Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 6th December 1994

Bradshaw Park

A small fire broke out in the Park but in the wrong place as regards a re-vegetation burn-off!
Elimination of foxes is the Council’s role and can be accomplished with traps as is the practice in the Edithvale Wetlands.
S.Calvert-Smith manned a stall at the Parkdale Shopping centre as part of the Parkdale Traders Promotion.

Beaumaris Motor Yacht Club Lease

A further meeting was held to discuss Hon. M. Birrell’s refusal to reject the DCNR proposal to “regularise” the lease of the yacht club.

Heritage Listing for Beaumaris Park

Work on the submission is proceeding. Beaumaris Park is now in the City of Bayside and raises the issue of which group or organisation will be involved or prepared to monitor re-vegetation work in the Park.

Mentone Stormwater Drain Opposite Mentone Parade

C. King presented a Melbourne Water’s plan for a large outfall drain to cross the beach opposite Mentone Parade. There are 15 drains entering the Bay from Charman Road to Mordialloc Creek, and as this latest proposal will be the largest to carry stormwater to the Bay it raises questions about Melbourne Waters “quick fix ” solution to flooding problems in the Mentone area.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 4th October 1994

Bradshaw Park

The $3000 grant has now been spent and reports sent to Melbourne Water, City Engineer Mr Tony Rijs and Mr J.Edwards. Photos and a report of the work carried out by the Friends of Bradshaw Park have appeared in the Melbourne Parks and Waterways Newsletter.
New people attended the Spring Planting on the 2nd October and hopefully will continue to assist with the work.
A burn was planned for the north west corner of the park to re-generate vegetation but the Town Planning Department refused to allow the burn to take, place!

The Agnew Report

Glenn has “acquired” a 3 metre fibre glass boat which will help greatly with research work. 3 CD ROMS are providing useful reference material. The dive- gear is undergoing maintenance.
An alert has been put out asking people to watch out for star fish which are multiplying in the Bay. There is a question mark over the artificial tyre “reef” at Carrum since the original amateur fishing body no longer exists.
We are grateful to Glen for continuing to represent MBCL at the PPCC meetings.

Mordialloc Creek / Wetlands

We are awaiting a response to Chris’s letter to the Premier and Liberal politicians regarding the proposed linear wetland along the banks of Mordialloc Creek.

Mentone Lifesaving club / Tearooms / Pier

The Minister for Planning, R. McLellan has approved the construction of tearooms on the top of Mentone lifesaving Club. There is a query about the toilet blocks at this location and along the foreshore. Are they connected to existing sewage or are septic tanks used?

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