Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 1st November 2006

Environment Defenders Office

Native Vegetation Law Workshop Following discussion with Verity who is organizing the workshops it was decided to hold over the workshop until February 2007. EDO staff are prepared to conduct the workshop all day Saturday because they believe best value can be obtained over a longer period

Forthcoming Events

Friends of Bradshaw Park Working Bee will be held 10 am Saturday 16th December- weeding followed by a Christmas break-up BBQ!
Coast Action Coast Care Community Seminar 6th December 7pm-9pm at the Port Phillip Eco Centre, St Kilda – if you have the energy after the MBCL meeting!

Peter Scullin Reserve

It is obvious that the dry weather has played havoc with the revegetation program on the Scullin Reserve. Most of the metre tall she-oaks have died and groundcover plants are missing from their plastic shelters. The vandalized she- oaks, cut down Easter 2006 have not been replaced .The excuse given is that trees planted elsewhere on the Reserve compensate for vandalized trees. Council officer responsible claims that groundcover and trees are watered fortnightly. Clearly that’s not enough plus the fact that the shelter belt of coast wattle is no longer surrounding the Reserve to offer protection.

Parkdale Plaza

Judy reported on the residents meeting to deal with issues resulting from semi-trailers now exiting into Melrose Street and turning right into White Street thereby causing congestion in this busy arterial road. VCAT gave permission for the traffic movement despite Council’s objections.

Kangaroo Road Carrum

Judy discovered two large blocks in Kangaroo Road covered with tea-tree. Clearly it would be a developer’s dream but how wonderful if it could be retained as open space. It is now possible to purchase land and place a Trust for Nature Covenant on the land. However it is necessary to find a generous donar for this to occur.

The Grange

Open day at The Grange was very successful with the local politician giving a $300 grant to the Friends. Must have been an election in the offing. Former rangers attended.

Round the Bay Bike Trail

A meeting with council officers informed us that rather than VicRoads giving up .7 metre to allow for a verge of road bike track, VicRoads wanted to extend the inside traffic lane by .7 metre thus utilising the verge for lane widening. A verge of road bike track would therefore occupy more of the foreshore than was warranted. The MBCL meeting debated ways and means of overcoming VicRoads seeming intransigence as well as the planners preference for council’s initial cliff top and dune track which community surveys indicated was not popular with residents who wanted to retain the soft walking tracks under teatrees and grassed areas. The meeting felt it was necessary to speak to the responsible Ministers and try for a meeting with VicRoads or at least encourage council to do so but with an election looming it was impossible to pin down relevant politicians. The planners wanted answers to four questions regarding KCEC options for the bike track. It was claimed that they needed answers to present a report to council. Somewhat reluctantly answers to four questions were given knowing that those presenting the report could put whatever spin they liked in order to give preference to a particular option.

With the election over and Ministries reshuffled its probably back to the drawing board .Peter Batchelor is no longer Minister for Transport.
Well folks, it has been a torrid year as far as conservation issues go. However there was some outstanding work done by members surveying, doorknocking measuring traffic lanes creating a terrific power point presentation and letter writing. Let’s hope everyone can at least have a restful time over Christmas and may the New Year be much greener.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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