Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 4th September 2013

National Parks Privatisation

Some of the new members of the Coalition Government have not wasted time in making their plans for commercialisation of parks. Logging of the Tarkine in Tasmania, coal seam gas exploration in sensitive areas of Western Victoria and around the Grampians on the boundary of the national park threatens the survival of special places. Cuts to funding of environment groups will make it difficult to prevent destruction of parks, forests and farmland.

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Enquiry to the Climate Change Committee

Letter to:

Mark Dreyfus,
Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency,
Shop 6, Parkmore Shopping Centre,
Cheltenham Road,
Keysborough. 3173.

Dear Sir,

The State Liberal Government abandoned the closure of one of Australia’s dirtiest brown coal power plants thus abandoning the legislated state target of a 20% cut in carbon dioxide emissions this decade. The State Government has also embarked on an aggressive expansion of exploration licenses for the brown coal industry into some of Victoria’s most spectacular natural environments – Ninety Mile Beach, Gippsland Lakes and the Strezlecki Ranges.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 4th May 2011

Volunteer Grants

Mark Dreyfus Federal Member for Isaacs advises that Volunteer Grants of between  $1000 and $5000 are now open. Applications close June 8 at 5pm. Any ideas?

Mordialloc Historic Walking Trail

Nanda Krottje, project Officer for the City of Kingston, Leisure and Culture, invites queries (and hopefully) suggestions. Ph 9581 4575

Mordialloc Creek Foot Bridge

Nina has been mining the files and found some interesting material about the pedestrian bridge over the creek linking the George Woods Reserve, Mordialloc to the Long Beach BikeTrail in Aspendale. Constructed in 1982 by K.V.Johnston Construction Pty Ltd the bridge has a 40 m span pin arch structure that follows in the tradition of timber arch bridges established by the 50 m span Greensborough Bridge built in 1975. Having rehabilitated the once highly polluted Mordialloc Creek, Chelsea and Mordialloc Councils felt that a timber bridge better reflected their aspiration of restoring natural qualities of the area. It was never intended that the bridge should be painted and it is disappointing to find that just as the paint was wearing off, the bridge has been re-painted!

Beach Road Tree Planting

Kingston Council is offering residents the choice of three types of indigenous trees to be planted in the nature strip along Beach Road. And yes, you’ve guessed it! Someone is letter boxing the area claiming that trees will “affect the views of residents’! Joan has also been mining the files and found some disturbing facts about the Melia azedarach, White Cedar, also known as Persian Lilac, currently being planted in our nature strips


Bronwen has new equipment and also has a new helper, Anne, a lady from Aspendale as well as Darren. However phosphate levels were lower this month because the weather was only 12 degrees and phosphate readings are affected by temperature variations.

Mordialloc Creek

Nina and Tony reported on Mordialloc Creek/Wells Road Storm Water Treatment work to reduce pollution of the creek and also provide alternative water options for street tree and park watering. Nina reports that a bike trail has been cut through the vegetation near Old Wells Road .


Reports from Tony and Nina on the progress of Stage 2 Master Plan for the reserve. Council is still awaiting approval from Melbourne Water for this work to commence. In the meantime water testing has been arranged by council and a flora and fauna survey is being undertaken by Ecology Australia.

Bradshaw Park

Council agreed to retrofit the existing fence with mesh. Stainless steel mesh has been attached to the fence on the highway side. Two swing gates and two mesh vehicle gates are also required.

The Collins Report

Council was involved in discussions with ESV and other councils to consider a staged transition to achieving the new Electric Line Clearance regulations .Found that this authority was more conciliatory while still demanding line clearance. Lines to be bundled rather than have numerous lines destroying neighbourhood vistas.

Heatherton Rec Reserve Storm Treatment Project similar to Mordialloc Creek project is aimed at minimizing use of potable water.

Chicquita Park landscape works are continuing, and following some community interest, aim to include residents in planting planned for June.

First Avenue Clayton playground and park upgrade with tree planting as part of the offset project from the Dept of Transport.?

Bicenntenial Park Chelsea has lost a recently installed 6 metre picnic table.

Bay Trail

Despite positive moves in Bayside regarding completion of the Bay trail back-of-kerb, Kingston council is still considering four options rather than take advantage of Transport Minister Mulder’s offer to permit narrowing of Beach Road lanes where significant vegetation is threatened.

Banksia Woodland, Bonbeach

As a result of recalcitrant Bonbeach residents wanting all vegetation removed from the foreshore so that “their views” will not be impeded Kingston’s Coastal Management Plan is in abeyance.

Green Wedge Issues

Capital Golf Course in Kingston’s green wedge is seeking approval for a residential development on this land.


The Grange has seen early flowering of wattles, multiple butterflies and other insects.

Rowan Woodland has also seen great growth due to plentiful rain.

Mornington Yacht Club

Mornington Yacht Club is proposing a large marina for 190 boats in Mornington Harbour . It will include a 210 metre concrete wave screen wall rising 4 metres above high tide and buried at the base of the sea bed. Negative impacts include loss of amenity, views obstructed and visual surroundings totally altered. Popular Mother’s Beach will no longer be a safe or pleasant swimming beach due to increased sand accumulation and water pollution. Views of the bay will be obstructed by the massive concrete wave screen. There is already a huge, largely unoccupied marina at Martha Cove Harbour. This appears to be massive over kill to try to protect 190 boats at the expense of the enjoyment of many hundreds of visitors and residents to Mother’s Beach.

Fun for our Fiftys

An expo 4th and 5th June at Kingston City Hall with exhibitors such as the developer Lowe Constructions and Ian Ryan How to obtain the best price for your home when selling. They wouldn’t be trying to persuade the over 50s to sell and move out of their stand alone homes with backyard and garden and move into one of the dog kennels being constructed locally so that their developer mates can make a killing, would they?. Would they???

Coal Seam Gas Mining

Exploration licences have been granted to explore in the Ninety Mile Beach , The Gippsland Lakes and the Strezlecki Ranges in Victoria

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

Sustainable Population Strategy, Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities

In responding to long-term physical implications of net overseas migration to Australia it is proposed to address the impact of increased population on the natural and built environment in the following areas:

  • scarcity of water resources through climate change
  • loss of agricultural land through urban expansion and mining
  • loss of biodiversity

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