Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 2nd November 2022


Wayne Imlach, Member of Mordialloc Creek community and author of Mordialloc Creek to Lambert Island. Wayne gave an interesting talk about his history and his work monitoring the Creek.
He donated five books to MBCL, which will be on sale for $15.
Wayne has offered to have a meeting at his home in 2023, where he would be happy to share a digital presentation of the Creek.

Kingston Heath Reserve

No outcomes since submissions, re synthetic hockey pitch.

State Elections

Kingston Residents Association and Move The Train Yard are holding an Election Forum and have invited candidates to speak.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 5th February 2020


Comment made that people want action on climate change so a letter to be sent to a local paper in support of action being taken by Government. This was done.

Dent’s Paddock Development

A VCAT Hearing in May.Issues arising are the proposed location of offsets after removal of vegetation on the site. a request that some of the $7 million offered by Government for the purchase of open space be spent on purchasing this site. There is a shortage of open space in Chelsea and Edithvale.

Road the Bay Trail

A careful watch on work being undertaken along Beach Road by a MBCL member reports that construction appears to be progressing according to the plans approved by Council. While Kingston Council’s plan for the trail from Mordialloc Creek to Carrum proposes to use the Long Beach Trail, LXRA plans to build a bike trail along the Station Street side of the rail line. This will mean removing all existing Banksia Woodland along the rail line. This route is not necessary because there is an existing bike track along the opposite side of Station Street.

Braeside Park Survey

Activities being suggested in this survey include festivals, food outlets, camping, dogs, etc. Such activities would require lighting, increased parking space and noise thus creating disturbance for the flora and fauna which is a feature of Braeside Park.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 7th November 2018

Committee of Management Mordialloc Creek

W. Grahame reported on this meeting which was held at the Mordialloc Motor Yacht Club. Melbourne Water, Kingston Council Officers. DEWLP. Boating and Fishing Club Members were in attendance. Issues raised were moorings. Sea Scouts lack of boat launching facilities.

Heritage Listing of Pompei Site and Mordialloc Creek Environs

Discussion about Heritage listing for not just the Pompei site and large boat building shed but also the creek environs from the mouth to the railway bridge has been postponed until February 2019. A local heritage consultant thought the whole area was worthy of this listing because of its long fishing and boat building history. While the big shed could become a boat building museum this seems unlikely to happen.

The Grange

P.MacGuire-White reported on drainage run-off from sports ground hard surfaces outside the Grange boundary effecting the vegetation within the Grange.

Green Wedge

Reports of a victory at VCAT with a large Coptic Church being refused. The planning permit sought was not only for the Church, with a tall tower and dome, but stables for horses, sports grounds, etc. The refusal was based on the fact that the church would be more useful in an urban setting rather than on a 40 hectare block of land planned to encourage small size farming activity according to Green Wedge policy documents. With Planning Minister Wynne’s victory in Saturday’s election the Green Wedge may become even more secure!

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 7th December 2016

Happy New Year to All

Let’s hope it is a peaceful and environmentally satisfying year as well. Trust everyone has had a chance to rest and relax in preparation for coping with the outrageous rants from the occupant of the white house. What a contrast to the calm, gracious, intelligent former occupant.

Good News

It seems that the EPA has been given teeth at last to cope with pollution hazards. 21 problem sites have been listed in Kingston. There are 298 sites on the Priority Sites Register where clean up notices have been issued due to pollution of groundwater and land – a potential risk to health and the environment. This problem is due to Kingston being historically home to landfill sites 17 of which are now on the Priority list to be cleaned up.

Grange Heathland Reserve

Penny reported that gas extractors from nearby landfill sites are being located in the Grange which is a carefully managed Nature Reserve. Surely a more suitable site could be found for the extractors.

Mordialloc Bypass Project

Due to pressure from Aspendale Gardens Residents Association the extension to the Mornington Peninsula Freeway is back on the agenda despite less expensive alternatives . Impact on Braeside Park and Waterways with an elevated roadway over Mordialloc Creek is concerning. Discussion when Walter and Jenny Warfe met with Government officers recently was congenial. The freeway is not a high priority for the Government.

Mordialloc Creek  

Interestingly after heavy rain beaches around Port Phillip Bay were polluted particularly Mentone beach and not so much Mordialloc beach – the usual culprit. Mordialloc creek carries drainage from industrial areas in Braeside and the old tipping sites from which leachates can enter the drainage system and flow into the creek. On this occasion perhaps the large Melbourne Water drain outlet at Mentone Parade may have contributed to beach pollution with drainage enterting the Bay at this point and flowing northwards to Mentone beach.

Mordialloc Life Saving Club

Had a quick inspection of the new LSC and found that there is more concrete surrounding the building than expected. Apparently this is to provide entry and parking for the large surf boats that will be stored in the building- one of the main reasons for the size of the building occupying limited foreshore open space. The large rusty looking iron ramp construction will require removal of more foreshore vegetation early in the New Year when it is to be delivered and placed in position. Fortunately the south end of the building has been left unconcreted and hopefully will remain a pleasant grassed area for public use. The nicest aspect of the inspection was seeing a little family of blue wrens hopping around in the dry grassy area!

Yammerbook Nature Reserve

A car park of 34 spaces is proposed for this reserve but residents are concerned feeling that additional parking is for the benefit of parents dropping off and picking up children at the nearby school and that after hours, antisocial behaviour is likely to increase in the park. A bus stop on Wells Road is an alternative means of reaching the park or the school.

Esplanade Brighton

The partial demolition and works to the existing blue stone wall, and removal of native/indigenous vegetation has distressed a dedicated group of Bayside residents because of the impact on the dunes and vegetation which has been described as being “ so precious, so conservationally valuable that not a square metre of them should be disturbed.” (Brighton’s other golden the Age 26 Nov. 2016)

Unfortunately Bayside Council has decided to grant a permit with four pages of conditions . The plans must show that removal of indigenous vegetation is to be replaced with a similar extent of indigenous coastal vegetation , etc , along these lines. The proposal to replace the lifesaving club with a larger building wasn’t discussed in this document.

George Woods Reserve Playground

The playground is underway with the Moreton Bay Fig Tree still in place. It apparently will not be removed although we have been assured that all new planting in the area will be locally indigenous. Nina claims that extra lighting is not needed around the playground because of the high towers lighting the rail siding nearby. Toilets will not be provided for the playground because of cost and difficulty of sewage work. Toilets at the Chute Street boat ramp will have to be used –which is why we claimed that a site closer to these facilities would have been the best location for the playground and would have left the Arboretum intact.

Level Crossing Removals

A meeting of the Public Places and Environment Committee was held 14 December 2016 at Council to discuss this proposal. Two academics from RMIT,supporters of

Sky Rail, were present and spoke as did a member of the Frankston anti- sky rail group. Both had convincing arguments for their positions. Some feel that an elevated rail line in surroundings that are predominantly low rise housing will blight the suburbs south of Mordialloc Creek, but the high water table in this area will create drainage problems –apart from the Bonbeach to Carrum section of the line which will have to be elevated to cross Patterson River. The three completed trenched stations, Bentleigh,Mackinnon and Ormond are extremely ugly and will become more so because the State Government has decreed that Ormond station will have a 10-16 storey building on top of the station – and other stations may have four storey buildings above the station.

Bay Trail

Cr West has presented a motion to council requesting that the proposed indented parking areas along this section of the back- of –kerb bike track be removed from the plans.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 2nd November 2016

Coast and Creek Booklet

Bron kindly volunteered to check text and layout of booklet before forwarding it to the graphic artist for assembly.

Brighton Lifesaving Club

Both Nina and Mary have sent objections regarding a large extension to the Lifesaving Club on the foreshore at Dendy Street, Brighton. While a café is included in the development it is claimed that it will not have a commercial kitchen which would have suggested a public commercial facility. It is debatable whether a café on site is required for lifesavers. However the size and design of the building does not appear to conform to requirements as set out in the Victorian Coastal Strategy for structures on the foreshore. Eg “Discourage the use of coastal Crown Land as a cheap alternative to private land for commercial gain through the inclusion of an 158 seat licensed multi-purpose space and 60 seat restaurant with room for 100 people.”

Masonic Hall

Nina reports that there have been five Expressions of Interests received but proposals do not match criteria mainly financial. Officer response to proposals in a few weeks time.

Successful bidder will be responsible for 15 year lease and all refurbishments.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 3rd December 2014

Happy New Year (Hopefully)

Trust all have had a relaxing time, ready for action and better prospects for the environment under a new government. MBCL has lost one of our long serving members who has moved to Bacchus Marsh to be closer to family. Mara, as secretary of MBCL, was one of the members who successfully prevented the DVA from concrete lining Mordialloc Creek in 1977. Fortunately the Melbourne Metropolitan Board of Works was engaged to realign the creek and revegetate the banks to create pleasant open space it is today in increasingly built up suburbia.

Desalination Plant Wonthaggi

Nina reported on a visit to the desalination plant at Wonthaggi and found it fascinating although there was no public access- only tour groups of eight persons. Former farmland surrounding the plant now indigenous habitat.

Bradshaw Park Name Change

The former Bradshaw Park, is now to be called officially Bradshaw Bushland Reserve. The Reserve has been transformed to bushland featuring indigenous flora and fauna.

The Grange

A successful barbecue was held at the Grange last November and was also a thank you from the NRA to the volunteers who have worked in reserves and on the foreshore throughout the year. All in all a lovely day.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 3rd October 2012

Environment Victoria

Following Mike Power’s visit to our October meeting it was decided that we would participate in EV’s Reclaim Victoria’s Environment campaign by holding a street stall in the Main Street. Actions taken by the Baillieu Government have seen a reduction in protection of significant environmental features throughout Victoria. These include the Coastcare program slashed, approving an open-cut gold mine in the heart of Wombat Forest near Daylesford, returning cattle grazing in the Alpine National park, urban sprawl continuing with an announcement of six more suburbs for Melbourne covering productive farmland and green wedges. There are already approx. 100 policy reversals and no end in sight. Equally disturbing is the Federal Government’s decision to hand over national environment approval powers to State Governments, six of which have Coalition governments.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 4th April 2012

Project Proposals

Discussion re use of MBCL funds to assist with school projects or environmental group work. Judy and Bronwen to liaise with local schools and/or council staff. Recent possibility of -finally- an upgrade of MBCL web site! This could also mean saving important forty year old historical records of MBCL’s involvement with conservation work on the foreshore as well as current issues and submissions.

Melbourne Water Workshop

Where : Living Legends, Oaklands Road, Greenvale 3059. When Thursday 31 May from 10.00am -1.30pm. RSVP 24 May . Draft Strategies witll be available online from 14 May. Feedback closes 30 June 2012. The Healthy Waterways Strategy will replace the current Regional River Health Strategy for the Port Phillip and Westernport region when it expires in 2013.


Letter sent to Hon Murray Thompson MP re Kingston council decision to approve the dangerous, costly and environmentally damaging bike track along the Mentone promenade. No response. Media release sent to the Leader regarding the FOI O’Brien Traffic consultant report which states that “In my view, the existing promenade is not an appropriate route for the Bay Trail nor could it be made so….It is highly exposed to strong winds and any cyclist colliding with the seawall could go over it. Windblown sand build up could also be an issue for cyclists. ….There is just too great an element of unpredictability in terms of behaviour of various users(of the promenade) for this path to operate safely.”

Beach Renourishment

Meeting held 18 April to discuss renourishment of Mentone beach possibly with sand trucked from Mordialloc beach. Mentone LSC entrance undermined during a severe storm recently. The EES for Beaumaris Motor Yacht Club marina is currently under consideration. If this development is approved there will be damage to the eroding Beaumaris cliffs which unfortunately are no longer protected by the National Estate Register. Mentone beach sand movement may also be affected.

George Woods Reserve

Unfortunately the council has approved a large regional playground in the Arboretum in the George Woods Reserve . This will mean enlarging a car park, removing mature trees, installing toilets, barbecues and seating. The site is secluded and the manager of the kindergarten has referred to the unsociable behaviour occuring at the rear of the kindergarten and scout hall. She is calling for cameras and lighting .The preferred large alternative site is the existing playground at Bertram Street which is visible from Governor Road and the car park, is close to toilets and already has a barbecue in place. Bronwen volunteered to speak to /meet with the manager of the kindergarten.

Green Wedge Report

Patsy Martin from the Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD) claims that the State Government does not want green wedge boundaries moved and would prefer Springvale Road development area returned to the green wedge. Council discussion in camera raises issues of deals with land owners by some councillors.

The Collins Report

Yammerbook Melbourne Water has reviewed the consultant’s plan for the reserve and will then contact the Committee.

Foreshore Coordinator , Jarrod Megans has conducted information sessions about beach renourishment.

Ecological controlled burns at The Grange .

Clean up at Wells Road and Jack Grut Reserve construction site. Removal of dead trees and establishment of a Rain Garden plus revegetation work.

Council has released its Integration Water Cycle Strategy. The focus is to look at an integrated approach while considering alternative options for water use. Water is stored in tanks both above and underground for use on sport grounds.

Bus Tour

Bus tour for six MBCL/KCEC members ,conducted by Tony and Jarrod, along Kingston foreshore from Carrum to Mentone, April 17. Work carried out by the NRA team  in the section Carrum to Aspendale North was impressive especially regeneration of Banksias. Sand bag retaining walls at North Aspendale appears successful as the bags are almost completely covered by the sand dune. Weed growth on cliffs at Charman Road ,Mentone is a problem. Siting the bike track along the cliff top, Charman Road to Mundy Street, and then down the cliff face to the Mentone Promenade will require removal of much vegetation to try to provide a 400 metre zig zag path down the steep cliff face. ( Refer to consultant’s report Page 1)

Victorian Environmental Assessment Council Notice of Investigation : Marine Investigation.

The purpose of the marine investigation is to provide an assessment of management of existing marine protected areas in meeting the purpose for which they were established. Submission period closes Monday 25 June. 2012.

Victorian Environmental Assessment Council, Level 6, 8 Nicholson Street, East Melbourne. 3002.

Palm Tree Hazel Pierce Reserve

Council has approved an avenue of Canary Island Date palms on Beach Road adjacent to the reserve.In 2006 Council removed the existing 12 date palms from the creek bank of the reserve as part of Kingston’s Coastal Management policy to plant locally indigenous species in the reserve.Banksias and she-oaks   provide shade and shelter and retains Mordialloc’s unique fishing village character. The cost of planting date palms will cost approx. $250,000 and will not only contravene council’s management plan for the creek and foreshore but ignores the fact that DSE’s advisory list of environmental weeds of coastal plains and heathy forests bioregions of Victoria classifies Canary Island Date Palms as environmental weeds.

Mordialloc Rail Siding

Mordialloc Rail Siding looks like an industrial site with lights on all night probably for security reasons. However this may detract from the attraction of proposed 94 unit development next to the rail line!

Grange Heathland Reserve

The Grange has bought a camera to record plant development in the reserve.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 4th February 2009


Bushfires have occupied our thoughts since February 7th especially when friends or relatives live in fire prone areas. Many people would know of someone who has suffered loss or injury and then the tragedy really hits home. Sadly the environmental movement in Victoria has lost a valued member with the death at Steele’s Creek of Jenny Barnett and her husband John .

Researcher Visit

Brad Jessup was welcomed to the Feb meeting. Brad, formerly with Freehills during the 2004 EES Panel Hearing into the Channel Deepening project, is now at the ANU researching whether an evolved concept of environmental justice can be transferred into environmental laws. One of his case studies is the Port Phillip Bay channel deepening project. Interviewing those of us who attended both the EES 2004 and the SEES 2007 hearings was the reason for the interview. Brad stayed for the meeting and listened to views of members who had issues with VCAT decisions and local government’s community ‘consultation’ process!.~

Grenda Bus Facility

Greenda Bus Facility in Springvale Road and in the Green Wedge went to VCAT 5th February. No decision as yet. Following on the discussion above concerning environmental justice it has been suggested that expert witnesses should be selected by VCAT rather than by the proponent who usually has a stable of well paid consultants who will deliver ‘expert advice’ ensuring a favourable decision but disadvantaging the self funded community members.

Crown Land Review

It was suggested that all public land should be included in the State Government’s review of Crown land in metropolitan Melbourne e.g. school grounds, land abutting rail lines, creek frontages etc. Rail land in excess of requirements at Edgars creek, Coburg is likely to be sold for $10 million while the community seek to retain the land for sorely needed open space. The Final report of the Select Committee of the Legislative Council on Public Land Development provides some alarming examples of the State Government’s practice of selling Crown land as a means of revenue –raising including public land. The Committee notes the specific function of the Land and Property Group within the Department of Treasury and Finance to manage the sale of surplus Crown land to meet Government revenue targets . (p.60)

Bay Trail

Cr West planned to raise the completion of the Kingston section of the bike track along the verge of Beach Road at the forthcoming Council Planning day. Coincidentally the Bayside Council discussed their section of the bike track at a Council meeting 17th February.

Rod asked your secretary to be one of nine three minute speakers in favour of a continuation of the back of kerb route from Cromer Road, Beaumaris to Charman Road ,Mentone. To the surprise and delight of the contingent Bayside Council have agreed to defer a decision and continue to lobby VicRoads for approval to use the existing verge as part of the track. VicRoads want to increase this section of Beach Road to four lanes. Why?

George Woods Reserve

Council officer Munir Vahanvati reported that development of a master plan for the reserve is uncertain – dependent on when council can appoint an external consultant. “With the development of a Master Plan there will be some level of community consultation.” Thanks, Munir!

Friends of Kingston Heath Reserve

Members have investigated the baseball pitching area and are unhappy with its location on the western part of the reserve and request that it be moved for the following reasons: There has been no permit issued for the construction of the pitching area therefore it is an illegal structure; it encroaches on the passive recreation area, which according to the Kingston Heath Reserve Master plan must remain the status quo; it is very close to a newly constructed pathway and is therefore a danger to other park users. They are concerned about Council’s policy of this type of illegal construction on pubic land.

Gunower, Koondrook Perricoota

Story telling info was sent out by Verity McLucas now working with Environment Victoria.Unfortunately it’s too late to enter but there are workshops in Bendigo for anyone interested in participating.

New Residential Zones for Victoria

The Dept of Planning & Community Development have kindly delivered a box of 10 copies of the document and are calling for subs. Here is your opportunity to object if you don’t want to find three storeys (or more) developments in your suburban limited or incremental change zones, or four storey’s (or more) in substantial change zones.

Overloading Australia

Related to the issue above why not purchase a copy of the book by Mark O’Connor and William Lines and suggest to the Dept of Planning that if we had a lower rate of population growth they would not need to wreck the neighbourhood by cramming high density development into low rise suburbs – and increasing CO2 emissions and water and energy problems while they are about it.

MBCL Brochure

When Brad left our meeting he offered to have a look at our brochure and redesign it. So lets hear what you think of the presentation and possible changes.

Mordialloc Creek Wetlands Development at Aspendale Gardens

Appears to be some concern amongst AGRA members with the closeness of factories on the industrial land to Mordialloc Creek and proposed wetland.”It appears that the long term community needs have been ignored.For example the factories will be built on fill which will raise the height of buildings 1.5 metres presenting an eyesore to the Aspendale Gardens community” Meetings have been held between Melbourne Water and Jonathon Guttman to discuss these matters.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 1st October 2008

Vote of Thanks

To Member for Mordialloc, Janice Munt for her letter to the Mayor, Bill Nixon, commenting on Kingston Council’s “going alone” and not working with the State Government todevelop a green wedge policy as most councils with green wedges have done. Excellent letters in the Independent congratulating Janice on her support of the green wedge and from presidents of KRAMMED and Chelsea Historical Society reporting the continuing rampant unit development in bayside incremental change areas.

Grant Applications

It was decided to take advantage of the invitation from, Mark Dreyfus to apply for a volunteer grant for the purchase of small equipment. We also had the pleasure of agreeing to support Mordialloc College’s Junior Landcare Grant Application.

Democracy Under Threat?

A move to ban councillors from voting on issues they care about most is too extreme and will harm democracy lawyer Julian Burnside claimed. However the threat may have been averted because of community anger. A demo took place on the steps of parliament Tuesday .1.30pm.Included amongst the throng– a number of council hopefuls.

Bayside Council’s Banksia Bulletin

Bayside Council’s Banksia Bulletin has an excellent article, page 10,concerning the importance of shrubby understorey as habitat for small birds and suggests local species such as wattles, sheoaks, banksias and tea trees !!!


Monitoring is continuing with results so far not indicating serious problems with water quality in Mordialloc Main Drain below the outlet from Waterways wetlands.

MBCL was invited to be part of a meeting with Melbourne Water officers concerning the proposed wetlands to be constructed on industrial land upstream from Wells Road bridge.

This will involve dredging the creek to a depth of 1.5 metres upstream of the bridge to encourage greater waterflow in the creek.However we were informed that Melbourne Water plans to release some water into the creek at Pillars crossing but this needs to be done carefully so that farmland is not flooded nor Waterways wetlands overloaded .A bke path on the levee bank was discussed!!o

Kingston Foreshore Reference Group Demise

Even though there was no show of hands at a council organized meeting to decide whether the KFRG   was still necessary it seems that those members in favour of disbanding the group achieved their aim. Nina has written to the CEO, Cr Petchey &officer responsible pointing out discrepancies in the report which ignored the fact that half those present were in favour of retaining the group.because of its value in informing members of projects,   activities and speakers.The CEO has indicated he will be encouraging the community to become aware of climate change challenges for Kingston possibly leading to establishment of a stakeholders group. Cr West suggested that a new group could be called Land and Biodiversity at a time of Climate Change.!

Kingston Heath Reserve

There is a wetland remnant in this reserve which is to have a botanical garden including Banksias. A children’s playground will be added. Also disussed – it has been discovered that there is sufficient water in the Settlement/ Dunlop/Dingley drains to irrigate farm land in the non-urban area (Green wedge). Farms in that area would reduce the travel time to take produce to city markets.

Desalination Plant

Hearings are under way at Pakenham at present. It is expected that waste from the plant will be pumped into the ocean harming marine life and creating a ‘dead sea’ for kilometers from the plant caused by the release of toxins.

Chicquita Park

The developer has breached the open space conditions and, it seems, council can’t,or won’t,fine or in some other manner penalize him for the breaches. It is clear that Kingston Council would have saved itself a lot of grief if it had bought the park when the Defence Department offered it to council. Coincidentally one of the councillors most opposed to buying the park is standing in the Centre Ward in the forthcoming election.He retired from council some years ago. It will pay to check preferences carefully when voting!!

Yammerbook Nature Reserve

Committee and City of Kingston are jointly drafting interpretive signage. Funding is being sought for stage 2 of the Master Plan to create an island wildlife refuge.

Friends of Bradshaw Park

Friends carried out October plantings of grasses and red gums. The Friends would like the unattractive depot style fencing round the park upgraded.JennyKavanagh is having a tree change and moving to Castlemaine . A treasurer is therefore required.

Long Beach Trail

Trail bikes, motorized scooters and bicycles are being ridden on trails in the area. How long before they discover the Bay Trail??? Report any sitings to the police on 000.

Bush Areas

Bush Areas are to be assessed soon, or reassessed under the Inland Ecological Vegetation Classes (EVCs)


The State Government will permit these trucks to use some arterial roads in the Metropolitan area. Councils have raised objections because of damage to roads and bridges. At present Beach Road has a curfew on weekend and nighttime use of the road by trucks but the possibility of it becoming a ‘scenic boulevarde’ as advocated by six bayside Majors in 1986 now seems doubtful.

Aldi Supermarkets

Delivery trucks are upsetting residents in Carrum and Southland because of noise disturbance when deliveries are made at midnight, 3am or dawn. A warning here for reisdents in Mentone and Mordialloc who are in line for an Aldi supermarket next door! Planning Officers advise that hours of delivery are between 7am and 10pm.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.