Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 3rd September 2008

Reports Received

Kingston Cycling & Walking Plan 2009-2013 (plus Kingston’s Leisure Planners comments on MBCL and Johanna’s subs!) Standing Committee’s on Finance & Public Administration into Port Phillip Bay Channel Deepening. Select Committee of the Legislative Council on Public Land Development. The Labor Government’s inquiry into management and disposal of public open space. (Kew Cottages, Chiquita Park and Green Wedges referred to.) Climate change and infrastructure – Planning ahead is available form DSE or on the web. Changes to Native Vegetation Provisions in Planning Schemes. New provisions and exemptions came into effect 15 September 2008. Copies may be obtained from Dep. Planning & Community Development.

Forthcoming Meetings

VLGA Annual General Meeting to be held 2 October in the Ground Floor Meeting Room, 60L Green Building, 60 Leicester St. Carlton. Topic for discussion:- Strengthening Community Organisations: Why it Matters Locally.   7.00pm.

Tony Collins, Kingston Parks & Urban Design has agreed to attend our November meeting. He will be most welcome.

Cycling & Walking Plan

According to the report the proposed cycle path will be located on the south levee bank of Mordialloc Creek as far as Bowen Road. Interesting to read the comments from submitters on the shared cycle/walking plan – neither cyclists nor pedestrians are in favour of a shared path because of the possibility of accidents arising from speeding cyclists and/or meandering pedestrians.


Mordialloc Creek water quality monitoring at the Bowen Road site continues with Brian and Nina’s return from the UK. They report that salinity was low although the water was quite turbid possibly due to rain.Would it be interesting to look at tide levels to check that influence on water quality or salinity? Melanie is keen to record bird sightings.Testing is now to take place on the second Wednesday of the month rather than the first because of the MBCL meeting in the afternoon.

Bay to Rail Station Forecourt and Centreway Mordialloc

The official opening of the station forecourt occurred September. Unfortunately there is already evidence of graffitti on the slats of the seat under the Canary Island palm. Nina has suggested additional bike racks at the southern entrance to Centreway. We have suggested a continuation of bike racks at the station. The spiky back rest of the slatted seats is not popular with everyone and could indeed be dangerous.

Secondhand Site in Albert Street

Secondhand Site in Albert Street is being cleared. Is this to be the next four storey ( or more) in Mordialloc as per the Mordialloc Structure Plan?

530 Main Street Mordialloc

The VCAT Hearing for the NQR site development is listed for 20 November. At present there is a VCAT Hearing for the Le Gym site in Mentone – another Pace development with similar problems to the Mordialloc site. E.g insufficient underground parking ,potential horrific traffic problems because of the rail crossing and busy Balcombe Road. The four storey development includes 39 units, a hotel and an Aldi supermarket.

NQR has opened a shop in Chelsea but is not leaving the Mordialloc store as soon as originally intended. There will need to be a meeting of the objectors prior to the VCAT Hearing.

Mordialloc Creek Dredging

All quiet at the moment. No leaks possibly due to the forthcoming council elections.

Kingston Foreshore Reference Group

The committee members met expecting to be part of a review of the Terms of Reference. However it seemed that the hidden agenda was to dispense with the group despite the good work undertaken in the three years of its existence and the ongoing work required- for instance the matter of climate change and sea level rise. The CEO certainly expressed his view that there will need to be community involvement in planning for the impact of climate change on the foreshore houses and infrastructure. Despite this it seemed that some members wanted to go off and do their own thing on the foreshore – without too many pesky greenies checking them out! Any mention of planting trees on the foreshore gives these people a severe case of apoplexy!

Climate Change References

Two further items well worth reading are Now or never: A sustainable Future for Australia? by Tim Flannery in Quarterly Essay and Blue Covenant – The Global Water Crisis and the Coming Battle for the Right to Water. by Maud Barlow.

Kingston’s Non Urban Area

The recently reported methane gas hazard at Cranbourne should give pause for thought given proposed plans to build warehouses and factories over filled sand quarries in Kingston’s northern section of the green wedge. Plans also included a residential estate.

Desalination Plant at Wonthaggi

Another excellent article in the Age 25 September highlighting the flawed water projections carried out by DSE .Their water projections were based on three drought years from 2004 to 2006 whereas it is claimed that statistical analysis over at least 10 years is necessary to get an accurate picture of rainfall and the need to spend $4 billion on a desal plant and a north south pipeline. Of concern also is the sale of the plant to a foreign company leading to privatization of our water supply.

Yammerbook Nature Reserve

A very pleasant Saturday morning 6th September was spent at the Reserve weeding and planting in enjoyable company. Vegetation on the western boundary of the Reserve is now quite noticeable. Work on the northern bank of Mordialloc Creek has been rewarded with an abundance of trees and bird life. A number of those present expressed their delight with the creek environs as a relief from the built environment.

Office Equipment Grant?

Federal Member for Isaacs advises that grant funds are available to community groups for office equipment etc. Any Suggestions?

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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