Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 5th February 2020


Comment made that people want action on climate change so a letter to be sent to a local paper in support of action being taken by Government. This was done.

Dent’s Paddock Development

A VCAT Hearing in May.Issues arising are the proposed location of offsets after removal of vegetation on the site. a request that some of the $7 million offered by Government for the purchase of open space be spent on purchasing this site. There is a shortage of open space in Chelsea and Edithvale.

Road the Bay Trail

A careful watch on work being undertaken along Beach Road by a MBCL member reports that construction appears to be progressing according to the plans approved by Council. While Kingston Council’s plan for the trail from Mordialloc Creek to Carrum proposes to use the Long Beach Trail, LXRA plans to build a bike trail along the Station Street side of the rail line. This will mean removing all existing Banksia Woodland along the rail line. This route is not necessary because there is an existing bike track along the opposite side of Station Street.

Braeside Park Survey

Activities being suggested in this survey include festivals, food outlets, camping, dogs, etc. Such activities would require lighting, increased parking space and noise thus creating disturbance for the flora and fauna which is a feature of Braeside Park.

PFAS in Dunlops Drain

Despite letters being written to the EPA in August and November 2019 querying the finding of PFAS in Dunlop’s Drain there has been no response from the EPA. A recent request for information from Melbourne Water is more promising. We wish to know if the PFAS has been removed from the drain, if water in Mordialloc Creek is being tested for contaminants and if there should be a sign at the mouth of Mordialloc Creek warning fishermen not to eat fish if there is evidence of contaminants in the water.

Pompei Site

Pompei site is going to VCAT again. This time residents living in units on the other side of the railway line have realised that if these four to five storey units go ahead on the Pompei site they will lose their view of the Bay and creek. The heritage values of the site continue to be ignored however Council has refused approval on the grounds that a restaurant on the site would require increased parking space on what is actually lic Roads land.

The Grange

The Grange reports that plants are appearing after a Council burn. This is an interesting Vatural Resource Area with vegetation varying from sand belt veg te wetlands vegetation in a very small area. Well worth a visit.

Alex Fraser Concrete Crusher Extension

Application to extend their occupation of the site from 2023 to 2038. Industrial activity is prohibited in the Green Wedge. Kingston Council claims that Alex Fraser was warned that they would have to move when time had expired. If-Alex Fraser remains Council would be unable to convert the northern part of the Green Wedge into clean. green open space and parkland. Approving this permit would negatively impact the amenity of the Clayton South. Clarinda. Heatherton. Dingles Village and South Oakleigh communities. This issue will also go to VCAT later in the year.

Dent’s Paddock

While Council’s own open space strategy documents identity a need for additional open space in the Edithvale 8D and Chelsea 94 areas in the South Ward Council still claims that there is no shortage of open part in this area when resounding to a question asked in Council. However when their response is checked it is found that the numerous sports grounds that have been built throughout the city recently are regarded as open space whereas Tarella Road is unique because it is covered with indigenous vegetation undisturbed even when a hone was built on the site many years ago. There are very few such sites, throughout the city where people can quietly walk and admire the unique plants and birds. The fate of this treasure will also be decided at VCAT later in the year.

Port Phillip Conservation Conservation Council

Reported on the continuing foreshore erosion at Portsea beach with the sand washed away and the 1250 sand bags supposed to prevent this happening having to be replaced. The Round the Bay bike track is entering Frankston Council territory and as expected, there is already concert about the removal of large Banksias from the proposed route from Seaford Station. At least it was not routed along Seaford foreshore! At Westernport AGL still wants to import gas and Blue Scope steel are carting brown coal to Hastings to be converted to hydrogen which is then exported to Japan.

Parking Management Policy

Council is undertaking a study of parking throughout the city and will be asking for input from residents who, I am sure will have plenty to say.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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