Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 10th October 2007

Forthcoming Events

Public information session will be held at Clarinda Community Centre on Thursday November 8th from 7pm to give landowners, residents and community groups the opportunity to learn more about the importance of the Green Wedge and retention of open space- especially the Chain of Parks concept. Submissions due Nov.30th.

Candidates Forum in the Seat of ISAACS

Greens and Democrat candidates are available to discuss their parties policies at the Parkdale Uniting Church Hall, Parkers Road, 15th November at 7.30 pm. The minor parties may play an important role whichever party wins the forthcoming election.

Channel Deeping Panel Report

Channel Deeping Panel Report was finally released this week. No surprises! The Panel relied on POMC’s expert witnesses and the Independent Expert Group’s submissions to approve deepening the shipping channels .Cross examination of witnesses was not permitted at the hearing which limited information available to the Panel.The Chairman, Alan Hawke commented on this flaw, unusual in hearings of this type and recommended this procedure was not used in future hearings.Tide levels will be higher than originally stated, the Entrance will be dredged to a greater depth of possibly 22 metres allowing for an increased flow into the Bay.
If the Minister for Roads and Ports decides to proceed with the proposal, the Port of Melbourne Corporation will apply to the Victorian Minister for the Environment, for his approval under Coastal Management Act 1995.
The assessment will also be provided to the Federal Minister for Environment, for consideration under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.
Copies of the Minister for Planning’s Assessment can be found at

Another Bike Path ??

Why not a path along the south levee bank of the creek to Springvale Road to connect with the Dandenong Trail, the proposed Keysborough supermarket on Hutton Road and through the Waterways to Braeside? Apparently it is a good idea to build a path on a levee bank above flood level and also because it helps to compress the levee bank.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 7th October 1998

For Sale! For Sale! For Sale!

Original watercolour cards with envelopes. Local Scenes. Great for OS friends.
All proceeds to MBCL.

The Parks

Further to last months minutes referring to proposed signs at Bradshaw Park we have been advised that the signs will be metal, 6ft long and approx. 3ft wide. The signs will be pictorial only with outlines of animals which children/students can colour in. The signs will be sealed to weather proof them. It is proposed to place the signs along both the Nepean Hwy and railway fences. Council is prepared to construct an improved entrance when the Friends have decided on the design.
Water analysis is continuing at Braeside Park. We will be interested to hear the results when they are available. Sunday 8th November at 2pm a Spring Heathland Walk with Leon Costermans.
Planting is continuing at Karkarook Park.

Sercos’s Foreshore Management

A bi-monthly meeting with Serco, MBCL and KCEC members took place 8-9-98. Issues discussed were a proposed ecological burn at the Mundy Street, Mentone site to encourage regeneration of indigenous plants. There is no official plan for foreshore management. The Kingston Foreshore Strategy Plan will become the official plan when the study is completed by the consultants. There are opportunities for Friends Groups to be involved in decision making if they contact Council when new specifications are being prepared. We reported that beach cleaning machinery was damaging spinifex which is spreading onto the beach and stabilising the sand and dunes.

Kingston Conservation & Environment Coalition Annual General Meeting

A Public Transport Users Association representative attended this meeting and asked for submissions opposing the Scoresby Freeway. Paul Mees of the PTUA will represent MBCL at the Panel hearing as well as the many other environment groups who are objecting to the proposed freeway which will encroach into the green wedge and encourage more development in the wedge.
KCEC have applied for a $20,000 Federation Grant to assist with the planned two day Flora and Fauna Seminar on biodiversity in the sandstone areas in Kingston and adjoining suburbs.

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