Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 3rd December 2014

Happy New Year (Hopefully)

Trust all have had a relaxing time, ready for action and better prospects for the environment under a new government. MBCL has lost one of our long serving members who has moved to Bacchus Marsh to be closer to family. Mara, as secretary of MBCL, was one of the members who successfully prevented the DVA from concrete lining Mordialloc Creek in 1977. Fortunately the Melbourne Metropolitan Board of Works was engaged to realign the creek and revegetate the banks to create pleasant open space it is today in increasingly built up suburbia.

Desalination Plant Wonthaggi

Nina reported on a visit to the desalination plant at Wonthaggi and found it fascinating although there was no public access- only tour groups of eight persons. Former farmland surrounding the plant now indigenous habitat.

Bradshaw Park Name Change

The former Bradshaw Park, is now to be called officially Bradshaw Bushland Reserve. The Reserve has been transformed to bushland featuring indigenous flora and fauna.

The Grange

A successful barbecue was held at the Grange last November and was also a thank you from the NRA to the volunteers who have worked in reserves and on the foreshore throughout the year. All in all a lovely day.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 3rd June 2009

Meetings Attended

Nina attended a Living Links meeting at Beaumaris. Stage One has been completed with environmental, social, cultural and recreation information provided combined into grids. Information collected from the Dandenong Creek Catchment will be found on a Living Links web site.

Walter attended the Planning Backlash rally on the steps of Parliament House June 10th. The Rally was organized by the Coalition of Concerned Councillors angry about the erosion of our democratic rights as the State Government takes over planning power from councils.Mary attended the Panel Hearing – New Residential Zones for Victoria to listen to the submission from Kingston Council. Walter & Brian attended a Climate Change meeting at Chelsea Heights to hear Mark Dreyfus and Dr Graeme Pearman claim that there is an urgent need for political action to reduce green house gas emissions. Mary attended a Climate Change rally on the steps of the State Library, 13 June where the Greens leader, Bob Brown spoke passionately about the need for Government action .

Gunbower-Koondrook-Perricoota Storylines

Mara, Judy, Sue and Mary traveled to Eaglehawke to attend the premiere of the Environment Victoria project featuring ten story tellers relating their relationship with the Murray River especially Gunbower.DVDs are available from EV. Well worth a look!

Verity McLucas, Mara’s daughter, was one of the organizers of the project.


Nina and Brian continue to monitor water quality in Mordialloc Creek on a bi-monthly basis down stream from Bowen Road. Road works may curtail this activity until construction is finished. Creation of a wetland in the Industrial Estate between Wells Road and Waterways has commenced-a continuation of Melbourne Water’s plan for a series of wetlands along the full length of the north bank of Mordialloc Creek up to Pillars Crossing.

Attenborough Park

Stephen described Council’s plans for upgrading the park following completion of bridge works. Pleasing to note that the plan includes planting Banksias, casuarinas AND Monterey Cypresses because of their historic significance and because these trees have been a feature a the entrance to Mordialloc for over a century.There will be a Master Plan in 2010.A concrete shared bike path is to be constructed rather than a granitic surface which erodes causing dust to affect bearings in cycles.Cr Dundas queried the salt impact on cable fences around the park and along Beach Road. Galvanised cables can rust in six months.Nina queried the location of the Aboriginal garden which is now much closer to the widened highway.

Natural Resources Report

Lee advises that the Braeside NRA depot is now open and functioning in Industrial Drive. The Bonbeach depot nursery area has been extended with water tanks installed. Twenty Red Gums are to be planted in the Arboretum on the north bank of Mordialloc Creek replacing cypresses which will be removed. Phragmites will be planted to

Reduce erosion caused by watercraft activity leaving the Chute Street boat ramp.

Green Crop Project

Lee reported that planting on the foreshore dunes, 30th May was very successful with 60 volunteers attending & helping to plant 2300 species on top of the sand bag wall. Removing encroaching plants such as lawns from the foreshore was also part of the project. Next planting day will be advertised in the local paper. Nina advises that the Mordialloc health and fruit shops are prepared to display notice of forthcoming working bees.

Friends of Moorabbin Oval are working with the NRA team to plant around the oval.

Replanting is continuing along the south bank of Mordialloc Creek although weed removal and control is the main objective

Bicycle Paths – Wells Road, Bowen Road, Waterways, Bay Trail

Stephen Haines is paying for the construction of a road from Wells Road to, and through Waterways, to enable residents to access Aspendale Gardens. A bike path is to be part of road works. Letters have been written to Kingston Council , unacknowledged and unanswered, suggesting that now might be a good time to construct the bike path shown in Council’s own bicycle strategy, along the south levee bank of Mordialloc Creek between Wells Road and Bowen Road.This path would provide off-road access from Waterways to Mordialloc foreshore, schools, shops and station. A bike track on the levee bank has the advantage of being high enough to give a view across the wetlands to the Dandenongs and won’t become a muddy morass after rain.Not having had a response from Council, a phone call to Stephen Haines resulted in a lengthy discussion about links with other bike paths – Patterson River trail on both banks of the river providing a link to Dandenong to which Stephen seemed interested.He also advised that there is a bike trail through Waterways wetlands open to the public! The plan is to eventuallly provide a link to Braeside Park through Waterways by crossing busy Governor Road.

Bay Trail

Cr Dundas raised an interesting idea of widening the existing concrete shared bike/pedestrian path from Parkers Road to Charman Road utilizing that track rather than attempt to install a bike track on the fragile cliff tops. If this plan is feasible pedestrians would still have the advantage of an informal cliff top path free from cyclists. Significant engineering works would be required to widen sections of the existing path which has a blue stone wall on the beach side but widening might be possible on the cliff side of the promenade.

Glen provided DVDs illustrating hazards encountered in some of the bike tracks constructed by neighbouring councils.

Desalination Plant

Walter provided an excellent DVD outlining the issues resulting from the construction of this controversial project. Members may like to borrow the DVD and consider the implications such as pollution of the ocean, greenhouse emissions and visual pollution of pylons.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 1st October 2008

Vote of Thanks

To Member for Mordialloc, Janice Munt for her letter to the Mayor, Bill Nixon, commenting on Kingston Council’s “going alone” and not working with the State Government todevelop a green wedge policy as most councils with green wedges have done. Excellent letters in the Independent congratulating Janice on her support of the green wedge and from presidents of KRAMMED and Chelsea Historical Society reporting the continuing rampant unit development in bayside incremental change areas.

Grant Applications

It was decided to take advantage of the invitation from, Mark Dreyfus to apply for a volunteer grant for the purchase of small equipment. We also had the pleasure of agreeing to support Mordialloc College’s Junior Landcare Grant Application.

Democracy Under Threat?

A move to ban councillors from voting on issues they care about most is too extreme and will harm democracy lawyer Julian Burnside claimed. However the threat may have been averted because of community anger. A demo took place on the steps of parliament Tuesday .1.30pm.Included amongst the throng– a number of council hopefuls.

Bayside Council’s Banksia Bulletin

Bayside Council’s Banksia Bulletin has an excellent article, page 10,concerning the importance of shrubby understorey as habitat for small birds and suggests local species such as wattles, sheoaks, banksias and tea trees !!!


Monitoring is continuing with results so far not indicating serious problems with water quality in Mordialloc Main Drain below the outlet from Waterways wetlands.

MBCL was invited to be part of a meeting with Melbourne Water officers concerning the proposed wetlands to be constructed on industrial land upstream from Wells Road bridge.

This will involve dredging the creek to a depth of 1.5 metres upstream of the bridge to encourage greater waterflow in the creek.However we were informed that Melbourne Water plans to release some water into the creek at Pillars crossing but this needs to be done carefully so that farmland is not flooded nor Waterways wetlands overloaded .A bke path on the levee bank was discussed!!o

Kingston Foreshore Reference Group Demise

Even though there was no show of hands at a council organized meeting to decide whether the KFRG   was still necessary it seems that those members in favour of disbanding the group achieved their aim. Nina has written to the CEO, Cr Petchey &officer responsible pointing out discrepancies in the report which ignored the fact that half those present were in favour of retaining the group.because of its value in informing members of projects,   activities and speakers.The CEO has indicated he will be encouraging the community to become aware of climate change challenges for Kingston possibly leading to establishment of a stakeholders group. Cr West suggested that a new group could be called Land and Biodiversity at a time of Climate Change.!

Kingston Heath Reserve

There is a wetland remnant in this reserve which is to have a botanical garden including Banksias. A children’s playground will be added. Also disussed – it has been discovered that there is sufficient water in the Settlement/ Dunlop/Dingley drains to irrigate farm land in the non-urban area (Green wedge). Farms in that area would reduce the travel time to take produce to city markets.

Desalination Plant

Hearings are under way at Pakenham at present. It is expected that waste from the plant will be pumped into the ocean harming marine life and creating a ‘dead sea’ for kilometers from the plant caused by the release of toxins.

Chicquita Park

The developer has breached the open space conditions and, it seems, council can’t,or won’t,fine or in some other manner penalize him for the breaches. It is clear that Kingston Council would have saved itself a lot of grief if it had bought the park when the Defence Department offered it to council. Coincidentally one of the councillors most opposed to buying the park is standing in the Centre Ward in the forthcoming election.He retired from council some years ago. It will pay to check preferences carefully when voting!!

Yammerbook Nature Reserve

Committee and City of Kingston are jointly drafting interpretive signage. Funding is being sought for stage 2 of the Master Plan to create an island wildlife refuge.

Friends of Bradshaw Park

Friends carried out October plantings of grasses and red gums. The Friends would like the unattractive depot style fencing round the park upgraded.JennyKavanagh is having a tree change and moving to Castlemaine . A treasurer is therefore required.

Long Beach Trail

Trail bikes, motorized scooters and bicycles are being ridden on trails in the area. How long before they discover the Bay Trail??? Report any sitings to the police on 000.

Bush Areas

Bush Areas are to be assessed soon, or reassessed under the Inland Ecological Vegetation Classes (EVCs)


The State Government will permit these trucks to use some arterial roads in the Metropolitan area. Councils have raised objections because of damage to roads and bridges. At present Beach Road has a curfew on weekend and nighttime use of the road by trucks but the possibility of it becoming a ‘scenic boulevarde’ as advocated by six bayside Majors in 1986 now seems doubtful.

Aldi Supermarkets

Delivery trucks are upsetting residents in Carrum and Southland because of noise disturbance when deliveries are made at midnight, 3am or dawn. A warning here for reisdents in Mentone and Mordialloc who are in line for an Aldi supermarket next door! Planning Officers advise that hours of delivery are between 7am and 10pm.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 3rd September 2008

Reports Received

Kingston Cycling & Walking Plan 2009-2013 (plus Kingston’s Leisure Planners comments on MBCL and Johanna’s subs!) Standing Committee’s on Finance & Public Administration into Port Phillip Bay Channel Deepening. Select Committee of the Legislative Council on Public Land Development. The Labor Government’s inquiry into management and disposal of public open space. (Kew Cottages, Chiquita Park and Green Wedges referred to.) Climate change and infrastructure – Planning ahead is available form DSE or on the web. Changes to Native Vegetation Provisions in Planning Schemes. New provisions and exemptions came into effect 15 September 2008. Copies may be obtained from Dep. Planning & Community Development.

Forthcoming Meetings

VLGA Annual General Meeting to be held 2 October in the Ground Floor Meeting Room, 60L Green Building, 60 Leicester St. Carlton. Topic for discussion:- Strengthening Community Organisations: Why it Matters Locally.   7.00pm.

Tony Collins, Kingston Parks & Urban Design has agreed to attend our November meeting. He will be most welcome.

Cycling & Walking Plan

According to the report the proposed cycle path will be located on the south levee bank of Mordialloc Creek as far as Bowen Road. Interesting to read the comments from submitters on the shared cycle/walking plan – neither cyclists nor pedestrians are in favour of a shared path because of the possibility of accidents arising from speeding cyclists and/or meandering pedestrians.


Mordialloc Creek water quality monitoring at the Bowen Road site continues with Brian and Nina’s return from the UK. They report that salinity was low although the water was quite turbid possibly due to rain.Would it be interesting to look at tide levels to check that influence on water quality or salinity? Melanie is keen to record bird sightings.Testing is now to take place on the second Wednesday of the month rather than the first because of the MBCL meeting in the afternoon.

Bay to Rail Station Forecourt and Centreway Mordialloc

The official opening of the station forecourt occurred September. Unfortunately there is already evidence of graffitti on the slats of the seat under the Canary Island palm. Nina has suggested additional bike racks at the southern entrance to Centreway. We have suggested a continuation of bike racks at the station. The spiky back rest of the slatted seats is not popular with everyone and could indeed be dangerous.

Secondhand Site in Albert Street

Secondhand Site in Albert Street is being cleared. Is this to be the next four storey ( or more) in Mordialloc as per the Mordialloc Structure Plan?

530 Main Street Mordialloc

The VCAT Hearing for the NQR site development is listed for 20 November. At present there is a VCAT Hearing for the Le Gym site in Mentone – another Pace development with similar problems to the Mordialloc site. E.g insufficient underground parking ,potential horrific traffic problems because of the rail crossing and busy Balcombe Road. The four storey development includes 39 units, a hotel and an Aldi supermarket.

NQR has opened a shop in Chelsea but is not leaving the Mordialloc store as soon as originally intended. There will need to be a meeting of the objectors prior to the VCAT Hearing.

Mordialloc Creek Dredging

All quiet at the moment. No leaks possibly due to the forthcoming council elections.

Kingston Foreshore Reference Group

The committee members met expecting to be part of a review of the Terms of Reference. However it seemed that the hidden agenda was to dispense with the group despite the good work undertaken in the three years of its existence and the ongoing work required- for instance the matter of climate change and sea level rise. The CEO certainly expressed his view that there will need to be community involvement in planning for the impact of climate change on the foreshore houses and infrastructure. Despite this it seemed that some members wanted to go off and do their own thing on the foreshore – without too many pesky greenies checking them out! Any mention of planting trees on the foreshore gives these people a severe case of apoplexy!

Climate Change References

Two further items well worth reading are Now or never: A sustainable Future for Australia? by Tim Flannery in Quarterly Essay and Blue Covenant – The Global Water Crisis and the Coming Battle for the Right to Water. by Maud Barlow.

Kingston’s Non Urban Area

The recently reported methane gas hazard at Cranbourne should give pause for thought given proposed plans to build warehouses and factories over filled sand quarries in Kingston’s northern section of the green wedge. Plans also included a residential estate.

Desalination Plant at Wonthaggi

Another excellent article in the Age 25 September highlighting the flawed water projections carried out by DSE .Their water projections were based on three drought years from 2004 to 2006 whereas it is claimed that statistical analysis over at least 10 years is necessary to get an accurate picture of rainfall and the need to spend $4 billion on a desal plant and a north south pipeline. Of concern also is the sale of the plant to a foreign company leading to privatization of our water supply.

Yammerbook Nature Reserve

A very pleasant Saturday morning 6th September was spent at the Reserve weeding and planting in enjoyable company. Vegetation on the western boundary of the Reserve is now quite noticeable. Work on the northern bank of Mordialloc Creek has been rewarded with an abundance of trees and bird life. A number of those present expressed their delight with the creek environs as a relief from the built environment.

Office Equipment Grant?

Federal Member for Isaacs advises that grant funds are available to community groups for office equipment etc. Any Suggestions?

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 6th August 2008

Forthcoming Events

Annual Open Day Yammerbook 6th September 10am – 1.00pm. Planting, indigenous Plant Display, Water Watch Exhibition BBQ/Represhments.

2008 Port Phillip & Westernport Landcare Awards & Celebration 6th September (9.30am registration @ Zinc Federation Square. Environment Victoria Annual General meeting

September 24, 6.00pm – 8.00pm at the Green Building, 60 Leicester Street, Carlton

Growing the Foreshore’s Future Project Wednesday 3rd September 7pm Kit Collection

Seminar Working with Children Check – what this means for you / The 2008 Best Friend Awards. September 13 10am – 2 pm. Green Building 60 Leicester St, Carlton. Book with

Maelor Himbury at 9374 1902. The Union of Australian Women . The Centenary of Women’s Suffrage Saturady 18 October 10.30am to 4.30pm @ Mordialloc Neighbourhood House. Speakers are- Janice Munt, MP, Morag Loh -Writer, Historian, Tracee Hutchison – Journalist. Beth Wilson- Health Commissioner and Jan Cooper – Poet performer.

RSVP 29 September to Mairi 9587 8757 or Amy 9547 6167. Donation $5.

The Environment Defenders Office isprepared to organize training for community and environment groups to improve the ability of individuals and community based conservation groups to be able to represent themselves in matters before VCAT.

Kingston’s Coastal Management Plan

We were advised to speak to Gavin Jennings, Minister for the Environment, whose electorate now includes Mordialloc re Kingston’s Draft Coastal Management Plan failure to plant any trees on the foreshore north of Harding Avenue, Bonbeach. This is clearly in breach of Kingston ’s Biodiversity Strategy.

The Plan also seeks to remove coast wattle from the foreshore especially along Beach Road north of Mordialloc Creek . it is claimed that the coast wattle is taking over at the expense of other species. In fact it is sturdy enough to survive drought conditions and shelters other plants.

Desalination Plan Wonthaggi

Margaret and Walter provided interesting information concerning the constructon of the plant before the Environment Effects Statement is complete. There followed heated debate about the value of EESs if the Government does not take harmful environmental conditions into consideration during major construction projects.Land was acquired before the completion of the EES. Dredging of the Powlett River is occurring. Land   around the river is flood prone. Pylons will carry electricity across farm lands to provide energy for the desal plant. The Government is suiing the resident group.Your water- Your say because of their objections to the project when other less expensive alternatives are available.

Waterwatch Report

Judy reported on the 6th August sampling of creek water at Bowen’s Road. Melanie was on hand to once again assist the new chums with the process. Phosphoros levels were lower than the previous month when there had been heavy rain-

other levels were satisfactory. Brian has indicated that he may undertake training and join the testing team.

Mentone Heritage

Cr West explained that some heritage buildings in Mentone shopping precinct are protected including the quaint little real state building near Kilbreda. The Bakery building is also protected. Unfortunately 4 storey development will be permitted in the shopping strip with the fourth storey set back leaving two storeys in the front.

Kingston’s Non Urban Area

Kingston’s non-urban area of the green wedge came before Council 25th August and approval was given to re-zone the land for employment and industrial zones. This change, if approved by the Minister, may also include concrete crushers which is vehemently opposed by local residents. Instead of the quarry being filled and covered for buildings, the quarries would provide valuable retarding basins in which to store water. Market gardeners are already drawing water from this source.

Marina Beaumaris Bay

Environmentalists have condemned a mega-marina in the Bay saying that it would change the face of Beaumaris. The Beaumaris Motor Yacht Club squadron has an ambitious $21 million concept plan to create a 116 berth safe harbour. It would incorporate a three level 108 boat dry stacking area, a double storey car park and a new club house.Beaumaris Conservation Society spokesperson claimed that the expansion would ruin the charm of the beautiful locale. “It is an important area for its natural features; this would make it look like an industrial area and degrade it for the community. The development would change the face of Beaumaris including its much loved famous seascape and shoreline painted by the Heidelberg school of painters. There is also likely to be serious intrusion upon the internationally significant fossil site”.Certainly the view from Mordialloc, looking across the Bay to the red Beaumaris cliffs, will be lost due to being covered by the 108 dry dock boat stacks at the eastern end of the proposed development.

Climate Change

David Spratt and Philip Sutton have produced a book dealing with climate change. Climate code red –the case for emergency action. .Quoting an impressive list of authorities Spratt believes that the Rudd Government must aim for a two degree rise in temperature – not a three degree rise which will be insufficient to prevent disastrous consequences world wide.Even a two –to-three degree increase would produce a planet without Arctic sea ice, a catastrophic sea level rise, super droughts America, southern Europe, the Middle east and parts of Africa – and Australia. Spratt asks why has the labor government and the ACF have been so quiet? Is the truth too hard for political parties/ and or the general public to bear?

NQR Development

The VCAT Hearing for this development will be 20th November.

VicRoads hasn’t approved an entry only from the service road in Main Street on the somewhat dubious grounds that customers would have to travel too far along the service road until they reached the Aldi supermarket. The developer has withdrawn all the minor concessions he offered to the residents when he found that they weren’t happy with his, as per usual, over development of the site.There will only be one entry/exit point to the development- into Epsom Road.In the meantime the pedestrian safety fence at the roundabout has been demolished for the sixth time and a sign on the grassed are on the western side of the roundabout has been flattened!

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.