Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 2nd April 1996

City of Kingston Signage Policy

A submission has been sent to Peter Conroy and Warren Ashdown expressing our concern at the number of signs in foreshore carparks. One suggestion is to have information regarding ticket machines (e.g Fee Payable) painted on the parking bays. We will be advised when this matter will be discussed in Council.

Piers and Jetties

Melbourne Parks and Waterways has undertaken to arrange a meeting at Mordialloc possibly May 20th to inform interested parties of their proposals/intentions for piers and jetties around Port Phillip Bay. Conservationists and boat owners may like to attend.

The Parks

Bradshaw Park
A tree planting day was held on April 21st. People who attended the barbecue were invited. The Open day went well. The Friends group has received a seeding grant of $500.00 which will enable them to become incorporated.

Braeside Park
The Friends group has applied for a grant from Greening Australia. A bicycle path has been istalled in the Park. Braeside Park management has opposed the service station/convenience store application on the coner of Governor/Springvale road.

Karkarook Park
A ranger has been appointed full time. $150,000 has been allocated for the construction of paths and tree planting in the embryo park.

Windows on the Bay

Since our last meeting two mediation meetings have been held. A compromise was reached 1st May which could have been achieved in December 1995 without the angst inflicted on the community by some rather devious manoeuvring by certain parties!

Relocation of the Mordialloc Tennis Club

A meeting of tennis club members will be held May 8 to decide whether they will agree to move to the Denyer reserve. Such a move would allow the Council to achieve their objective of converting the tennis club site to a car park with compensatory public park provided by closing off one of the roads between the Scullin Reserve and Beach park.

Village Committees

The Village Committees have held their first meetings. The need for co-ordination between Village Committees on certain policy issues quickly became obvious. These committees, it seems, may not survive when councillors are elected in March 1997.

Ward Boundaries

Submissions on the proposed ward boundaries and names will be accepted until May 15th.

Keepers Park / Warren Road Nursery Site

The actual nursery site will be sold for residential development but the park will be retained as parkland. MBCL’s submission to Council recommended that the whole site be retained as public open space.

The Agnew Report

PPCC Meeting: G.Agnew is now vice – president whilst Stephen Morey is overseas. PPCC is not in favour of Coode Island being moved to Point Lillias.
The bike path in the City of Bayside is being built on the verge of Beach Road but this necessitates taking approx. a metre of parkland to achieve this objective. The remains of the Cerberus may become a tourist attraction if raised. PPCC would prefer it to be re-located to an alternative site closer to tourist facilities to prevent environmental damage to the foreshore in its present location.
Internet reports on psuedo “Friends” activities in the USA.
A new boat will enable Glen to increase his research.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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