Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 7th February 1995

Bradshaw Park

Work is proceeding with Council personnel and volunteers carrying out weed removal in the Park.

Braeside Park

A BIOSIS report has been completed on the effect of the clay quarry on the 16 hectare stand of river red gums on the Woodlands Industrial Estate. Advice has been received that the Stage 6 development on Governor Road will not commence until extensive filling of the area is completed.

The Agnew Report

The internet System provides valuable information re the coast and ocean environment.
Copies of the CSIRO journal ECOS may be obtained by ringing 06 246 5039. C & N.R officers have apprehended abalone poachers at Ricketts Point.
There has been a significant loss of seagrass at Cerebus and Ricketts Point. Chem Watch will provide Glen with a CD-ROM chemical data bank.
Glen organised a tour of the local coast line and Mordialloc Creek for four Fifth Year Monash Law students.

Mentone Stormwater Drain

Unfortunately the EPA has withdrawn its objection to the large stormwater drain to be constructed opposite Mentone Parade. The need for this drain arises in part due to higher density residential development and the use of flood retarding basins for housing. Re-establishing surge basins would alleviate some of the local flooding problems which occur during heavy rainfall events.

Mordialloc Creek Pollution

C, King, who is MBCL delegate to the Mordialloc Creek catchments Action Plan, has provided a report on Melbourne Waters Ambient Monitoring Program for Mordialloc Creek. There is also a report of the EPA Landfill Leachate Control Program which is encouraging since it indicates that the EPA is well aware of the problems associated with landfills in the City of Kingston.

Heritage Listing Beaumaris Park

Work on the Heritage listing of the park is proceeding. MBCL members believe that the League should retain their interest in this park although it officially has become part of the City of Bayside. The League however will co-operate with BRASCA in any re-vegetation or management plans to be undertaken.

Amalgamation of Councils / Environment Groups

Because it is important to include an environmental strategy plan within the framework of the City of Kingston’s Corporate Plan, a meeting was called for the 14th February at Braeside Park. At this meeting 20 environment groups presented position papers and moved to form a committee comprising delegates from the groups represented to present the strategy plan to the commissioners, A corporate Planning Workshop focussing on Environmental Issues for the City of Kingston will be held Wednesday 1-3-95 at the Functions Room, Moorabbin Town Hall, 7-30pm -10.00pm. League members are encouraged to attend this important meeting.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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