Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 5th March 1996

Kingston Community Day

An enormous Thank You to members who attended and assisted on the day at the Gerry Green reserve. The display Park Action created great interest especially the large photo suppled by our President of the open space in front of Windows which graphically demonstrated the amount of Crown Land lost if the extension is approved by the Commissioners.

Windows on the Bay

There has been no decision as yet on the proposed extension of the restaurant. A visit to the EDO to seek advice was worthwhile. There have been several offers from objectors to act as witnesses if the need arises. These offers are greatly appreciated.

Braeside Park

Friends of Braeside Park are building a second greenhouse which will eventually propagate from 20,000 to 40,000 plants per year. The Friends have applied for a grant from Melbourne Parks & Waterways.

Woodlands Industrial Estate

Large holes are still being dug at the southern section of the estate. Factories are being built close to the proposed freeway reservation on the eastern side of the industrial estate & also close to the boundary of Braeside Park.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 7th November 1995


Incoming: Geoff Leigh M.P. re “Windows”, Hon. G.Connard re Woodlands Industrial Est.
Outgoing: J.Chandler re Code for Melbourne Parklands, Hon. Simon Crean re destruction of Australia’s old growth forests.

Bradshaw Park

Work proceeding. Posts have been re-positioned on the nature walk and the leaflet describing the walk rewritten. Members of the SGAP visited the park on a recent Sunday and were given a guided tour by the curator, Mr David Bainbridge.

Braeside Park

More rangers have been employed in the park. A Family Day picnic was held on Cup Day. Highlights included a Bush Dance and a train ride through the park.

Woodlands Industrial Estate

Negotiations continue which if successful will mean that land abutting Governor road will be administered by Braeside Park & hopefully parkland.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 4th July 1995

Braeside Park

An Open Day will be held July 27 from 11-4pm at Braeside Park
The 16 hectare stand of Red Gums on the Woodlands Industrial Estate has been passed over to Melbourne Parks & Waterways, for management. Melbourne Water has funded the fencing. There is no indication as yet of development proposals for the east side of the stand of Red Gums. An Aboriginal Cultural Centre is being established in Braeside Park by Tracks, Australia – a Koori Company. Members of the Wurrundjeri tribe are claiming to be the legal custodians of the park.

Woodlands Industrial Estate

CMPS Consultant’s report on the three lakes wetlands system for the Woodlands Industrial Estate contains hydrological reports and permeability and bore tests. Melbourne Water who are involved in this project have formed a company- Assett Solutions.

Mentone Car Park (At The Spunner Pavilion).

R.Pearson, J. Cuthbertson, S. Calvert-Smith and M.Rimington attended an on-site inspection with the Kingston Environment & Infrastructure Manager, Warren Ashdown July 7, to discuss the proposals for the “rationalisation” of the car park above the Spunner Pavilion, Mentone Foreshore. As a result of the inspection MBCL has indicated that there will be no objection to the plan provided that there is no expansion of the car park.

Mentone Parade Stormwater Drain

The large stormwater drain will be installed but two other drains will be removed from the beach. This will still leave 14 drains flowing into the Bay between Mordialloc Creek and Charman Road, Mentone.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 7th February 1995

Bradshaw Park

Work is proceeding with Council personnel and volunteers carrying out weed removal in the Park.

Braeside Park

A BIOSIS report has been completed on the effect of the clay quarry on the 16 hectare stand of river red gums on the Woodlands Industrial Estate. Advice has been received that the Stage 6 development on Governor Road will not commence until extensive filling of the area is completed.

The Agnew Report

The internet System provides valuable information re the coast and ocean environment.
Copies of the CSIRO journal ECOS may be obtained by ringing 06 246 5039. C & N.R officers have apprehended abalone poachers at Ricketts Point.
There has been a significant loss of seagrass at Cerebus and Ricketts Point. Chem Watch will provide Glen with a CD-ROM chemical data bank.
Glen organised a tour of the local coast line and Mordialloc Creek for four Fifth Year Monash Law students.

Mentone Stormwater Drain

Unfortunately the EPA has withdrawn its objection to the large stormwater drain to be constructed opposite Mentone Parade. The need for this drain arises in part due to higher density residential development and the use of flood retarding basins for housing. Re-establishing surge basins would alleviate some of the local flooding problems which occur during heavy rainfall events.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 6th December 1994

Bradshaw Park

A small fire broke out in the Park but in the wrong place as regards a re-vegetation burn-off!
Elimination of foxes is the Council’s role and can be accomplished with traps as is the practice in the Edithvale Wetlands.
S.Calvert-Smith manned a stall at the Parkdale Shopping centre as part of the Parkdale Traders Promotion.

Beaumaris Motor Yacht Club Lease

A further meeting was held to discuss Hon. M. Birrell’s refusal to reject the DCNR proposal to “regularise” the lease of the yacht club.

Heritage Listing for Beaumaris Park

Work on the submission is proceeding. Beaumaris Park is now in the City of Bayside and raises the issue of which group or organisation will be involved or prepared to monitor re-vegetation work in the Park.

Mentone Stormwater Drain Opposite Mentone Parade

C. King presented a Melbourne Water’s plan for a large outfall drain to cross the beach opposite Mentone Parade. There are 15 drains entering the Bay from Charman Road to Mordialloc Creek, and as this latest proposal will be the largest to carry stormwater to the Bay it raises questions about Melbourne Waters “quick fix ” solution to flooding problems in the Mentone area.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 1st November 1994

Bradshaw Park

The Friends of Bradshaw Park have received no assistance from Mordialloc Council recently. The Superintendent of Parks and Gardens has not attended. The Town Planner has refused to allow a burnoff in order to promote the regeneration of native plants and apparently has no intention of agreeing to a change to the By-Laws through an amendment to allow a burnoff to proceed.

The Agnew Report

Tim Allen of the Coast Care Newsletter, ‘Waves’ has asked Glen to provide an article on his research work.
Glen has sent the Chelsea Conservation Officer, Doug Evans, contamination figures for the Parkdale Reef sedimentation as a contribution to Streamwatch.

The Government’s objective in promoting Streamwatch is to have community volunteers monitor streams at their own expense rather than employ sufficient Environment Protection Authority Officers to check on pollution of local streams and waterways.

PEAC people visited Glen’s home to view slides featuring his underwater research activities.

December 4 is Ocean Care Day 

Mordialloc Creek

There is no litter trap at one big drain to prevent litter entering the Main Drain and Mordialloc Creek.

LEAP people are to commence work on the Creek banks to remove boxthorn, gorse, and broom from the northern bank.

The underpass will be constructed under the Nepean Hwy Bridge in the near future. Tenders have been called.

Mentone Lifesaving Club

Refurbishing the toilets at the Lifesaving club will be carried out as part of the construction of the tearooms. The sewage is collected in a tank behind the club house and is then pumped into the main sewage system.

A new stormwater drain is to be built at Mentone Parade. It will cross the beach and will be concealed by a “jetty” type structure extending into the water.

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