Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 1st November 1994

Bradshaw Park

The Friends of Bradshaw Park have received no assistance from Mordialloc Council recently. The Superintendent of Parks and Gardens has not attended. The Town Planner has refused to allow a burnoff in order to promote the regeneration of native plants and apparently has no intention of agreeing to a change to the By-Laws through an amendment to allow a burnoff to proceed.

The Agnew Report

Tim Allen of the Coast Care Newsletter, ‘Waves’ has asked Glen to provide an article on his research work.
Glen has sent the Chelsea Conservation Officer, Doug Evans, contamination figures for the Parkdale Reef sedimentation as a contribution to Streamwatch.

The Government’s objective in promoting Streamwatch is to have community volunteers monitor streams at their own expense rather than employ sufficient Environment Protection Authority Officers to check on pollution of local streams and waterways.

PEAC people visited Glen’s home to view slides featuring his underwater research activities.

December 4 is Ocean Care Day 

Mordialloc Creek

There is no litter trap at one big drain to prevent litter entering the Main Drain and Mordialloc Creek.

LEAP people are to commence work on the Creek banks to remove boxthorn, gorse, and broom from the northern bank.

The underpass will be constructed under the Nepean Hwy Bridge in the near future. Tenders have been called.

Mentone Lifesaving Club

Refurbishing the toilets at the Lifesaving club will be carried out as part of the construction of the tearooms. The sewage is collected in a tank behind the club house and is then pumped into the main sewage system.

A new stormwater drain is to be built at Mentone Parade. It will cross the beach and will be concealed by a “jetty” type structure extending into the water.

Braeside Park

There is a proposal to have another development at the Governor Road end of the Industrial Park. This causes concern because of its proximity to the protected red gums.
These red gums are also likely to affected by the expansion of the quarry which is likely to become five times its present size. A meeting was organised by Bay Rescue at Braeside Community Centre to highlight this problem.

Melbourne Water is setting up a committee to examine possible future “projects” in the Park. These may be of a commercial nature.

Amalgamations of Councils

How will the amalgamation of Bayside Councils affect the League’s areas of interest? Will MBCL require a name change? Will Ward names be retained? e.g. Parkdale, Mentone, Mordialloc?

MBCL to discuss with local conservation groups (BRASCA, Beaumaris Conservation Society) areas of common interest such. as Beaumaris Cliffs.

Meeting Closed 9.30pm

Yuletide Greetings to All
(Let us “hear the people sing “for the environment in the New Year)

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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