Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 4th November 2009

Forthcoming Events

The Victorian Environmental Assessment Council is holding a Remnant Native Environmental Workshop Conference Room 2, Telstra Conference Centre corner Lonsdale and Exhibition Street, Monday 14 December, 10.00am-2.00pm.

Green fields, Brown fields,New fields 7th-10th February 2010. Tenth Australasian Urban History/Planning History Conference, Faculty of Architecture, Universsity of Melbourne.

Saturday 12th December Union of Australian Women Brunch for Peace at Mordialloc foreshore.

Share food and listen to challenging speakers.

Certificate of Appreciation

A Certificate of Appreciation was presented to Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc in recognition of the 40th Anniversary of the League’s service and contribution to the City of Kingston through its on-going campaign to protect the local environment. The Mayor, Arthur Athanasopoulos, made the presentation 23rd November at the Council meeting. Appreciation is extended to our stalwart members who are still watching over parks, foreshore, green wedges , creek and open space. Well done all !

Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron Marina Development

A letter has been received from Minister for Planning advising that an Environmental Effects Statement(EES) will be required for the marina development to proceed. Good news. Not so good though is the proposed Frankston 15ha marina. Captain Frank Hart, Frankston Beach Association, has prepared an excellent paper outlining the effects this development will have on the foreshore. The Planning Minister has appointed a Priority Development Panel removing third party rights to object.


Judy, Bronwen and Brian undertook Waterwatch in November. Further training for Waterwatchers is planned when the course again becomes available.

Coast Care Coast Action

Facilitator Phillip Wierzbowski attended the November meeting to discuss ideas for grant applications. The NRA team were consulted for projects requiring funding. A forum in March with an invitation to the community may result in recruitment of volunteers prepared to give time to projects along the foreshore and creek . Parks Team Leader ,Tony also supported the need to reactivate small groups prepared to work on the foreshore. Kingston’s Coastal Management Plan will guide and direct work on the foreshore.

Tony further reports that Kingston only has 60 million litres of recycled water for sports grounds. To drought-proof the grounds warm seasons grasses are being planted.

Mordialloc Creek Master Plan

A consultant has been appointed for this project which includes Mordialloc creek from mouth to Boundary road, Attenborough park, Hazel Pierce Reserve and the Pompei site. We wait with bated breath for yet a third or fourth plan for Attenborough park! Will the Master plan take into consideration the impact of climate change on water levels in the creek?

Bay Trail

Some good news for a change from the Bay Trail battlefront. The Mayor has responded to our letter October 26 in which he states that council officers are undertaking background work for the alignment of Kingston’s section of the trail to Charman Road. This includes preparing an Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Plan.DSE has requested that alternate alignment options be documented and presented for Council’s application for Coastal Management Act Consent. A similar process has been undertaken by Bayside Council for the stages between Cromer and Charman Roads. Bayside Council’s letter 20 November states that “Council restates its preference for the “back-of-kerb” or roadside verge option.”(the same as our option) and “That Council continues consultation with VicRoads to achieve that aim.”

Good news also concerning our request for a continuation of the bike along the southern levee bank of Mordialloc creek up to, at least, Bowen Road – but eventually up to and beyond Springvale Road.Council’s Nigel Brown informed me that there had been consultation with Dandenong council about an eventual link with the Mordialloc Trail at Springvale road.

City of Kingston’s Road Safety Strategy

City of Kingston’s Road Safety Survey was sent to Village Committee members. At the November meeting the VC members asked that someone from VicRoads attend the February meeting to hear traffic issues including Main Street pedestrian

Crossing, speed limit reduction in shopping centre (highway), extension of left lane on Main Street to become designated left turn only into McDonald Street, review of traffic flow at Main Street Roundabout /St Lucia development-Epsom Road, cut through required from Carrier Avenue to the service road at Parkdale Plaza. It should be mandatory for an independent traffic consultant to be present at VCAT or mediation hearings rather than the developer’s pet consultant who invariably gives a “no problems” response whether it concerns lack of parking or potential traffic congestion in suburban streets prior to approval for a major development.

34 Unit Development in Mordialloc Heritage Precinct

34 Unit Development in Mordialloc Heritage Precinct corner of Bear and Albert Street, Mordialloc. This is an over -development of the site with poorly designed, small units, lacking light, space, privacy and noise attenuation and built to the footpath on the corner of two heavily trafficked roads.

Parks Report

The Grange has been clearing up rubbish after a fire. Green Corp workers sometimes have trouble deciphering weeds from native grasses. (They’re not the only ones!)

Yammerbook Reserve

Yammerbook Reserve is still awaiting the completion of the informative sign for which Nina has researched material .

Sustainable Population Australia

Special General Meeting Sunday 29th 2pm at North Melbourne Town Hall. Federal member for Coburg, Kelvin Thomson, will be the guest speaker. The SPA is working with those fighting the effects of excessive population growth encouraged by mining, development and business industries all ignoring lack of water resources.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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