Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 6th August 2008

Forthcoming Events

Annual Open Day Yammerbook 6th September 10am – 1.00pm. Planting, indigenous Plant Display, Water Watch Exhibition BBQ/Represhments.

2008 Port Phillip & Westernport Landcare Awards & Celebration 6th September (9.30am registration @ Zinc Federation Square. Environment Victoria Annual General meeting

September 24, 6.00pm – 8.00pm at the Green Building, 60 Leicester Street, Carlton

Growing the Foreshore’s Future Project Wednesday 3rd September 7pm Kit Collection

Seminar Working with Children Check – what this means for you / The 2008 Best Friend Awards. September 13 10am – 2 pm. Green Building 60 Leicester St, Carlton. Book with

Maelor Himbury at 9374 1902. The Union of Australian Women . The Centenary of Women’s Suffrage Saturady 18 October 10.30am to 4.30pm @ Mordialloc Neighbourhood House. Speakers are- Janice Munt, MP, Morag Loh -Writer, Historian, Tracee Hutchison – Journalist. Beth Wilson- Health Commissioner and Jan Cooper – Poet performer.

RSVP 29 September to Mairi 9587 8757 or Amy 9547 6167. Donation $5.

The Environment Defenders Office isprepared to organize training for community and environment groups to improve the ability of individuals and community based conservation groups to be able to represent themselves in matters before VCAT.

Kingston’s Coastal Management Plan

We were advised to speak to Gavin Jennings, Minister for the Environment, whose electorate now includes Mordialloc re Kingston’s Draft Coastal Management Plan failure to plant any trees on the foreshore north of Harding Avenue, Bonbeach. This is clearly in breach of Kingston ’s Biodiversity Strategy.

The Plan also seeks to remove coast wattle from the foreshore especially along Beach Road north of Mordialloc Creek . it is claimed that the coast wattle is taking over at the expense of other species. In fact it is sturdy enough to survive drought conditions and shelters other plants.

Desalination Plan Wonthaggi

Margaret and Walter provided interesting information concerning the constructon of the plant before the Environment Effects Statement is complete. There followed heated debate about the value of EESs if the Government does not take harmful environmental conditions into consideration during major construction projects.Land was acquired before the completion of the EES. Dredging of the Powlett River is occurring. Land   around the river is flood prone. Pylons will carry electricity across farm lands to provide energy for the desal plant. The Government is suiing the resident group.Your water- Your say because of their objections to the project when other less expensive alternatives are available.

Waterwatch Report

Judy reported on the 6th August sampling of creek water at Bowen’s Road. Melanie was on hand to once again assist the new chums with the process. Phosphoros levels were lower than the previous month when there had been heavy rain-

other levels were satisfactory. Brian has indicated that he may undertake training and join the testing team.

Mentone Heritage

Cr West explained that some heritage buildings in Mentone shopping precinct are protected including the quaint little real state building near Kilbreda. The Bakery building is also protected. Unfortunately 4 storey development will be permitted in the shopping strip with the fourth storey set back leaving two storeys in the front.

Kingston’s Non Urban Area

Kingston’s non-urban area of the green wedge came before Council 25th August and approval was given to re-zone the land for employment and industrial zones. This change, if approved by the Minister, may also include concrete crushers which is vehemently opposed by local residents. Instead of the quarry being filled and covered for buildings, the quarries would provide valuable retarding basins in which to store water. Market gardeners are already drawing water from this source.

Marina Beaumaris Bay

Environmentalists have condemned a mega-marina in the Bay saying that it would change the face of Beaumaris. The Beaumaris Motor Yacht Club squadron has an ambitious $21 million concept plan to create a 116 berth safe harbour. It would incorporate a three level 108 boat dry stacking area, a double storey car park and a new club house.Beaumaris Conservation Society spokesperson claimed that the expansion would ruin the charm of the beautiful locale. “It is an important area for its natural features; this would make it look like an industrial area and degrade it for the community. The development would change the face of Beaumaris including its much loved famous seascape and shoreline painted by the Heidelberg school of painters. There is also likely to be serious intrusion upon the internationally significant fossil site”.Certainly the view from Mordialloc, looking across the Bay to the red Beaumaris cliffs, will be lost due to being covered by the 108 dry dock boat stacks at the eastern end of the proposed development.

Climate Change

David Spratt and Philip Sutton have produced a book dealing with climate change. Climate code red –the case for emergency action. .Quoting an impressive list of authorities Spratt believes that the Rudd Government must aim for a two degree rise in temperature – not a three degree rise which will be insufficient to prevent disastrous consequences world wide.Even a two –to-three degree increase would produce a planet without Arctic sea ice, a catastrophic sea level rise, super droughts America, southern Europe, the Middle east and parts of Africa – and Australia. Spratt asks why has the labor government and the ACF have been so quiet? Is the truth too hard for political parties/ and or the general public to bear?

NQR Development

The VCAT Hearing for this development will be 20th November.

VicRoads hasn’t approved an entry only from the service road in Main Street on the somewhat dubious grounds that customers would have to travel too far along the service road until they reached the Aldi supermarket. The developer has withdrawn all the minor concessions he offered to the residents when he found that they weren’t happy with his, as per usual, over development of the site.There will only be one entry/exit point to the development- into Epsom Road.In the meantime the pedestrian safety fence at the roundabout has been demolished for the sixth time and a sign on the grassed are on the western side of the roundabout has been flattened!

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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