Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 6th May 1998

Woodlands Industrial Estate

As stated above, consultants Offor Sharp & Associates have organised community consultation about Melbourne Waters plans to create a series of wetlands in the southern section of the industrial estate abutting Governor Road. The large holes created in this area, as fill was removed for the northern section of the estate, have left water filled craters. It is planned to use the holes for stormwater treatment before drainage water enters the creek and Bay. Environment groups want vacant land on the southeast corner of the estate be added to Braeside Park as a wild life corridor. MBCL has been invited to attend these meetings so please come along June 3rd at 7pm. Braeside Park Visitors Centre.

The Parks

Bradshaw Park tea-tree and coast wattle have been subjected to a clearance program by SERCO who didn’t consult with the Friends group prior to the work commencing. Is there a need for discussion with SERCO re their management plans for the Park? There has been some vandalism in the park with attacks on one particular species of plant.
Braeside Park is now on the Webb site thanks to Ron Pearson’s proficiency with the intricacy of the internet. Fortunately the proposal to convert the Visitor’s Centre into tea rooms is not going ahead. A rabbit fence has been built around purple orchids at a cost of $1100.00 The Friends group have planned a planting day for Arbour Week. They have also applied to Kingston Council for a grant. Braeside Park management has now been moved to another area which extends as far as Healesville. The Head Office of this region is Berwick instead of Dromana!. Friends Group member is prepared to monitor the Dingley Drain in Braeside Park each month as part of the Streamwatch program. It will involve five hours work to complete the tests.
Work is continuing at Karkarook Park to create a lake system in the sand quarry. The system is designed to treat stormwater before it enters Heatherton Drain and Mordialloc Creek.

Height Limits – City of Kingston

Mr Geoffrey Leigh, M.P. organised a meeting with MBCL members and Kingston Officers and Councillors to discuss height limits in the Mordialloc Activity Node and foreshore. Although the Kingston MSS stipulates a two storey height limit along the foreshore, a letter from Mr Maclellan states that “State Planning Policy does not generally support absolute height limits in planning schemes as desirable height and other urban elements should be expressed by way of planning policy.” This appears to leave the way open for a developer to appeal a council decision if a multi-storey development permit is refused.

Mordialloc Local Area Traffic Study

Mordialloc Village Committee has been asked to discuss the proposed traffic study covering the Mordialloc Shopping Centre and surrounding Local Area which includes White Street and Governor Road. This is an important study since Vic Roads intention to create an East/ West link from a widened Governor Road to Nepean Highway will not only intensify traffic problems for local residents, but also provide easier access for heavy commercial vehicles to continue onto Beach Road. MBCL believes that a connection between South Road and a widened Boundary Road would alleviate some of the traffic problems. There will be community consultation at a later date. Contact Paul Hamilton, Traffic Engineer, City of Kingston for further information.

Kingston Lodge – Amendment L33

Amongst the 35 objections to Amendment L33 (re-zoning of the Hains property) were ones from the City of Greater Dandenong who requested Kingston Council” to defer a final decision until the Keysborough/Wetlands Framework Plan exhibition has been completed and specific assessment guidelines have been adopted.’
Parks Victoria’s submission pointed out that “Approval of the rezoning in advance of the finalisation of the Keysborough Framework Plan report may be premature”
Department of Natural Resources & Environment also states that “it could be premature to approve the amendment ahead of the Framework Plan being finalised”. DNRE also queried the suitability of the local adequate buffers to areas of conservation significance and wished to meet with Council to discuss these issues.
Kingston Council have now agreed to “prepare and adopt a local planning policy statement for the Keysborough non-urban area prior to making any final decision in respect of
Amendment L33.”

Kingston Foreshore Strategy

Workshop material is being refined by the consultants, Urban Enterprise, prior to presenting the material to the community for comment. 40 issues were presented at the workshops. Some of these may be controversial. Following community consultation, a draft plan will be prepared and placed on display for one month. Once again, it is vital that environmental groups have input into the strategy since there is considerable pressure for “developments” along the 13kms of foreshore within the City of Kingston.

Carrum Lowlands Activity Plan

Melbourne Water’s Carrum Lowlands Floodplain Management and Activity Plan aims to focus attention on arrangements and action required to rehabilitate and improve management for sustainable multi-objective outcomes along the Centre Swamp Drain. An economic analysis of licences for the Chelsea Public Golf Course and Rossdale Golf Course will be part of the activity plan.
Contact J.Cuthbertson or Scott Seymour, Melbourne Water, for further information.

Port Phillip Regional Catchment & Land Protection Board

A Catchment Action Program Workshop was held at Frankston Council Chambers 22-5-98 This was attended by Brett Donaldson and Mary Rimington as Community Reps. on the Catchment Committee (CIC).
The workshop prioritised major issues in the catchment under the headings of:-

  • Water Quality Protection & Waterways Management
  • Integrated Land Management
  • Pest Plant & Animals & Native Vegetation & Habitat Protection

Major problems in each of these areas will be tackled as soon as funding is available. Unfortunately due to the loss of staff at the Keith Turnball Institute there will be no one continuing with research into pest plants and animals.
Whilst water quality in Mordialloc Creek has shown a slight improvement nutrient levels are still too high. Heavy metals and nutrients are significantly higher at the mouth of Mordialloc Creek.
With increased residential development in the catchment, flooding remains a serious problem for Melbourne Water to contend with.
A number of wetlands have been planned for the catchment and will proceed when funding becomes available – possibly from the Federal Government.

Southmoor Primary School

MBCL was on hand at the Peter Scullin oval when Southmoor Primary School spent a day from around the foreshore, pier and environs. We have received a handsome certificate the school thanking us for our attendance. A display board and lots of environmental freebies was our contribution to the day.4-5-98

Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI)

Because the Federal Government has been remarkably coy about releasing any details of the MAI to the public, the full implication of the agreement has only recently become apparent.
The idea originated in the USA with the aim of providing their multi-national companies with even greater access to domestic markets in Canada, Europe, Australia and especially Third World countries.
“When secret drafts were leaked all hell broke loose. Coalitions of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) representing consumers, workers, farmers, indigenous peoples, woman, development lobbyists and environmental activists managed to derail the MAI with withering critique transmitted through the mass media and over the internet.” p.22 (Australian Rationalist No.42)
The US Council for International Business states “We will oppose any and all measures to create or even imply binding obligations for governments or business related to the environment or labor.” President Clinton wants Congress to “fast track” approval for the MAI.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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