Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 5th December 2007

Happy New Year to All

Trust that everyone has had a refreshing break ready to face another year of Sturm und Drang .The Channel Deepening project is at an interesting stage and Stage 1 a of the bike path beginning at the Parkdale kiosk is underway. So on with the fray!

Mordialloc Creek

Consternation in the ranks when an article appeared in the Independent announcing that there was a proposal to reshape and dredge the creek upstream from the railway line to Wells Road bridge, remove ‘intrusive vegetation’ (Phragmites) and make it accessible for water crafLA subsequent meeting with the Federal Member, Mark Dreyfus on another matter revealed that this was a pre-election attempt to seek funding from the Feds – and since funds were not forthcoming this scheme is currently in abeyance -but worth watching.


A bill from Melbourne Water for Waterwatch equipment has been received so that the volunteer team will soon be in business checking creek water quality upstream of Wells Road bridge between Waterways and the bridge. Plans to create another wetland along the north bank of the Main Drain on industrial land between Waterways and Wells Road are underway. This is a continuation of Melbourne Water’s 1992 plans for wetlands along the north bank of the creek.

East Link Sculpture

20 metres high. Johanna queries the point of this object costing $5 million. It apparently has the appearance of a building but is just a facade. Could the money involved have been better spent – perhaps extending rail lines to outlying suburbs who have been pleading for public transport.

Melbourne Water Grant

MBCL is a grateful recipient of a generous Melbourne Water Grant. Reports will be sent to Melbourne Water outlining the progress of various projects in which members are involved – especially those activities dealing with Mordialloc Creek.


Yammerbook is to become part of the living links program incorporating Mordialloc Creek, Epsom Grasslands and the Secondary Drain (also referred to as the Centre Swamp Drain) running from Mordialloc Creek to Patterson River and abutting the Longbeach Bike Trail. The name, Yammerbook has been registered as the official name of the reserve in the State Register of Geographic Names.

Parkdale Yacht Club

Parkdale Yacht Club is applying for an extension of their on-premises liquor licence Monday to Sunday from 11 am to midnight. Sunday 12 noon to 2.30pm then from4.30pm to 6.30pm. Objections to Kingston property Rationalisation Consultants 14 days from 18th January. KP01/648 A

Acid Sulfate Soil and Fish Lesions

It is well documented that the Yarra River and environs contain acid sulfate soil. If it is disturbed and exposed to air it can eat into concrete and steel and cause fish kills.Could the recent outbreak of fish lesions have arisen because of preliminary dredging in the Yarra which disturbed the ASS? A series of phone calls to EPA and the Department of Primary Industry who are investigating the outbreak resulted in a discussion with the Principal Vetinary Officer responsible for dealing with fish and aquatic diseases. Our query was apparently referred to the EPA and Fisheries Victoria both of whom phoned 30th January. Neither party dismissed the ASS theory.However the EPA are still conducting water quality tests in the north of the Bay. Interesting to see when the Yarra is dredged whether fish lesions reappear.

Bay Trail

Rod reports that VicRoads want to set back the bike path 6 metres into the foreshore between Cromer Road and Charman Road Mentone to create four lanes in this section of Beach Road. Beach Road was supposed to become a scenic boulevarde with less industrial traffic. Could the sudden need to widen the road have something to do with transporting containers after the shipping channels are dredged?

Parks Report

The Grange is very dry.

Braeside Park  An indigenous garden is to be established to be part of the propagation site.

Rowan Woodlands has had an Open Day with Primary students providing posters. Cr Petchey opened the Park.

Congratulations extended to Cr Alabaster in successfully persuading St Kilda football club to settle in Frankston. It is hoped that the Linton Street reserve will be retained as a public open space.

Attenborough Park is currently being used for overflow car parking.  The 470 World Championship Yachting Regatta added to the problem from 23-30 January. Nina and Brian reported as many as 80 cars parked on grassed areas of the park. The matter was reported to relevant council officers. Local Law officers are supposed to monitor the area and fine illegal parkers but as the officers don’t work after 7pm when major parking infringements occur it is a somewhat futile exercise. “I can’t physically stop them” an officer responded. What can be done?

Water Gardens

Water gardens seemed like a good idea at the time but residents of Chute/Bear Street are not happy. Kids pick up stone from the gardens and throw them at houses, weeds are reported to be growing through the gravel and some people think the gardens are too deep and therefore dangerous. Or is it a case of more communication to explain to residents the benefit of this drainage system.?

Tree Vandalism

Tree vandalism has occurred once again on the Peter Scullin Reserve with 10 branches tom from a banksias near die promenade Nina reported this to council officers.No sight of large signs warning offenders of hefty fines if caught. Nobody has been caught after a spate of vandalism.

Forthcoming Events

Next meeting of Kingston Heath Reserve Group February 12th Uniting Church Herald Street, Cheltenham

Friends of Bradshaw Park will be propagating in the nursery Bonbeach Council depot starting 10am February 16th. BYO lunch and refreshments.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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