Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 1st October 2008

Vote of Thanks

To Member for Mordialloc, Janice Munt for her letter to the Mayor, Bill Nixon, commenting on Kingston Council’s “going alone” and not working with the State Government todevelop a green wedge policy as most councils with green wedges have done. Excellent letters in the Independent congratulating Janice on her support of the green wedge and from presidents of KRAMMED and Chelsea Historical Society reporting the continuing rampant unit development in bayside incremental change areas.

Grant Applications

It was decided to take advantage of the invitation from, Mark Dreyfus to apply for a volunteer grant for the purchase of small equipment. We also had the pleasure of agreeing to support Mordialloc College’s Junior Landcare Grant Application.

Democracy Under Threat?

A move to ban councillors from voting on issues they care about most is too extreme and will harm democracy lawyer Julian Burnside claimed. However the threat may have been averted because of community anger. A demo took place on the steps of parliament Tuesday .1.30pm.Included amongst the throng– a number of council hopefuls.

Bayside Council’s Banksia Bulletin

Bayside Council’s Banksia Bulletin has an excellent article, page 10,concerning the importance of shrubby understorey as habitat for small birds and suggests local species such as wattles, sheoaks, banksias and tea trees !!!


Monitoring is continuing with results so far not indicating serious problems with water quality in Mordialloc Main Drain below the outlet from Waterways wetlands.

MBCL was invited to be part of a meeting with Melbourne Water officers concerning the proposed wetlands to be constructed on industrial land upstream from Wells Road bridge.

This will involve dredging the creek to a depth of 1.5 metres upstream of the bridge to encourage greater waterflow in the creek.However we were informed that Melbourne Water plans to release some water into the creek at Pillars crossing but this needs to be done carefully so that farmland is not flooded nor Waterways wetlands overloaded .A bke path on the levee bank was discussed!!o

Kingston Foreshore Reference Group Demise

Even though there was no show of hands at a council organized meeting to decide whether the KFRG   was still necessary it seems that those members in favour of disbanding the group achieved their aim. Nina has written to the CEO, Cr Petchey &officer responsible pointing out discrepancies in the report which ignored the fact that half those present were in favour of retaining the group.because of its value in informing members of projects,   activities and speakers.The CEO has indicated he will be encouraging the community to become aware of climate change challenges for Kingston possibly leading to establishment of a stakeholders group. Cr West suggested that a new group could be called Land and Biodiversity at a time of Climate Change.!

Kingston Heath Reserve

There is a wetland remnant in this reserve which is to have a botanical garden including Banksias. A children’s playground will be added. Also disussed – it has been discovered that there is sufficient water in the Settlement/ Dunlop/Dingley drains to irrigate farm land in the non-urban area (Green wedge). Farms in that area would reduce the travel time to take produce to city markets.

Desalination Plant

Hearings are under way at Pakenham at present. It is expected that waste from the plant will be pumped into the ocean harming marine life and creating a ‘dead sea’ for kilometers from the plant caused by the release of toxins.

Chicquita Park

The developer has breached the open space conditions and, it seems, council can’t,or won’t,fine or in some other manner penalize him for the breaches. It is clear that Kingston Council would have saved itself a lot of grief if it had bought the park when the Defence Department offered it to council. Coincidentally one of the councillors most opposed to buying the park is standing in the Centre Ward in the forthcoming election.He retired from council some years ago. It will pay to check preferences carefully when voting!!

Yammerbook Nature Reserve

Committee and City of Kingston are jointly drafting interpretive signage. Funding is being sought for stage 2 of the Master Plan to create an island wildlife refuge.

Friends of Bradshaw Park

Friends carried out October plantings of grasses and red gums. The Friends would like the unattractive depot style fencing round the park upgraded.JennyKavanagh is having a tree change and moving to Castlemaine . A treasurer is therefore required.

Long Beach Trail

Trail bikes, motorized scooters and bicycles are being ridden on trails in the area. How long before they discover the Bay Trail??? Report any sitings to the police on 000.

Bush Areas

Bush Areas are to be assessed soon, or reassessed under the Inland Ecological Vegetation Classes (EVCs)


The State Government will permit these trucks to use some arterial roads in the Metropolitan area. Councils have raised objections because of damage to roads and bridges. At present Beach Road has a curfew on weekend and nighttime use of the road by trucks but the possibility of it becoming a ‘scenic boulevarde’ as advocated by six bayside Majors in 1986 now seems doubtful.

Aldi Supermarkets

Delivery trucks are upsetting residents in Carrum and Southland because of noise disturbance when deliveries are made at midnight, 3am or dawn. A warning here for reisdents in Mentone and Mordialloc who are in line for an Aldi supermarket next door! Planning Officers advise that hours of delivery are between 7am and 10pm.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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