Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 5th August 2009

Forthcoming Events

Annual outing of Friends of Bradshaw Park October Saturday 17th to The Pines Flora & Fauna Reserve . Bring your own lunch Contact number 9583 8682

Annual General Meeting of Environment Victoria September 24 6.00-8.00pm Ground Floor ,60 Leicester Street, Carlton.Friends of the Grange Open Day 12th September. Tee planting & sausage sizzle.Annual Open Day at Yammerbook Nature Reserve 5th September 10am – 1.00pm. Port Phillip Conservation Council AGM November 16th Captain Frank Hart will speak on the proposed Frankston marina : Iconic development, delusion or disaster.?

Meetings Attended

A number of MBCL members attended the Victoria Governments Community Cabinet held at Mordialloc Secondary College Monday 24th August. Seated at Planning Minister Madden’s table Brian and Barry were able to discuss green wedge issues. Judy expressed concern that Beaumaris Motor Yacht Club have asked the Planning Minister not to require an EES for this disastrous development.Mary asked the Premier whether he considered that five years of monitoring the bund in the Bay by PoMC was satisfactory or whether there should be continuous monitoring to ensure that the bund didn’t disintegrate over time releasing toxic contaminants into the food chain.

Rotary Club Invitation

MBCL was invited to speak at the Mordialloc Rotary Club Meeting 12th August.Judy outlined current activities and Mary spoke about the League’s origins and campaigns fought including a marina in Beaumaris Bay 1969, grading Mentone clay cliffs, Esso pipeline across the Bay 1974 and realignment & revegetation of Mordialloc Creek 1975.

Mordialloc Creek

Erosion of the north bank of the creek between the rail bridge and boat ramp may be caused by the wash and excessive speed of jet skis observed by Nina and Brian. National Tree Day saw 30-40 people planting on the north bank of the creek . 1500 trees, shrubs and ground cover were planted. Great effort!

Yammer Nature Reserve

An interpretive sign is nearing completion thanks to Nina’s research into the Bunurong people whose land this is. Funding has been obtained for Stage 2 of the project to create an island habitat in the salt water lake. Two resident black swans and white ibis have been seen fishing recently.

Attenborough Park

Concern has been expressed about lack of consultation re planting in the park. Earlier Master Plans drawn up by David Digby stressed the importance of planting indigenous species of trees and shrubs instead two Moreton Bay Figs were planted initially.The Statutory Planner informs us that there is to be a Master Plan for the creek mouth, Hazel Pierce Park, Pompei site and Attenborough Park in which case why was reveg work undertaken before yet another Master Plan was completed? Nina concerned about lack of process in planning.

Canary Island Palms

Canary Island Palms have been planted along the path between McDonald Street and the station entrance – west side- again no consultation. The eastern side of the line is planted with native species.

Parks Report

Tony arrives and gives a comprehensive report on work in parks i.e.each reserve is broken down into management zones with maps to indicate zones. Weeds a problem.

Chicquita Park is to be replanted. Cr West queries planting Bossea in the Bull Ring.

Federal funding has been received to place a tank in the Doug Denyer Reserve for bore water to be filtered through existing wetlands before flowing into the creek.

Living Links : a co-ordinator is to be employed to work with Kananook Creek and Frankston Council.

Kingston Heath Reserve lake is a most successful addition to the reserve.

Centreway Stage 2

Stage 2 is underway in Mordialloc. Seating, paving, bollards, lighting and Banksias will become part of the Bay to Rail Project. Traffic and buses will be disrupted while work is underway.

Climate Change

Wal is interested in forming a climate change group perhaps similar to a community group operating in Bayside with Council support. Boroondara also has an active group involved in a Transition Towns campaign aimed at developing positive solutions to climate change and peak oil in the local community. The idea is to connect with other groups and build bridges to local government . In an attempt to build a bridge to our local government I spoke to a council officer who lives in Boroondara. He said that some Kingston council staff had attended local government organized Transition Towns meetings in other municipalities but did not seem to know if any of the ideas discussed at these meeting were being put into practice in Kingston.

Green Wedge Issues

Planning News journal has had some great articles on sustainable development of communities in the urban growth areas using Officer as an example. Rather than continue with in-fill development in middle ring suburbs which destroys housing diversity, why not provide housing around rail lines in the urban growth areas.? VicUrban plans to develop infrastructure before houses at Officer. Schools, shops, community centres, and businesses will be constructed before high rise development in the activity centre and stand alone housing with space for growing vegetables and trees. Farmland will be encouraged to operate so that food can be produced locally as far as possible thus saving travelling long distances to market.

Moorabbin Seven Storey Social Housing

Moorabbin Seven Storey Social Housing on the corner of South Road and Nepean Highway abutting the busy Frankston rail line.Housing for low income (or no income)

people usually seems to be located some distance from shops, schools and transport, or as in this case, in a heavily trafficked, noisy, polluting location unsuitable for children since it will be some distance from parks. There is a serious lack of open space in this building and lack of facilities for sport or entertainment ,apart from the pokies in the hotel across South Road. The one and two bedroom apartments may be suitable for people who work and so are not trapped in the building all day as people without an income will be, unable possibly to afford frequent rail travel.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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