Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 7th June 2000


Letters sent to:- SAP re E coli levels at St Kilda, Alpine Parks Submission to MPs Perton & Birrell & Independent MPs, Team Leader Parks re grass mowing at Mentone, Kingston CEO re the bio-solids fill for Lake 1 Woodlands.

Donation of Information

G. Agnew donated ocean water quality documents to MBCL. Expressed concern at some councils’ street tree planting programs. Deciduous trees create a problem with the litter entering drains. Reports that high E coli levels at St Kilda may be due to compaction of the Grand Prix track at Albert Park cracking sewage mains.


Terry Lane in the Age, June 4th, claimed that pressure groups like SAP (and possibly Krammed and MBCL) are regarded as ‘pests’ because they are persistent in pursuing their cause. MBCL, in our 32nd year of causing irritation, is happy to be numbered amongst the ‘pests’ especially as the ‘pests’ according to Terry, “in the long run are usually proved right!”

Open Space

Cr van Klaveren reports that the Open Space Report stresses the ‘use’ of parks with payment for hire in some cases. Unfortunately the Report was released before the Residential Strategy which will need to ensure that there is adequate open space as multi-unit development seems to be approved for much of the municipality.

Photopoint Monitoring

We have been assured that monitoring will definitely commence in July. In the meantime a tour of Mordialloc Foreshore and Creek Reserve with Team Leader, Parks and Cr van Klaveren was a useful exercise in noting the success of planting programs in these areas and the work required in Attenborough Park. Cr Petchey, KCEC President and MBCL Secretary attended an informative workshop at Black Rock Yacht Club 21st June. Planning Processes, including roles and responsibilities of managers of coastal Crown Land was explained to 30 members of community groups.

The Parks

We are grateful to Bradshaw Park who have offered to include news about MBCL in their newsletter. The Grange had the fifth fire since Christmas. One ring tailed possum was spotted during a night walk in Rowan Woodlands. Braeside Park notes that the consultants Report into the construction of a ‘lake’ on the Southern Golf Club’s boundary with Braeside Park, is critical of the ‘naive’ Planning Department, Kingston Council. Work commenced without reference to the Friends group and Council. The ‘lake’ is 8 metres deep and will hold 48,000 cubic metres of water. Despite the requirement of a clay liner, the consultants believe that the area of influence will be considerable and warns of the need for careful management of the important remnant heathland. Finally, they state that ‘Kingston Council should ensure that this doesn’t happen again!
An artist will make ceramic tiles for the Park as part of the Federation Trail. The Streamwatch program is proceeding. Rabbit baiting was successful. Brer Fox should take the hint and watch his diet for a while. He’s next in line.

Carrum Lowlands Wetlands Committee

B.Earl was aghast at the 22 items on the agenda for this meeting but was able to report that Frankston has a clearance control policy for Red Gums. The committee recommended that Kingston and Dandenong Councils should adopt a similar policy. A cat exclusion policy for the Hains, Epsom and Palm Cove residential developments was dismissed as unworkable. Only 1/3 of the Malaleucas on the Hains development remain in the area where they were supposed to be protected. Planting is to commence on the ‘wetland’ south of the creek between Wells Road and the Centre Swamp Drain.


The old tote building will become a shop/milk bar to service residents. A total of 40 species were rescued plus two rare orchids before destruction of herb rich grassy wetland commenced.

Kingston Conservation & Environment Coalition

The KCEC is also recommending a covenant on the Hains and Epsom development to exclude cats. This would be essential if it is intended to encourage a wild life habitat/ corridor on the Hains property. Intense debate raged over the issue of asking Council to set up an Environment Advisory Committee. This committee would raise the profile of environmental issues and management in the community.

Other Business

Rumours proliferate about development in C5 of the Green Wedge the latest being a proposal for 400 townhouses south of Hutton Road on the Keys property. Mayfield may be saved to become an artists’ studio or a new home for the Historical Society. It seems the Springvale Golf Club would like to build on Heatherton Park but there are no plans at Kingston Council and the public can’t object without plans!


The Dept. of Infrastructure has organised a meeting at the Arts Centre Moorabbin, July 26 at 2-4pm to allow the community to comment on the ResCode 2000 Draft proposals. Try to come if you are concerned about multiunit development in your area.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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