Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 7th July 1999

The Parks

The first series of photos have been taken for photo posts at Bradshaw Park. The photos are developed in Mentone free of charge. Mentone Park Primary School attended a planting day. Ron donated 50 plants to Bradshaw Park.
Christine Cama, President of the Braeside Park Friends Group has unfortunately resigned after five years of battling bureaucracy. She will be missed. A $5910 Grant from Parks Victoria was received and will be used for salinity control by intensively planting trees to lower the ground water. $2000 worth of plants have been sold by the Friends Group. There has been no response from Geoffrey Leigh after repeated requests for funds to establish a litter trap on the Dingley Drain. AGM August 22 1999 at the Braeside Visitors Centre. P.S. The Bicycle Hire service at Braeside has folded. Bring your own bikes! Dingley Primary School was involved in planting on Arbor Day at Rowan Woodlands.

Woodlands Industrial Estate

Work is proceeding on Lake One on the north east corner of the Industrial Estate. The plan is to drain the very deep borrow pit, clay line the bottom, use bio-solids from the Carrum Treatment Plant for fill and place a clay lining over the bio-solids. It is claimed that there will be no problem with this proposal. Interested groups were invited to inspect the site and the treatment plant on Sunday 18th July.

Communication Tower at Mordialloc Hospital Site

Mara reported on Kingston Council’s intention to place a 90 ft communication tower on this site. Nearby residents objected on visual and health grounds and the possibility that Optus or Vodaphone may also seek approval to use the tower.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 5th May 1999


Submission to the Hazardous Waste Consultative Committee at the request of the Niddrie Quarry Action Committee. Due 28-5-99

The Parks

A regeneration burn has been carried out at Bradshaw Park. Braeside Park has received orders for 1000 indigenous species from the developers of Palm Cove development on Wells Road, Aspendale. Karkarook Park will be handed over to Parks Victoria in early June with a second Opening Ceremony predicted. Braeside Park celebrated its 10th Anniversary in April with slide presentations, theatre productions and numerous family activities organised by the hard working Friends Group and Parks staff.
Kingston’s Draft Open Space Strategy has been released for comment. It is important to stress in making a submission, that passive open space is more popular with the community than active sport requiring expensive facilities usually built on our limited parkland. Eco-tourism, walking, cycling and nature walks are especially popular according to the Sandbelt Open Space Plan. 1992.

Epsom Racecourse Flora and Fauna

MBCL members were asked to attend an inspection of the significant indigenous species on the Epsom Training Track with ULC operatives, Council officers and Native Resource staff. Approx 52 species have been identified in the centre of the course. The ULC have been requested to re-configure their residential plans for the 428 housing development to ensure that the plants can remain in-situ since they won’t survive transplanting. Surrounding industries are objecting to the close proximity of proposed housing claiming that residents will object to noise leading to factories possibly being forced to re-locate.
Brian volunteered to write to ALP candidate, local MP and DNRE re the importance of the species. Brian will also contact the factory owners.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 3rd March 1999

It is encouraging to hear that our President, Jack Cuthbertson is making progress and will be coming home at the weekend to continue with his recovery from a very serious episode.

The Parks

Braeside Park
A dead red gum tree removed by Vic Roads for a freeway extension at Cranbourne has been accepted by Braeside Park for decoration and a bird roost at a cost of $3000. A wetland development will created around the tree in the western car park. An explosive method of dealing with rabbits has been disapproved of!
A day of family entertainment is planned 2nd April to celebrate the Park’s opening 10 years ago. A “special dinner” for Friends is planned a barbecue in the picnic area. A $5000 grant has been received for fencing to prevent cattle eating trees.
A project for disabled is to be incorporated into Park activities. This will take the form of potting in the nursery. A grant application has been made to Kingston Council. The bird population is becoming very diverse with the arrival of a magpie goose.

Karkarook Park
A Friends group has been formed. The Park may host the Green Link nursery.

Bradshaw Park
A coast wattle has been removed from the north east corner of Bradshaw Park.

Parkdale Lifesaving Club / Bicycle Path / Beach Road Safety Plan

The proposed meeting to discuss the three inter-related issues has been held over due to the delay in the finalisation of the consultants report. We are assured that the meeting will take place when the report is received.

Kingston Foreshore Strategy

The Strategy has been released for the Steering Committees comments. It is pleasing to note that the environment objectives and principles attracted the highest level of support in the 72 response sheets/ submissions received. Protecting remnant vegetation is a high priority. Re-vegetation throughout the foreshore with indigenous vegetation is recommended.
Dangers associated with climate change and storm surges have now been acknowledged by the consultants and now appear in the draft document, for example warnings about beach erosion and destruction of buildings in front of the sand dunes.
Of concern are the suggestions that the “height limits of new buildings in the Activity Node (Mordialloc) may provide opportunities for a more flexible approach”.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 3rd February 1999


Watch for information about the 3rd National Mainstreet Conference. Securing the future Mainstreet Streetlife 18-21-April 1999

Australia Day Stall

Sincere thanks to all those who assisted at our display and stall on Australia Day on Mordialloc Foreshore. Thanks to F.Rimingtons initiative we had a great position right in front of the main marquee. Our display and petition urging Council and State Govt to protect the Green Wedge attracted enormous support. Many people asked for and took away petition forms to gather further names. Councillors and State politicians take note.

Kingston Lodge Development L33

Despite widespread local opposition to this development in the Green Wedge, and scientific evidence concerning building on a flood plain when climate change and storm surges are becoming more frequent, McLellan has approved the 700 house residential development.

Epsom Racecourse Development L38

The Urban Land Authority has purchased the former racecourse and plans to construct 400- 500 houses on the site which is also flood prone. This land & parts of Mordialloc were flooded to a depth of two metres in 1932 and 1954. Melbourne Water will require 10 ha for a flood control basin on the site. This will also serve as the required “open space” for the development.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 2nd September 1998

We welcome new members David & Joan Eggleston.


Submissions have been sent to the Federal Government’s ANZEC Enquiry, the Scoresby Freeway EES (Paul Mees of the PTUA will attend the panel on behalf of environment groups). We were asked by Kingston Council’s Planning Officer, Mark Woodland to comment on L38, Council’s plans for Epsom Race Course. All submissions are available if members are interested in checking them.
J. Cuthbertson will write to Dr Miles Lewis (TCPA) re the Hains property development.

Mordialloc Local Area Traffic Study

Concern was expressed that intense development in some sections of the municipality will intensify traffic and parking problems for residents. e.g. a proposed development on the corner of Alameda Street, Parkdale and Como Parade. There are reports of similar over- developments at Aspendale.
Recommendation:- That Parkdale Mentone Village Committee form a sub-committee to examine the development applications to Kingston Council and make comment.
The ARUP traffic report and summary are available for comment.

The Parks

Friends of Bradshaw Park have received a grant of $300.00 for signs to be placed on the fence. The signs would contain information about the flora and fauna within the park. It was suggested that the money might be better spent on an entrance designed to attract attention from passing traffic. Signs often add to the clutter along roads and highways.
A Braeside Park volunteer has nobly commenced analysis of the water in Dingley Drain which flows through Braeside Park. In the last three months 5000 plants have been planted in the new parking area. Jewish school children were given a grant to plant 1000 trees in the Park! Melbourne Water owns the Mornington Peninsula Freeway reservation and brick building used by Parks staff. Vic Roads wants to buy the reservation from Melbourne Water and use the brick building for their own staff.
The front part of Karkarook Park may be handed over to the public in November.

Kingston Conservation & Environment Coalition

Regular meetings are being held by a KCEC committee to plan a Flora & Fauna Seminar to be held in March 1999. Kingston Council is supporting a Federal Grant application of $20.000 for the seminar.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 5th August 1998

The Parks

Braeside Park Friends Group is being asked to conduct tours of the Park formerly undertaken by Park Staff. In times such as these with downsized staff more is expected of volunteer groups it seems.
Governor Road widening to four lanes will mean loss of parkland on the southern section of Braeside Park. The undeveloped Kingston Lodge land will remain intact!
Karkarook Park Friends Group will be established to work with Braeside Friends Group in volunteer work in the park.
The Sandbelt Parklands Advisory Committee will widen the committee to attract people with a wide range of interests.

Kingston Lodge Panel Hearing

Conservation/environment groups appeared at the Panel hearings at Moorabbin Council Offices on the 11/12 August. J. Cuthbertson presented a most detailed and comprehensive submission to the Panel. Friends of Braeside Park, Friends of Edithvale Seaford Wetlands and Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League all spoke in support of their submissions. It was disappointing to hear Parks Victoria and DNRE supporting the development – even to the extent, in Parks Victoria’s case, supporting Kingston Council’s recommendation that the Green Wedge boundary should be moved to Springvale Road to allow the 700 house development to proceed. Kingston Council had a lawyer to support their case in favour of the development.

Mordialloc Local Area Traffic Study

Surveys have been sent to some residents in the study area – not all residents received them. The Mordialloc traders want the Moorabbin Transit bus moved to the other side of the railway line to allow for more car park spaces, however this will disadvantage public transport users especially the elderly who will have to negotiate the steep railway underpass. Residents in Montgomery Street will also be disadvantaged by the traders demand for a car park on the corner of Owen Street and Montgomery Street. Residents have asked that the Owen Street end of Montgomery Street be closed to stop through traffic. The next Steering Committee meeting will address the White street, Governor Road traffic problems.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 6th May 1998

Woodlands Industrial Estate

As stated above, consultants Offor Sharp & Associates have organised community consultation about Melbourne Waters plans to create a series of wetlands in the southern section of the industrial estate abutting Governor Road. The large holes created in this area, as fill was removed for the northern section of the estate, have left water filled craters. It is planned to use the holes for stormwater treatment before drainage water enters the creek and Bay. Environment groups want vacant land on the southeast corner of the estate be added to Braeside Park as a wild life corridor. MBCL has been invited to attend these meetings so please come along June 3rd at 7pm. Braeside Park Visitors Centre.

The Parks

Bradshaw Park tea-tree and coast wattle have been subjected to a clearance program by SERCO who didn’t consult with the Friends group prior to the work commencing. Is there a need for discussion with SERCO re their management plans for the Park? There has been some vandalism in the park with attacks on one particular species of plant.
Braeside Park is now on the Webb site thanks to Ron Pearson’s proficiency with the intricacy of the internet. Fortunately the proposal to convert the Visitor’s Centre into tea rooms is not going ahead. A rabbit fence has been built around purple orchids at a cost of $1100.00 The Friends group have planned a planting day for Arbour Week. They have also applied to Kingston Council for a grant. Braeside Park management has now been moved to another area which extends as far as Healesville. The Head Office of this region is Berwick instead of Dromana!. Friends Group member is prepared to monitor the Dingley Drain in Braeside Park each month as part of the Streamwatch program. It will involve five hours work to complete the tests.
Work is continuing at Karkarook Park to create a lake system in the sand quarry. The system is designed to treat stormwater before it enters Heatherton Drain and Mordialloc Creek.

Height Limits – City of Kingston

Mr Geoffrey Leigh, M.P. organised a meeting with MBCL members and Kingston Officers and Councillors to discuss height limits in the Mordialloc Activity Node and foreshore. Although the Kingston MSS stipulates a two storey height limit along the foreshore, a letter from Mr Maclellan states that “State Planning Policy does not generally support absolute height limits in planning schemes as desirable height and other urban elements should be expressed by way of planning policy.” This appears to leave the way open for a developer to appeal a council decision if a multi-storey development permit is refused.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 1st April 1998

The Parks

Bradshaw Park was the scene of a book launch in April when Alan Reid from the Gould League launched an audio kit and folio for students who visit the park to use. Friends of Bradshaw Park are to be congratulated on this initiative.
Karkarook Park Work on the front section of the park is almost finished and the Sandbelt Parklands Advisory Committee will be taken on a tour of the park.
Braeside Park Friends group were meeting to discuss Parks Victoria’s plans for Friends groups to be prepared to undertake volunteer work in any park!!. Friends groups have been offered a “rest” house at Dromana!!. Threats to Braeside Park are growing. See attachment. Consultants have been appointed to test water quality in the Dingley/Dunlop Drain which flows through Braeside Park and into Mordialloc Creek. Testing will involve Streamwatch.

Port Phillip Conservation Council

Stephen Calvert-Smith has kindly volunteered to once again be MBCL’s delegate to PPCC meetings. The PPCC have produced Draft Policies for Port Phillip Bay. These include:-

  • Bicycle paths
  • Height Limits for Medium Density Housing
  • Protection of No Commercial Development on the Foreshore
  • Foreshore Vegetation

Fortunately these draft policies support MBCL/KCEC policies and submissions to Kingston Council regarding the Kingston Foreshore Strategy.

Amendment L33. The Hains Property

35 submissions were sent to Kingston Council objecting to Amendment L33 which would permit re-zoning of the land to allow for a 700 house development on flood prone land in the Green Wedge. Kingston Council has proceeded with the Amendment L33 before the study of the Keysborough Green Wedge has been finalised. The City of Greater Dandenong has faxed a strongly worded objection to Amendment L33 to the Kingston Councillors claiming the SENUS study states that the Green Wedge must be retained and not built on.

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