Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 1st April 2009


Still time to prepare a submission to Australia’s Biodiversity Conservation Strategy 2010-2020. The draft strategy will guide how governments, the community, industry and scientists manage and protect Australia’s plants, animals and ecosystems over the next ten years in the face of threats to the environment from climate change, habitat loss and invasive species. Subs due 29 May.

Submission : Inquiry into train services.   State Government Legislative services has appointed a Select Committee of 7 members to inquire into factors leading into causes of failure of metropolitan and V/Line serves. Subs due 1 June 2009.

New orbital bus route Mordialloc to Altona takes four hours!! Take food and drink.

Meetings Attended

Judy attended a General Meeting of the Northern Bendigo Landcare Group and plans to attend more meetings when she is in Bendigo. Judy also attended the April meeting of the PPCC (Port Phillip Conservation Council.

Nina attended an inaugural meeting of the Living Links project at April 2 at Springvale Civic Centre. Nina also attended the naming of the Mordialloc Creek bridge 21st of April. Bridge work is now completed with bike, pedestrian paths and safety barriers on both sides of the bridge.

Mary, Janelle (KRAMMED) and Brian attended a specially convened meeting to hear Kingston’s Strategic planner explain the State Govt’s policy of New Residential Zones for Victoria.These zones if approved will permit 9 metres (three storey’s or more )development in suburban streets.

Dune Restoration Day

North Aspendale Foreshore Saturday May 30th. City of Kingstson in conjunction with Green Corps will be planting native grasses and shrubs to protect the coastal dune system, offer habitat to native birds and animals, helps reduce greenhouse effect..

Free BBQ. Further info 9 776 0403.

Victoria’s Water Reality and a Growing Population

AGM Sustainable Population Australia Saturday May 16th at 2pm North Melbourne Library .Guest Speaker Dr Ernest Healy – research fellow in the Centre for Population and Urban Research. Melways 2A J10.

Epsom Wetlands

Glen queried whether the parrot feather aquatic weed was the same as the one engineered by Germans to be used in fish tanks. This weed pest is devastating for creeks and catchments.

Artificial Reefs at Frankston, Seaford and Aspendale.

Discussion with Del Guidice, Fisheries Victoria, re material to be used for the reefs. Special environmentally friendly concrete with a life span of over 300 years will be installed 600 metres off-shore. The concrete will be dome shaped with holes to provide living quarters for marine house hunters. I was assured that if the reef proved unsatisfactory it could be removed and would not be left to deteriorate and pollute the environment like the tyre reef installed off Chelsea. There will be a 1km commercial exclusion zone around the three new reefs to enable accurate monitoring of recreational use of the reefs.


Mordialloc Creek It has now been agreed that Waterwatch water quality testing can occur bi-monthly. Calibration fluid has been supplied for the testing equipment.

Climate Change Network

Finally MBCL’s letter re the establishment of a Council supported climate change community group has been answered by Council’s Manager of the Environment (four months later). He sees no need for a community climate change group claiming that Council is implementing Kingston’s Biodiversity Strategy. However discussion with the Foreshore Coordinator was more positive and suggested that a climate change group with some community involvement may still eventuate.

Dredging Mordialloc Creek

Dredging Mordialloc Creek between Nepean Highway and Wells Road bridge was discussed at a Yammerbook meeting, 25-3-09. Tony and Mark advised that Melbourne Water has stated that there is no need to dredge this section of the creek because current sediment levels and bank alignment pose no threat to flooding or water flow. Mark Dreyfus suggested that funding could be obtained to develop a regional waterways/habitat links plan for Mordialloc Creek Catchment. Funding could come from Living Links/Caring for Country.

Yammerbook Nature Reserve

Negotiations are continuing between Yammerbook Committee and Council re funding for Stage 2 of the Master Plan to create a habitat island and lake extension. It is hoped work will begin when a Mordialloc Creek Catchment and habitat links program has been devised by council The NRA team has received funding for maintenance of the south bank creek vegetation.

Australian Research Centre for Urban Ecology

ARCUE has sent a copy of their newsletter Urban Spotlight. ‘’ARCUE is recognized across Australia and overseas as a centre of excellence studying the effects of urbanization and associated developments on the natural environment.It is essential that this knowledge and understanding be dissenminated to the community to achieve sustainable human settlements.”

ARCUE is expanding their work by providing a suite of consultancy services to a range of clients.The client list includes DSE and the Port Phillip and Westernport Catchment Management Authority.Subscription to ARCUE’s Urban Spotlight is free .Telephone. 8344 0146.

Bowen’s Road

Road works have met with some hostility from residents who didn’t realize what was in store for them when they purchased houses aligned to the proposed road connecting Aspendale Gardens to Waterways, and through Waterways to Governor Road and Braeside Park.

Queries also about the impact this road may have on the Growling Grass frog and birdlife in the wetlands.However Mr Haines is not risking having to pay contractors by delaying work!

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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