Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Newsletter – August 2007

Important Submission due in September

A select committee has been formed to conduct an inquiry into the sale or alienation of public land for development Subs due 28th September. Further info from Richard Willis Phone 9 651 8911. Melbourne 2030 Audit. Subs due 5.00pm 24th September Further Info from Minister for Planning Phone 9 637 887uitable development1. Shadow Minister for Planning, Matthew Guy’s Media release states that the Government’s guide for public submissions must follow terms of reference or they may not be considered by the Audit Expert Group.Interesting to note that one of the four members of the audit group is Michael Wright QC who appeared for POMC on the Panel hearing into channel deepening.

Kingston Coastal Management

A submission has been sent from MBCL to BECA consultants for the CMP. While the document still seems to be “Identifying Suitable development areas and opportunities on the coast.. they are not paying enough attention to threats of storm surge and sea level rise due to climate change. The Age, 28-8-07 has excellent articles warning local government that the planning issues are :-” where you build rather than how you build” in vulnerable areas.

Waterwatch Program

Letters have been sent to the four councillors whose wards abut the Mordialloc Creek to seek funding for the equipment required for water quality testing. The funding issue was raised at Mordialloc Village Committee where the council officer attending advised that he would progress the matter. Applications for Community Grants from Melbourne Water & Port Phillip and Westernport Catchment is another avenue to be explored.

Mordialloc Creek Brigde

VicRoads decision under considerable pressure, to allow two lanes over the bridge to operate during peak hours, north in the morning and south at night has relieved traffic congestion. The issue of safety for pedestrians and cyclists on the east side of the bridge where there is no safety barrier planned is still being debated by council and VicRoads. Nina has raised the matter with Kingston Council.

Barbecues on the Foreshore

Nina and Brian discovered that two extra barbecues were being erected on Crown Land near the Promenade, Mordialloc. Questions about authorization of this construction revealed that neither DSE who would have to issue a perimit, Council’s Environment officer and sundry other staff were unaware of the construction. The matter was raised at the Foreshore Reference Group meeting, mainly about lack of consultation with environment groups but also the apparent lack of communication within the council. Letters have been received from the CEO greenwashing the issue. This is the third occasion in which council has failed to obtain a permit from DSE for work on foreshore Crown land.

Kingston Bay Trail

Kingston Bay Trail has surfaced with the production of glossy propaganda documents to be distributed in the community. Council’s plan is to present the cliff top version only to the public at a “drop in” information session September 12 at the Mordialloc Lifesaving Club between 4.30pm to 8pm Anyone concerned about Kingston’s refusal to consider VicRoads offer to allow the verge of Beach Road to be used for an efficient commuter bike trail similar to that constructed in Bayside should contact the two ward councillors involved in this shameful, environmentally harmful decision. KCEC/MBCL met with VicRoads Senior Engineer, 21 August and discussed the verge of road option with him There is no opposition from VicRoads for the use of the verge.

Port Phillip Conservation Council

AGM will be held November 19th at 47 Bayview Crescent, Black Rock. There is an urgent need for an MBCL delegate to be prepared to attend these meetings possible twice a year. Len Warfe is president and Jenny Warfe is secretary. The meetings are interesting since one is able to learn of issues threatening Port Phillip Bay.

Industrial Land for Sale

Industrial land for sale between Governor and Mordialloc Creek. The land abuts Waterways to the east .The land to the south is expected to become an extension of wetlands in the Waterways development.
NQR site corner of Epsom Road and the highway was sold to Pace developers for $5.7 million and is expected to become retail at ground level and residential above.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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