Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 5th February 2003

Congratulations to our President, Brian, as the recipient of Kingston Senior Citizen on Australia Day. And a speedy recovery after a spell in hospital!

Thanks to all those footsore members who have pounded footpaths letter boxing for our “team” who are standing for Council. Let’s hope they all win- the alternatives are too, too horrible.

Correspondence Received

Nina/Brian’s letter to Landscape Officer, Kingston Council re the Proposal to use Norfolk Island Pines and Moreton Bay Figs as feature trees in Attenborough Park. This is not acceptable when Council’s policy, according to their management policy, is to use indigenous species. Also received, Mara’s letter to Lee Eklund re the proposal to locate a kiosk in Attenborough Park and to exhibit this plan at the forthcoming Wine and Food Festival for “public comment”. This could be seen as taking decision making out of the hands of local residents and left to people who have little idea of the issues at stake… such as comm- ercial use of public parkland.
Nina and Brian have also sent a letter to Council commenting on lack of community consul- tation. The letter was quoted in full in the. Independent. Well done! Also received Joan and David’s submission on problems at Patterson River and environs, amongst others car parking on the banks of the river.

Mordialloc Structure Plan

Lengthy discussion on best means of alerting the public of the need to actively oppose the proposed four storey development option for Mordialloc. Can we rely on a local politician statement, “no four storey’s while I’m a member.”? A further public meeting was suggested. Brian/Nina volunteered to investigate Manningham Council’s survey method. The result of the council election could have a major bearing on the four storey debate.

Melbourne 2030

The Mordialloc Structure Plan has become part of increased density proposals contained in the Melbourne 2030 document. This makes it clear that increased density will occur for large parts of Kingston. Kingston’s Residential Strategy and KCC’s submission to Melbourne 2030 indicate approval for increased development at officer and CEO level. Glen Eira’s Strategy is superior to KCC’s in that there is encouragement to retain larger lot sizes thus allowing for a genuine diversity of housing which is sadly lacking in Kingston.

Channel Deepening Port Phillip Bay

Rosemary reported on witnessing the wake of the Tasmanian ferries eroding Sorrento and Portsea beaches. It is assumed that larger container vessels will contribute to this problem when the channels are deepened. A further round of public consultation is commencing for environment groups e.g. Frankston TAFE 11th March. State Line ABC, presented a doco. on this issue recently

Chicquita Park

A fiery debate in Council resulted in this matter going to a Panel Hearing but with the need for a meeting seeking Commonwealth funding deleted. Once again the result of Council elections could resolve the issue.

Port Phillip Conservation Council

PPCC had a win VCAT when a skateboard facility was proposed for Rye foreshore. The Chairman ruled that skateboarding was not a water related activity. A useful result for future use if required! PPCC has objected to roof decks on developments because they become de facto third storeys. Unfortunately Bayside Council has watered down their original ruling on roof decks which are also a problem in Kingston.

Rickett’s Point Marine Sanctuary

Bob Whiteway, who has been an ardent defender of Rickett’s Point, has been officially appointed to form a Friends Group to look after the Marine Park. Beaumaris Green is NOT going to be turned into a car park. The Red Bluff Hotel wanted to grow a third storey and become an aged care hostel. This has been rejected by Bayside Council.

Council Elections

Rosemary organised a survey for the 46 hopefuls to complete outlining their environmental credentials. As usual, there are those who won’t commit themselves in case they are reminded of commitment when they are elected, but overall the response was worth the effort.


Catherine Costello invited members to inspect the progress made with the Herb-rich Grassy Wetland in January.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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