this will have the opposite effect.

Meetings with Serco

Bi-monthly meetings are held with Rob Jones of Sercos Natural Resource Areas. The next meeting will at 1 Montgomery Street at 1.30pm Wednesday 14th July. MBCL members will be most welcome to attend with any queries you might have about Kingston’s Natural Resource areas.

Kingston Foreshore

The next stage of the Foreshore Strategy is being plotted some of the proposals are troubling. Watch for developments!

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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