Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 3rd September 2003

Forthcoming Events

Friends of Mordialloc Creek. Working Bee October 4th from 10am to plant 200 shrubs.
October 4th Liberty Victoria and Free Speech Victoria” Be Alarmed ” Freedoms Under Threat
. A symposium at University of Melbourne Law School 10am to 5pm. MCs include Terry Lane and Rod Quantock. ph. 9 670 6422 for Info.
Open Day for Friends of the Grange October 11th. Guided tours to inspect botanical specimens in this unique pocket of bushland.
Port Phillip Conservation Council AGM 23rd October 8pm, 47 Bayview Crescent, Black Rock. Hon. Dr David Kemp, Minister for Environment & Heritage, Guest Speaker.

KRAMMED’s recent AGM had as a guest speaker, David Littlewood, secretary of the Town & Country Planning Association describing how the City of Port Phillip is managing the pressure for development from Melbourne 2030. Councillors prepared to consult with, and listen to, the community relieves a little of the anger experienced in other cities as trees, gardens and open space are replaced with concrete.

Peter Scullin Reserve Draft Master Plan

MBCL had requested a meeting with Council officers to discuss proposals for the Reserve. The outcome of the meeting with Managers, Strategic Planner and Parks and Urban Design staff was positive with a suggestion from Stephen querying the need for a turning circle demonstrating that consultation with environment groups can have a beneficial outcome!

Mordialloc High Rise Building in Main Street

A petition organised by Nina, with signatories objecting to buildings of more than two storeys in the Study area, was presented to Council. The National Trust has written to Council stating that certain buildings in Main Street are worthy of Heritage listing. Nina and Brian attended the National Trust Heritage rally, “Protect our Heritage” in August. Barry Jones and other notables spoke about the importance of protecting Melbourne’s unique Victorian architecture threatened by development. “Overwhelming concern that Melbourne 2030 is removing our heritage by encouraging development”. Speakers encouraged groups to lobby State and local governments to protect our heritage.

Kingston Environment Network Group

Some concern that the proposed ENG may become a Council controlled body based on the Village committee model rather than the Shire of Yarra Ranges example which stresses the independence of all the environment groups. Kingston’s Network Group as formulated, leaves KCEC’s role, an umbrella body for environment groups, in an ambiguous situation.

Portsea Tender Process

Mornington Councillor, Margaret Bell, asked the 86 environment groups supporting Portsea’s retention as a National Park, to withdraw support for Environment Victoria’s involvement with ESLINK’s proposed development of the site. As a result of a motion at MBCL’s September for meeting a letter was sent to EV. EV acknowledged receipt of our letter with an offer Marcus Godinho, Executive Director, to visit us and explain EV’s support for the ESLINK proposal, however that company has since withdrawn from the tender process.

Kingston Foreshore Reference Group

Stephen and Penny, as sub-committee members, are monitoring cliff tops from Mundy Street to St Bedes. Photos have been taken of vandalism and rubbish. Penny reports that residents are breaking branches off trees, piling them up and asking Council to collect them!! The Community education sub-committee is preparing material for displays and brochures to inform the public of their responsibility for care of the foreshore for the benefit of all. Peter Reidel, from Coastal Engineering solutions, was invited to speak to the Reference group re protection of foreshore property from beach erosion. Large rock groynes, off shore rock walls to break wave power and beach renourishment, providing there is sufficient sand supply, are all expensive and may not resolve the problem. Residential development on the foreshore continues unabated despite the present and future cost to local rate and taxpayers, for property protection.

Review of Vessel Operating and Zoning for Port Phillip Bay

Penny attended an information meeting about zoning for vessels and recreational craft. There will be a need to make allowances for recreational boating with the advent of channel deepening. Recommendations for the removal of the 5-knot Speed Restriction in “Sailboard/ Surf-kite only” zones because these craft require specific wind and wave conditions to operate satisfactorily. This raises questions about some proposals for the hire of these craft to inexperienced users. It is recommended however, that they are located adjacent to sailing clubs to facilitate safe access-and rescue? Surf-kites require 100 metres of sand to set up equipment. How will this impact on other beach users at popular beaches?

Port Phillip Conservation Council

The President’s report outlined the many threats to the Bay. For example, loss of remnant open space due to subdivision and over development, proposed marina developments and channel deepening with resultant sediment smothering marine organisms vital to the bio- diversity of the Bay. Artificial islands created by use of dredge spoil is opposed. PPCC considers that dredging around the Beaumaris Motor Yacht Club could destroy fossils in the monocline. Port Phillip Bay has been given a RAMSAR listing.

Friends of Mentone Station Gardens

Mary Delahunty, Minister for Planning, visited Mentone and presented a cheque for $30,000 who to the Friends for beautification and maintenance of the gardens. Plus $10,000 supplied by Council. Well done, Friends, fought to retain this Heritage precinct!

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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