Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 5th September 2007

Thank You to all members for their commitment throughout a stressful year in confronting large and complex issues. Unfortunately the year ahead is likely to present more challenges to the environment locally, regionally and federally but to quote Patrick White we must continue to “protect our parks from the pressure of political concrete.”


Completed Metropolitan Planning Audit into M2030. Article in the Age this week describing Delfin’s grab for land to build a “green” town outside the urban growth boundary will test the Planning Minister’s commitment to M2030. Also Submission into the sale and development of public land and open space. A battle royal over Brack’s handling of the Kew cottages land sparked this inquiry.

Waterwatch Program

We are pleased to announce that a cheque for $800 has been received from four councillors’ Ward Funds to enable MBCL to purchase a Chemical Water Quality Testing Kit so that our trained members can commence testing the water quality in Mordialloc Creek upstream of Wells Road bridge. A thank you letter has been sent to councillors.

Living Links Program

Aspendale Gardens Residents Association convened a meeting with NRA Team Leader, Melbourne Water and Living Links officers to discuss Yammerbook Nature Reserve being incorporated into the Living Links program by linking the work on the secondary drain with Mordialloc Creek. Nina and Mary attended this meeting.

Round the Bay Bicycle Trail

Council distributed 11,500 glossy brochures including a biased push-polling survey during September. The material presented council’s preferred option only and not the alternative back of kerb route.KCEC responded by letter-boxing 4000 brochures. Nina and Shana designed and placed an advertisement in the Independent to counter council’s half page ad. in both local papers. Stephen e-mailed people and received an immediate response with residents offering to letter box for us. Council held an “information” session at the Mordialloc Lifesaving Club from 4.30pm to 8pm.Members rostered at the door interviewed attendees and found that local residents were furious at the potential loss of the soft walking tracks on the foreshore. KCEC had organized a meeting at 8pm at the Neighbourhood House.It was standing room only again for very angry residents. Council’s survey results confirmed KCEC’s earlier surveys -people wish to retain the informal walking tracks and prefer the back of kerb option for the bike track. Council voted, 24th September, for a granitic track for Stages 1 and 2. Sincere thanks to all members for a splendid team effort in letter boxing, preparing material and devoting time to counter council’s disgraceful, undemocratic and one would have to say, in some cases, ignorance in dealing sensibly with this major threat to the narrow, fragile foreshore and cliff tops and remnant vegetation.

Tree Vandalism

Tree vandalism on the foreshore where 22 trees were chain sawed over the weekend 1st or 2nd Sept. Trees were 10-20 years old and opposite large Beach Road houses. Council is threatening this time to erect screens on the site. Frankston and Bayside erect large signs but two Kingston Ward Councillors refuse to allow large signs to be erected. It remains to be seen how large and how effective screens will be. Omni, developer of Chicquita park, has vandalized the park by removing trees illegally in order to construct a $25 million three storey unit development on the 1.5 hectare site in an Incremental Change area. So much for M2030.

Ross Fox

Federal Liberal Candidate, Ross Fox attended our AGM and gave an overview of the issues he is interested in especially climate change and education. Quite an interesting debate developed over differing ideologies with regard to education for instance. An invitation was issued to the Labor candidate who was unable to attend at that time.


MBCL’S web site is being updated by Johanna so you will be able to check on our activities in recent years. A big vote of thanks to Jo for volunteering for this task!

Port Phillip Conservation Council

Port Phillip Conservation Council is seeking an MBCL delegate to attend their General Meetings twice a year. We are entitled to two delegates. Any further offers?

Blue Wedges

Sunday 7th October 10am till 3pm a Cavalcade and Carnival on the banks of the Yarra River. You can make a vital contribution and have fun as well at the community stalls theatre, food and fun!

Please Note that during the school holidays some members are taking the opportunity to take a breather to recharge the batteries before re-entering the fray. The next MBCL meeting therefore will be on the 10th October at 2pm. Looking forward to seeing you then!

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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